Monday, August 31


well, for this chapter of the process anyway!

Way back in March, Lynne Hoppe and I began a collaborative book process, which I first posted about here, and she started here.
detail from Karin's book cover
About a month ago I started the last couple of pages that I wanted to do, before sending Lynne her book back to her.
detail from Lynne's book cover
Every day I'd see the book sitting open, looking up at me with it's colorful patch, waiting for more, but without a definitive deadline, I allowed other projects to step to the front of the line.

detail from an interior page of Lynne's book

So, after spending a wonderful weekend catching up with our nephew (my husband's brother's son), who has just come back to New York after spending 2 years in Mali, Africa, doing research for his PhD in African history at Columbia, I put paintbrush to paper and finished up!

You can see my earlier posts of what Lynne had created for when the book arrived, and how I began working over what she had started here and here, and then where I started on a couple of blank pages here.
click on images for closer view
These are my final pages to the installment. The white squares, representing prayer flags, are two ply paper towels separated from each other. Placed side by side, created by mopping up color from previous painting and paint brush cleaning, their colored patterns mirror each other. I coated them with gel medium, and adhered the one on the left hand page directly to the book page, and allowed the right hand side to float freely, attaching it only at the top edge. I gessoed all around the edges, over the color on the flags, to soften and feather in the color.
The cool thing about this process is that by the time Lynne gets done with them, there may be no hint left to the colors or lettering or anything that I've started with them. They could become something completely different, or disappear altogether, becoming a hint of texture beneath a series of other layers!

The symbol of OM is painted in gold on the left page,

and PEACE is written in hebrew on the right. (Gotta love Google Translate!!)
Beneath the flag, she'll find a watcher to their waving...


  1. I do love google translate and I also use babel fish! where would we be without them?? your work is delicious Karin and I love the prayer flags and the way you put them in the book is wonderful. I love the face looking at them.
    thanks for your comments on the tag post! creepy dolls comin right up, right after the next post on THUNDER in my impossible journal! xox cat

  2. Oh Karin- you are such a deep deep well of thought and creativity..skill and energy! I am amazed everytime I come to see what you are up to. Love the flags, what a brilliant idea!

  3. Beautiful pages for this lovely collaboration ! I love the witness peeking out, watching the waving.
    Happy Monday, beautiful One !

  4. ohhhhh, perfect! SO perfect!

    not to mention gorgeous and inspired... ; )


  5. I was blown over the moment I laid my eyes on your recent works. The stunning softness obvious amid the washed effect of colors and the combination of the elements and the colors you used are just so lovely. I particularly like the book cover.

  6. I am so digging this, you and Lynne, what a combo.

    Love Renee xoxo

  7. These are magnificent examples of love energy, amidst the sparkling light of your own timeless, creative consciousness. What you view as completion is part of the process of becoming. You are constantly growing.

  8. Thank you for sharing both words and pictures of this wonderful collaborative project. It is great to hear your thoughts on the process and what may become of the pages as they continue along their way. I also love that you have left the paper loose off the ends, adds to the possibilities.

    Have a good evening,

  9. Wow beautiful..two great artist together.

  10. Two different artist, one beautiful voice!

  11. J'aime beaucoup ce genre de recherche .
    On avance un peu au hasard d'un seul coup ...on trouve le trésor ...

  12. Hi Cat, I've never heard of babel fish - I'm going to have to check that out! Thank you Cat - and thanks for sharing your thunder piece - I love it!!

    thanks Linda Sue - lynne inspired the flags, which she creates so beautifully in *real* life! She also uses her muslin to mop up and clean up paint in a similar fashion, using it as the base of many of her painting layers, so they are truly lynne inspired pages!

    thank you Kim - back at you this fine sunny tuesday :)

    thank you lynne - can't wait to see wht you do to them next!

    Thank you so much LunarDancer, I love your name!

    thanks Renee, we are making for a fine combo, if I do say so myself :)

    Hi Liara, yes, it is a completion, continuation, beginning - all flow!

    Thank you Jackie, Katelen and Sonia

    Yes, Jean, step by step, layer by layer and the surprise of discovery unfolds!

  13. Karin these are allo just stunning, I love using letters and words in art.

  14. the butterfly is my favorite, but I was fascinated by the prayer flags and your process... you never fail to inspire!

  15. What a special project the two of you have going. It has been so fun watching it unfold. And your use of the flags in this spread is just perfect!


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