Saturday, October 17

ah these hands

first seen in post the ties that bind

as i thought about my blog, my art, and the necessity of my hands as collaborator to this online escapade, i took a little journey back through my journal and saw the literal inspiration these hands of mine have provided here.

yesterday i had a final injection attempt at remedying
If the injection works, we know the diagnosis is correct, which the clinical exam indicates.
i've already had surgery for it in my left hand. if the injection works, but pain returns, surgery will be necessary for my right. the pain has reurned once, so it's fairly likely this will be the outcome.

here's the rub - it's supposed to be a highly successful surgery,
and my left hand still has the same symptoms...

first seen 8/29/08

since i am unable to create at this time, i thought i'd share a look back at the way these remarkable bits of bone, flesh, tendon and nerve have served me,
and you, as observers of my work.

first seen 12/7/08

There have been many.

Hands in pain,

right from the beginning in
my 5th journal post 7/29/08

click on images for larger view

healing hands,

7/20/09 & Qigong play 5/22/09

hands of hope,
hands in surrender,

playful hands,

seeking hands,

and mostly,
these grateful hands.

They hold that bowl of the limitless Golden All
that you have shared with me with all your supportive
visits and words, filling me with encouragement and care
that i need and value more than you know.

much love, and many thanks,

I bow in thanks,


A revisit to my Hand Book,
first seen here!


  1. Wonderful collection.

    Loved the video, too.

    Bob Weisenberg

  2. wow, k... amazing, amazing... and beautiful, beautiful... and powerful.

    bowing in love and gratitude,


  3. Forgot to mention, for any new visitors who don't know this already--take the time to open up each of these images to full size in a separate window. They are spectacular at full size.

    Bob Weisenberg

  4. Your hands are beautiful. All of them. So sad that they feel such pain. Heres hoping for a remedy or cure x

  5. All these hands ... a marvelous, mesmerizing storybook of your experience, Karin ...

    I am loving you and your hands ... praying like mad that you are relieved of pain.

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxo etc.!

  6. Very beautiful to see all those hands (again) in one post and the story of which they're a part. I didn't know exactly how or what, so thank you for this post. Now i understand better, although your art speaks for itself. I wish you all the best and good luck and i hope that the pain will disappear and never come back.
    Lots of strength for you and i keep my fingers crossed that the injection will work.

    Sweet greetz, Momo Luna

  7. What a perfect compilation and what a story the hands tell! Your work and presentation are spectacular as usual.

    Take care my friend, xox

  8. Karin that is just incredible. I am so blown away by your talent and by the suffering you have endured in giving us your art.

    Your work Karin is so outstanding and the book, well the book is amazing.

    Karin I think of the operation and how the other hand didn't feel better and then I think but maybe this one can and then I'm like 'oh God please.'

    Love Renee xoxo

  9. I'm praying for you Karin!! I hope that your pain can be taken away!!
    Your work is amazing!! I'm always in awe!!

  10. Karin,
    Your hands inspire me, comfort me, and bring tears to my eyes. It is WE who should be grateful to YOU.

  11. oh karin your post amazed me. such incredible work. u have been and are going thru so much. i will pray for your strength and healing.
    god bless u karin,

  12. Karin,
    thank you for sharing these heart and soul inspired images of your hands. Our hands, whether we draw, paint, build, dance, reach out to gently touch someone, or speak with them are often two of the most expressive parts of our fragile human bodies. I send you prayers and intentions for healing and the relief from pain; hope that you will be using your hands again soon to share your gifts with the universe.

  13. thanks Bob, and for mentioning the the large viewing of each piece :)

    namaste lynne ❤love k

    thank you jasmine
    and jaliya, from me and my hands :) xox

    thank you momo luna, i have started feeling some release today, from the injection!

    thanks sonia, xox

    i know Renee, sense my hesitation?! don't think it's been no help - there has been some relief, post surgery, but not near the recovery expected, and a recent worsening, as i use my left hand for more w/out my right... argh! know this, my creating is also a very selfish act, though i am extremely grateful for the bonus that comes from sharing it with you, and all. love you,k

    many thanks Manon!

    Sharmon, i am humbled by your words, and deeply touched. thank you.

    thank you so much, for your prayers and words linda.

    you're welcome laura. we, as humans, do connect through our hands in so many ways. i often think about our veterans that come home from war without their hands, and others that have lost them through life circumstances... i still have mine. as an exercise, i look at the question, "who am i (are we) without my (our) hands?" i must release my 'attachment' and even see them as impermanent. thank you.

    thanks everyone, again, for your supportive presence! love to you all, Karin

  14. wow, wow, wow, I am so awed by your beautiful art and touched so deeply in my heart. the depth of your emotion is so palpable in these pieces. all I can do is sigh and look
    sigh and look
    sigh and look....xoxoxo

  15. awwww, siting here and just "feeling" your art.
    Sending prayers to you.

    With all this hands , a game i played as a kid came into my mind. forming a butterfly with our hands and singing a song. This is how it feels. Behind all those images, i see your hands forming a beautiful butterfly.

    hugs and kisses

  16. GREAT POST! wow, it's soo cool to revisit the themes in our artwork... and to put it all together - it's just amazing... i can't believe i fell in love with your work before even knowing you - the hand book at the silvermine guild show, i still remember taking extra long lunch breaks to pour through it... this is the same one right? it was hanging on a stand? or maybe a different one... anyway - now i can say i love the art & the artist:)
    peace and hugs,

  17. Oh Karin! I'm so sorry you're suffering again (and again). I'm sending prayers of love and healing and for a sucessful proceedure. We love your art and want to make sure you can create once again. And have a little peace.

  18. Hey K
    Once again...and again... and again...Beyond Words.

    thank you for all that you continuously.

  19. Seeing these all together is awe inspiring. And I do hope your magical hands get well soon!

  20. A beautiful collection of hands. (The hands 2/23/09 are still my favourite pair.) Wishing you all the best for the best results, Karin.

  21. Come over dear one, I am having a giveaway.


  22. I am so excited to be reading a new book. Yahoo.

    Thank you so much and I just finished one I was reading this morning.

    Thank you Karin, it had a forward by my favourite writer Salmon Rushdie, so can't wait.

    Love Renee xoxo

  23. I am sending love and energy your way. Your work has been very inspiring to me. As a massage therapist and artist who was once told he would only have 30%-40% use of his hands, let me encourage you that healing is possible. May you continue to create and inspire.

    Love and blessings.

  24. beautiful.

    I suppose typing is a big issue as well, I use dragon natually speaking, do you have a program that you use for post?

  25. Are you ready for me to be mental. Well I just kissed your hands on the screen. Are they better yet?


  26. So powerful, Karin. Seeing all of these hands together in their different incarnations is a beautiful tribute to the life of your hands--the joy and pain, the challenges and beauty. I am inspired. Thank you.


  27. I love the colour and expression in your work very raw and honest. Keep up the good work

  28. Wow, such an inspiration! Love hands, your creativity has really journeyed here :-)


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