Tuesday, May 12

collaborative update...

I've been playing a little more in Lynne Hoppe's book, which she and I are collaborating on, and it's been quite fun!
Last time I posted the covers, now I've gone inside the book, and so far it has transformed from this...
...to this (the person is still the same color as in the original shot. I took the 2nd photo in sunshine, which kinda washed her out. There are more browns than pinks over all.)
I had the thought that I'd like to put a curtain, or something around the window that would be interactive. Lynne had framed it with silvery joss paper, and all I could *see* when I looked at it was a page out of an old journal of mine (even though they are completely different) where I had used duct tape to frame a window, and plastic sheeting over it, during the over the top fear frenzy our country went through. I felt the desire to cheer up my vision of the image I was getting- not necessarily the one that was actually there! So I added the magenta wash, and shadow stamped the chakra symbol, which is actually done with a sealing wax stamp and not made for ink, but it worked for the effect I was going for!
The shade is made
from trimmings of an actual bamboo shade
that was too large for the window I have it in.
I trimmed the edges off years ago, and saved them -
I knew the left over scrap would come in handy some day!

I wove a ribbon up the middle of the 'shade'
and created a pull at both the top and bottom,
to grab onto.
The button is there to anchor the shade
so it doesn't flop around when you open
and page through the book.

The sun rises...
and the sun sets...

Here is the new friend that has appeared to join Lynne's. He was shy before - only peering out - making sure that things were safe out there, and it was okay for the rest of his form to show up :) He realized he was among friends and has made an appearance, which made his companion so happy, she bloomed. That's how she expresses herself, as she is still learning to smile...
click on images for closer view
I scanned this one, which seems to capture the color more truly...


  1. Wow! I just love what you two gals are doing! It's wonderful that you can share this process with us! The bamboo shade is so perfect! Awesome job!

  2. Holy shit. FANTASTIC.

    Karin and Lynne this was an absolute treat to look at. I love it.

    Amazing, and the shade on the window. Amazing.

    I am awestruck, can you tell?

    Love Renee xoxo

  3. oh my - i am going to need to see this one in person!!! LOVE IT!!!
    i just left you a little award:)



  4. Spectacular work, Karin & Lynne! You are both complimenting and enhancing each other's art so very well. I love the two beings on the right and the gorgeous window with its brand new shutter :)

  5. as always gorgeous but I am beginning to suspect you astral travel and take stuff from my studio, first the bones, then the bamboo...

  6. the little being that's popped up -- oh my, how he does make me smile! and what good company for antler girl! (now flower antler girl) i don't know what they're gonna be up to, but it'll make us smile, i'm sure. and the shade! that is just the epitome of karin coolness, if i do say so... the 'room' is so much more inviting now that you've brightened up the wall paper -- and put the chakra symbol on!

    can you see me grinning from ear to ear? : ) : ) : )


  7. you know the more i look at the little guy, i think he's shocked that his vision is so damned GOOD!! ; )


  8. this is wonderful . this is just too
    cool !

  9. This journal entry is so amazing.

    Okay, 11 sounds interesting. Well she looks young and I know she is moving on to 7. 11 doesn't look far behind.

    Love Renee xoxox

  10. that window shade is ingenious! love it.
    what a wonderful collaboration.

  11. Thanks Manon, Renee and Cynjon :)

    I think I'll have it a while longer Jennifer, so you'll get a chance! thanks for the award xox

    thanks Svasti, we do seem to be quite simpatico!

    I think you're right lynne - the surprise is quite evident!! Perhaps he's seen some things we've yet to see which he'll be revealing to us along the way :)

    thanks Kathy!!

    hee hee Renee - I guess, I shouldn't have skipped right over 8-10, but you know how 7/11 works so well together, and lust can make the heart skip beats!!...

    thank you Bridgette :))

  12. oops, I missed you Deb - that is funny! a little astral travel :) could beeeee, or, if you look really closely, you might be able to see.... outside the window there is a very special vehicle that I painted in the sky, hee hee hee

  13. As this evolves, it gets better and better. The shade is such a wonderful idea. I love when the right use for a saved "scrap" is found. Great addition to the right side of the spread too!

  14. It took me awhile but I did some catching up on your site. I LOVE the crow video, and it was so interesting for you to actually write about your stomach experience and mediation practices. This piece you've jointly designed is so appealing and happy and free. I love your posts so much.

  15. What a fascinating and joyous treat, I'm enthralled.

  16. What a truly beautiful book-creative an engaging- I just discovered your wonderful blog and look forward to visiting again!

  17. I'd recogize a Hoppe face anywhere! Gorgeous collaboration. Love the window sash!

  18. Thanks Heather!

    Hi Seth, I know - I love when the "shoe fits", too! It makes over stuffing my storage spaces worth it :)

    Thank you Peggy - so glad you enjoyed the catching up ad video!

    That makes me happy Taluula :)

    Welcome Lori - so glad you found me and enjoyed visiting. I'l stop by you, too, soon!!

    Yes Robyn, hee hee, I know, her faces are so wonderful. I tried to channel their energy with my little alien guy :)

  19. Thanks for sharing! Grate idea!


  20. I really love the three dimensions in this. And that it is meant to be changed, in you know what I mean? Art is generally not meant to be touched.

  21. You have to do this in oil or acrylic on a large canvas. You have to, this is absolutely gorgeous, this is fantastic!

  22. like Robyn i recognized a lynne hoppe so fast... love your additions. that shade is clever!

  23. Absolutely wonderful! You keep me coming back and continue to inspire me. Wonderful collaberation.


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