Monday, September 7

September 6

This image emerged while reading the words below...
"We're learning the art of unconditional opening.
It is in this openness that our practice -
liberation through non clinging -
can flower." ~ Larry Rosenberg
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Thank you all, for your encouraging messages
after yesterday's post. Your support makes this process
such an incredibly rich one.


  1. I often think how important my hands are to me and looking at the hands you draw in many of your journal pages makes me know just how important they are to you. Such expressive hands, Karin.

  2. Unconditional opening...I dream of this for myself and for the world...we have such a long way to go...
    These hands are so beautiful Karin...and in their opening, hope...

  3. this one REALLY is my favorite- i think it is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen. the spiritual quality speaks volumes to me, i wish i had painted this for my church foyer painting- i am still waiting on it to come to me

  4. OH WOW could you get much more brilliant? This work just sends me into raptures! I find that hands are most difficult to draw- I have made such mistakes- like drawing two left hands on a figure because obviously that was the hand that I could see..I did not realize until it was framed and on the wall! Daft!

  5. this is so beautiful Karin....and the words are just wonderful....def what I am working on...
    It is a perfect peace of unfolding beauty....xox cat

  6. You inspire others wth such love and open creativity that the universe can only respond by reverberrating positive energy and enriching opportunities for you.

  7. here you are...truly going **beyond words**.

    For the last ten days I've been sitting with Sir John for hours at a time as he readies to leave the planet. I've been drawing drawing drawing his hands holding 92 years of character...and then I drop in to visit you and see these beauties.
    I bow in your direction dear one.

  8. thank you for the reminder - so hard to do, I'm finding that letting go so difficult. But, hey, none of us is alone in it, so thank you again Karin.

  9. Beautiful! Soul warming.

  10. Boy, now this I am digging.


  11. sigh... i agree with what everyone has already said... especially, kim... i too dream of this for myself, and the world. the practice of making the dream a reality is ongoing...

    these hands, these colors, these words are so powerful, karin.


  12. hi karin,
    love the hand images and the quote about opening up... i opened all the way up this weekend at omega's ecstatic chant festival... sang and danced until i literally shed all those layers it took all year to build up. so here i am again (like last summer after kripalu)... opened up like a flower, overflowing with love... and feeling a bit vulnerable in that place. i am so happy to hear that art is taking you out of your bodily experiences, but wish that it didn't make it harder for you to continue to make art... love how you say "it is what it is"... i have been hearing that a lot lately! love you, j

  13. Beautiful words surpassed only by your beautiful artwork. Karin, isn't it wonderful that it is so easy to reach out to kindred spirits and uplift them by sharing thoughts and words of encouragement as you have also done to so many, myself included.

  14. such sophisticated, vulnerable beauty, a genuine flowering. Your ability to create such work is amazing, and I find it warming that you are able to respond to the expressions of love and support from those who know you and the unbearable pain you endure in your hands, your back...
    Sending hugs, healing, freedom...

  15. Karin we are twins, I never ever walked home from school without reading a book, however, I did not hit a tree.

    Love you.

    Renee xoxo

  16. I need to say a big "thank you" . You have no idea how much your art talk to me, talks for me.

  17. I want to thank you all individually for your beautiful, encouraging - just such meaningful messages to me!! I've had one of my toughest weeks in a long time, and another one of medication rejection. I can't do a lot of typing, so I'll simply thank you all in this one note - my gratitude emanates far beyond these few words. many thanks and much love,

  18. This work is realy great.I love it.


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