Tuesday, September 1

August 31st-September 1

Like many artists,
I sometimes get an idea in my head,
and until I work it out it follows me around,
like an itch in the middle of my back that I can't reach to scratch.

Yesterday I kept seeing stitching with gesso over it,
quite sure that the texture and pattern it would create
would be really nice to play with under layers of paint.

So first I painted a layer of gesso down on my pages,
then scratched a design into the wet gesso.
Next, I lightly drew in some lines in pencil, as guides for my stitching.
I used 2 ply perle cotton and stitched away.


Once I finished stitching I lay down another heavier layer of gesso,
and glued the pages down to the pages before and after,
sealing the back sides up and securing all the stitching.

Then the fun began!
Layers and layers of paint,
rubbing it in,
rubbing it out,

until I was satisfied.

The itch was reached and scratched,
and I'm quite pleased with the results!

click on images for closer view



  1. oh god, karin! this is NICE! wow, i just love what the stitching's done... the image is fabulous without it too (the colors, the colors!!)... but that stitching...


  2. Wow Karin! That is so flippin' cool! I'm glad you showed us what you did because I wouldn't of guessed it from the painting!
    Love the painting....love eyes! Great work!!

  3. Very, very nice. The stitching is wonderful, as are the colours you use. I'll have to subscribe so I don't lose track of this blog.

  4. this is wicked!!! you've outdone yourself here!

  5. Totally Bitchen! that word got my mouth washed out with a bar of soap once!!!! LOL! guess no one will do that now!!! but this is just so cool I love it and I wanna pet it!!!! xoxo

  6. This is such a cool and creative idea. And it works so, so well for this spread. The eyes have it!

  7. Gorgeous ! Ah, moments of creation ! So inspiring...keep playing until you get to where you are satisfied. The results are just so great !

  8. AAAWWWESOME!That is so very clever and beautiful I could just- weep or jump around- or something ! Extraordinary- I would like to try this- I have an idea thanks to you- been stumped for what to do this year for the breast cancer show...you may have bailed me out! thank you so much for your detailed description of process! Absolutely love this!

  9. OMG, Karin, this is gorgeous! I love the colours, especially the reds. And the process...Wow! And the way you took this thought you had and created this masterpiece is just so you.

  10. fabulous fabulous fabulous!!! i love the eyes!!! it glows... my new favorite piece:)
    hope you are well. i am exhausted from getting my classroom ready... hope you get a chance to see my video of it.

  11. Karin,
    YOU HAVE DONE IT AGAIN>> It is wonderful!!!! You are so blessed with talent and imagination.

  12. Absolutely incredible. Like seriously amazing.

    I totally dig this Karin. You rule.

    Love Renee xoxo

  13. A sea of eyes... a sea of ayes... a sea of I's...

    You are a marvel, Karin! :)

  14. Each stage is a work of art. You have such a creative mind Karin.

  15. thank you miss lynne :) xo

    Hey manon - thanks!
    yeah, eyes are gooood, aren't they?! yours always express!

    Thank you Carol, and welcome!

    hee hee - thanks whitney-anne :)

    Wow cat, thanks. wicked AND bitchin' - I feel great!! no soap coming from me!!

    many thanks Seth

    Hi Kim,yeah, there's nothing like following through on a creative impulse!

    thank you Paige :)

    Oh, very cool Linda Sue - If you do try it out, please let me know and share!!

    thanks Sonia!!

    hi Jennifer, it's my new fave, too! i'm sure i'll be using this technique again :)

    Dear Katelen, Renee, Svasti and Robyn thank you all! you guys sure know how to make me feel good!
    xo༺༻ox Karin

  16. Karin, I just love, love, love this! I've been doing some stitching in my work for a while, but I used embroidery floss. what is 2-ply perle?

  17. i loved that you shared the scratch and itch... i so feel that sometimes, but you worded it perfectly and this is an AMAXXZING result.. don't you love it when a vision and a reality come together??


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