Friday, August 28

August 28

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  1. i know for you this image could mean that you are feeling pain because the fire is a repeated symbol in your art and has represented those periods of time, but the fire also symbolizes to me a life and vibrance in an artist's hands, that her work is on fire, alive, hot and glowing - i hope for your sake that it is the latter that i see in these awesomely rendered pages for your work always does that for my soul

  2. ouch !!!

    Hope odd chick is right.

  3. Water and then fire...the elements are working strong within you, beautiful Karin. Had a vision of the two coming together and forming a warmed bath for you to soak in and get some comfort from...
    Incredible hands...I love the way the fire glows from behind them.
    Big love hugs...

  4. oh yes ...I feel very ambivalent about this Karin, the pain and the glory...
    your creative center is hot in lots of ways. xoxo ciao my bella, ms bartimioli !!
    Ps I am close to revealing thunder!!!

  5. I call upon the assistance of Akiba-Sanjakubo to empower you to put out the flames.This Japanese Lord of the Fire is the spirit of fire prevention and deep levels of healing. Love and light to you.

  6. hi karin,
    beautiful colors... love the pink background and the glowing of the flames. whatever it is you are feeling, which the viewer does not really know, you have transcended that and created a piece that embodies passion and energy... love to you and a big fat hug.
    i'm off to my class at pema's for the first time in months... haven't worked on my painting this whole time i have had it at home. oh well, just have to let things be as they are...

  7. Your beautiful hands! I'm grateful that you push through the pain and keep producing your thought provoking work. It is sobering for me because on a bad day I think of how you handle your pain. The Scribes Chair has been in and out of my mind for days.

  8. Hi Karin,
    This is a very powerful painting. I see pain in it yet I see the energy. They are both coming off the page.
    I hope that the pain subsides soon and like Robin, I'm happy that you can still create such beautiful pieces.

  9. Karin,
    Your art is so touching..I do hope your pain is less. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  10. Oh my God that looks so painful that it actually hurts to look at the pictures.

    Dear friend, how I wish that you didn't hurt.

    love Renee xoxo

  11. Thank you everyone - I'm really okay, I've just hit a challenging patch, and I think maybe the steady work on the sculptural work has been taking it's toll.
    It is what it is, and thankfully always always there is art, in one form or another.
    with gratitude and love, Karin


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