Wednesday, April 29

Lynne's Book!

The other day I excitedly opened the package that arrived from Lynne Hoppe,
which I knew contained her book for our collaboration.  
I opened slowly, savoring what greeted my eyes -
like having creamy rich dark chocolate melting in my mouth :) 

There were a couple of extra treats wrapped and tucked along side the book.
One of Lynne's new paper clay brick people - so charming,
you can hardly believe, a beautifully painted paper tag, and
a very cool lava rock heart, wrapped in a sparkly painted
paper doily,which has been further transformed
and I'm sure you will see reappear,
at some point along the way.
These new treasures have already found a               
home in my studio on my collection table,      
among my other objects of inspiration.  

Now, on to the book.
I spent a little time playing on the covers today.
Here you see the before, with Lynne's layer alone,
 and after, with my layer added.  Who knows how
many more times we'll add to these covers!

Lynne hasn't received my book yet - I've been a bit delinquent on delivery.
Sorry Lynne - it'll be there soon, I promise!

Front cover
click on images for closer view

Back cover


  1. Hi Karin,
    I didn't realize that it was you who was collaborating with Lynne. It's so exciting to see this whole process! You are both amazingly talented! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh so yummy! It's almost as exciting as receiving one's own parcel of arty yummery and the cherry on the top is seeing these books progress.

  3. i have a HUGE GRIN on my face!!!!! can you see it?!! love, LOVE what you've done, karin... (she says as she dances happily around : ) xo

  4. This already is and will be such an exciting collaboration. Fantastic that you are working on the same pages. What could be better then MORE layers???

  5. Karin this is outstanding.

    I knew that you must be reading my blog and so today on love and hope was made for me by sweetmango but put on my blog today for you.

    You were in my mind and I wanted to share this with you.

    I love you Karin.

    When in hell; march straight through.

    Love Renee xoxo

  6. Yes Manon, it's very very lucky ME!! :)

    I'm grinning Robyn!
    along with you Lynne :D
    and now I'm giggling watching you dance about -
    hee hee

    Exactly Seth! More layers, and letting go - it's the best!

    thank you Renee - it is a really beautiful creation, that poem of Sweetmangos...


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