Saturday, March 21

A Collaborative Vision

As many of you know, Lynne Hoppe and I are stepping into a collaborative journey working on a book exchange process. She starts a book, I start a book, we begin creating on a few pages and the cover, swap books, work over and with what the other person has done, start a few new pages, exchange and continue adding to and layering - interweaving each other's images until we feel complete. The results will be two undoubtedly fabulous books filled with sharing, exploring, creating, learning, and having some fun!

So here is a bit of the process. The book is 6"x 6". We used 40 pieces of paper to create 20 pages. Each square was joined to the next with a strip of folded paper, which created a hinge. I began by creating pairs of pages - hinging the binding edge.

I then flipped the stack over hinged the opposite ends to create an accordion book. We did not want to work in an accordion style book, however. We wanted the feel of a bound book that we could open flat, so we used tabs of paper which we folded in half, and glued in between the hinged folds on one edge - the binding edge of our book. The photo below shows where I had begun the process on the left.

In the mean time, I had started to work on covers for the book. I decided I wanted a hard cover, which I made by cutting bookbinders board, which I paper mach├ęd.

Here are the results of it all put together - I love it!!
As always, click on any picture for a better view.

I have to say - I actually thought an adhesive bound book was going to be easier than stitching. I was absolutely 100% wrong. I have done all glued books before, but never quite this large and detailed. I do love the results, am thrilled that I have this one, but I can guarantee you won't be seeing me creating this style of a book again any time soon - if ever!

Oh yeah, I added ties, since I'm sure it will be bulging in no time, right Lynne?!
Maybe my book can be contained :^)

Oh, and another thing - I also decided I really wanted to have a theme for my book. I've done others with no theme or focus. Two fell to the way side without completion, and the one I've shared with you was often a struggle for me, because I felt so scattered through out the creating process. This time I wanted to at least begin with some sort of path for myself, and when I thought about it a pair of eyes popped into my mind, looking back at me. So that was it - Vision will be the theme.

Lynne liked that idea as well, because we can take it in so many directions. After all, anything we 'see' can fall into the category of being a part of our vision. So at least to start us off, we'll be sharing our visions; being visionaries; envisioning... okay you get the idea!


  1. I saw Lynne mention this on her blog the other day.... so cool! I can't wait to see what you two create. I can only image. I love both your work and hers... this is going to be a really impressive collaboration!

  2. I love it too :) What a wonderful project to do with another artist...I can't wait to see the pages unfold.

    You're so talented!


  3. Beautiful Book hun. I'm not sure I understand the process of the accordian paper. But ya book is simply georgeous! Hugs~

  4. How exciting! I can't wait to see how this book progresses and develops, as well as its stable mate :)

  5. What a fabulous start to a wonderful project. I am looking forward to what becomes of "VISION".

  6. That is exquisite, Karen, a precious heirloom. How really lovely it must be to handle.

  7. Beautiful Book.

    Looking forward to see what will come out From your Vision-project.

    Wish you have a great time, both of you :)

  8. Ooooo La is so exciting to see the birth of this baby and it will be so much fun to watch and be inspired as the project 'unfolds'.
    The title brings to mind a fav quote from ACIM "Vision has no cost to anyone, it can only bless"... now we can all look forward to being the recipients.
    Thanks in advance!!

  9. what a beautiful book. I can't wait to see its pages fill up!

  10. soooo happy to be embarking on this journey with you my friend!! your book is gorgeous GORGEOUS! i get a rapid heartbeat just looking at it!! xo

  11. What a great collaboration. And that book looks fantastic already. When it is completed, it is going to be beyond words!!!

  12. Karin I am seriously orgasmic over this book. Wow.

    You and Lynne are such beautiful people and true assets to the world.

    Love Renee xoxox

  13. Thank you everyone!! it is pretty dang exciting, and I feel very fortunate to have Lynne to take this journey with! Thank you Lynne :)
    I love that quote Donna - thank you for the Course link and reminder.
    Renee, you are tooooo funny!

  14. Love how the book turned out. It has such a wonderful look to it, just waiting for your beautiful art to fill the pages. Have fun!

  15. Karin, I am discovering so many interesting & sincere artists after I made the post on Robyn. I am amazed by this wealth of art I discover with each click on each new person. I *love* this collaborative project & the way the book looks. Gorgeous piece of art. But above all thanx really for sharing & showing how much art you really live.

  16. What a perfect little book, Karin! I think I would make a very wonky book but yours is so ....perfect...there's no other word for it.

  17. hi karen
    thanks for you comment and you are so right about so much. glad to have another creative visitor and to find another place to come for inspiration. see you out there in blog land!


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