Thursday, July 9

storms and visions

(detail from pages below)
The night before last, as I finished posting my last post, a huge storm blasted through our area with frightening ferocity!  It started with a rumble of thunder, but quickly the winds picked up and began to roar. It was after midnight, so my husband was already asleep as I tried to get all the windows closed as quickly as possible.  He's one of the soundest sleepers, but even he couldn't sleep through this storm - and we both made our way quickly out doors to protect my cacti collection - I opened the awning most sit under, and he the sun umbrella, to protect what we could from the hammering hail and down pour.

Moments later we stood in the kitchen teeth chattering, soaked to the bone!  Only then did I feel scared by just how violent the storm was.  We were quite lucky, only losing a few tree limbs, some broken tomato plants, and getting our hostas peppered with holes from the hail.  They look like they were shot up by bb guns or something.

click on images for loser view
We survived the drama way better than our neighbors in Yonkers, where the hail piled up enough for snow shovels to have to come out, and power still hasn't been restored for some...
The reward has been very pleasant low humidity, cool temps, and bright blue skies!

As many of you know, Lynne Hoppe and I have been,  s l o w l y,  working on a collaborative book project together.  Thankfully, we go with the same flow on this! 
Here's where I first talk about our books, and share mine, and following is the latest installment I've done on her book.
The first set of pages you see here are layering over what she started, and the second set are ones I started from scratch, which she will layer over once I get this back to her.  I have a couple more pages to work on before that happens!

This is how Lynne started the pages,

and this is how I've continued them,


while these are the pages Lynne will layer over.


  1. I experienced some horrid hail storms when I lived in Sydney. The hail stones were so big they left golf ball sized dents in exposed cars!!

    I agree, nasty storms like that can be a little frightening. Its so sweet of you to bravely save your cacti!

    Love the new work with Lynne on your collaboration. You guys just keep upping the ante, eh?

  2. phew - so glad you survived the storm relatively unscaithed - what an xperience! Those pages are so scrumptious I could eat them. Your work sits well together. Thanks to Lynne for leading me here!

  3. quite,quite beautiful, will be interested to see what happens to your pages.

  4. phew - I am glad your damage from the storm wasn't too bad. I have been finding the storms that go through extra violent these days. I used to love thunderstorms, watching them roll in and crash here and there. But sometimes now, there is a edge to them that is more ominous and makes me feel less safe watching them from my sheltered corner somewhere. Perhaps a sign of the times ? Good to know that by coming together and battening down the hatches we can save most of what is truly dear to us...
    The pieces you and the lovely Lynne are doing are so beautiful and it is so wonderful to see them develop as you each make your marks !
    Happy Friday ! Enjoy the reward weather ! ;)

  5. What a storm .. and what art! Lovely book, too.

  6. karin, i know i should say something about the hail storm, and that i'm glad you and your plants survived more or less in tact (oh, whoops, there i did say something ; ), but


    make me want to jump and down and sing and dance!

    oh how i love them!!!!!

    yours in wildness...


  7. I'm glad you guys were ok after that storm!

    Those pages that you and Lynne are doing....... wow!
    They are seriously beautiful!

  8. I do love to see an artist's process. And with layers being so close to my heart, I really found this fascinating. You both are creating something very special here.

  9. My husband sleeps through storms as well while I rush around closing up the house, so that must have been some storm to wake a sleeping man! I always feel so small when weather shows it's undaunting power.

    Beautiful collection of Cacti and plants.

    I haven't been creating or blogging much lately as other projects are consuming my time, but when I look at what you create even with the pain you endure, it motivates me to get to my studio. Next week...I hope.

    Take care of yourself, Karin!

  10. hi Svasti, wow, I've never seen the giant hail like that. This was probably marble sized, but was more about quantity than size. My husband saw it coating the streets in some areas on his way to work the next day, a good 8 hours after the storm, with temps in the 70's... wild!
    My cacti are practically like family members to me!! I have traveled across the country and back, moving them in and out of five homes - the oldest of them is 22 years old, so I'm a tad invested ;-)

    Hi Kate, glad you found me and came by, too! Your blog is delightful and I'll be back to visit :)

    Thanks Fadwa! The storm was exhilarating - I think I'll be creatively energized by it for a while!!

    ms lynne, my wildness artist compadre - working in your book makes me grin, sing, and dance inside. I'm so glad you 'love' the pages!! xoxo k

    thank you Manon, I think there's something extra that happens when energies are consciously combined in creative expression, and lynne's quite inspiring to work with!

    Hi Seth, recording the layering is really fun, and on a technical level, because when I've done this before, it's really helpful. It was hard to remember what happened at what stage, how certain things were achieved, etc. Recording the layers and stages will actually be useful if we like an effect and want to recreate it somewhere! many thanks :)

    Hi Sonia, oh, I was thinking maybe you were still doing the 10 minute collages, but just weren't posting them. I really like what you started!
    yes, the intensity of storms like that does remind me of my smallness, too - and after the fact I though, you know Karin, running outside was kinda dumb! but reflexes moved me over my thinking brain, and thankfully we were safe and sound :)
    now, I hear your studio calling... xox

  11. You've outdone yourself, my friend. These pages are fantastic!I love the way Lynne started the pages too...delicately beautiful.
    Glad the storm damage was minimal. Storms can be quite daunting but how lucky we are to be snuggled up safely inside....unless the roof blows off.

  12. How long have you been making art journals? Do you have any idea how many you have finished?

    It is very exciting to see you and Lynne work together.

  13. You and Lynne.... I feel like I would recognize either of your works the minute I saw them.

    I love them both so much.

    Glad you guys were not hurt in that storm.

    Love Renee xoxo

  14. Very interesting. Your style is different from Linne's but they fit perfectly together.
    I am happy that your cactus collection is ok because is very beautiful.

  15. i love love love the butterfly!!! and the luscious layers on top... wow - can't wait to see more! ooh, the face too, god i love that face:) so glad to be able to see your process... hope to talk soon!

  16. Karin I am so thrilled you got your meds okayed. Thank God.

    Now God, please let the meds work.

    Love to you sweetest friend.

    Renee xoxo

  17. These pages you are working on are wonderful.. You are so lucky to be working together..
    I am glad you made it through the storm.

  18. What a fabulous blog and good job saving the cacti.

    You are quite talented

  19. The storms have been pretty fierce down here lately too, and I have the imprint of eight dog paws on my lap to prove it. I'm glad that your plants mostly survived.

    Lynne sent me after I admired her asemic writing. And now I'm going to spend the next three days here.

    Awesome blog and artwork.

  20. These are fantabulous pages and inspire me to get to my journal. Your book sounds fascinating and I can't wait to hear more about the project.


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