Monday, July 20

July 20

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  1. Hey Karin,
    I love hands and I absolutely love these hands that you've painted. Wow!
    They seem to be reaching for the light. They comfort me in some way!

  2. Karin ... I'm thinking "mudra bathed in mantra" ... So soothing ... gathering light ... Thank you ... Good (and needed!) medicine this morning ... xo

  3. Really love your work and the hands are wonderful, really shows that you are undergoing a healing process. Thanks for visiting my blog, I will be back to see your beautiful work! namaste!

  4. Your healing hands are so expressive and I love the detail in the background.

  5. They seem to be reaching out to you. Gently, softly, telling you there's hope always, can't you see feel the warmth?

    Beautiful work as always.

  6. The hands are wonderful. So beautiful.

  7. As you reach out with your hands toward the light, the energy that travels through you is intense and indescribable. Thanks for reminding people to reach for stars.

  8. thanks Manon, hands comfort me, too - something about them... they are such amazing things!

    Jaliya, I like that. While I was doing the back ground I wasn't sure what would be in the foreground, but the process was mantra like - adding the mudra to the mantra is perfect!

    Thank you Caterina and Robyn!

    yes Fadwa, I feel it flowing in, through, and onward! so much healing here, through the making of art, sharing it, receiving feedback, seeing other's - all an amazing magical mystery tour!!

    thanks Katelen and Liara :)

  9. how did i miss these?! oh, i love them... and i love the colors... (and the asemic writing : )



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