Thursday, September 3

The Scribe's Apprentice

A day or two after I shared my dilemma with
the Art House Co-op's plan to keep all submitted artwork,
(and after I'd started my second chair)
I got a mass email from them, sent to all participants of the
letting us know that they were changing the policy.
I guess I wasn't the only artist concerned (not a big surprise), and
they are now offering to return all work that artists provide return postage for.


Furthermore, they explained that there will be an exhibition at their gallery
in December, of all currently submitted work, and it sounded like
the full 10,000 will be made up with online submissions over time.
At least that's my understanding...

Thankfully, the deadline was also changed, to October 1st,
so I didn't rush to get this second chair completed - whew!

I still have managed to remain unclear about exactly when work will be returned -
if it won't be until 10,000 pieces are reached?!
All I know for sure is my apprentice chair has been completed!
front & back

and it didn't end up being dramatically smaller, once I got them side by side.

I'm not crazy about repeating myself,
and don't want to diminish the first piece by 'copying' it,

but the circumstances led me to do just that with these pieces.
I actually like them together,
so if the Scribes' Apprentice does make it's way home again
I think I'll keep them together in the future, as
The Scribe and Her Apprentice...

ho hum...


  1. so glad you found a solution! doggie looks excited too:) I love the idea of a side by side Scribe and her apprentice!

  2. The most important thing about the 10000 People Project is that because of it The Scribe and Her Apprentice were created. And I agree, Karin, they belong together. By the way, "Ho Hum" sure is cute!

  3. Karin, I like the two scribe's chairs together as one piece even more than separately. Very cool!

  4. I love the idea that this is an apprentice's chair ! They look so marvelous together. Kind of cool too, that the apprentice is going off to do some research and will be the information back to her mistress scribe when her task is complete !
    Puppy is so sweet, sipporting you that way ! ;)

  5. So glad Karin that there is a change in their policy. hate those shows that really don't have it all figured out before we submit. any way I often create a companion piece or several in a series that are related to each other. I love these two!
    And Studio Dog is ADORABLE! just like mine guarding the paint and canvas.... Goood Dog!!!

  6. the chairs are so gorgeous, I don't suppose there's any chance you'll be selling one??

  7. Love the chairs...and the doggie...

  8. Thanks for the perspective on how big the chairs are! I loved that shot with the pup.

    Maybe the pup will be more excited once you've finished working and can spare some time for a belly rub (for the pup)?

    Let us know how it all progresses :)

  9. Everything for a reason. I still can't get over how fantastic your chairs are.

  10. Thanks Patti, i'm happy with the solution, and hopefully art house will be, too!

    Hi Sonia,
    so, do you think I should not send this piece, too?! just kidding. btw, ho hum is really names Zana :)

    Thanks Sharmon - I guess there's something to be said for strength in numbers!

    I really like that perspective Kim - imagining the apprentice going out into the world to gather info... thanks!

    Hey Cat, well, I think they had it figured out, it was me that didn't! But then they must have realized with that qualifier they weren't going to get nearly as much art work to show. I'm just glad it's working out!
    Oh yes, Zana the studio guard is masterful, just like yours :)

    Hi Deb, thanks for your interest! Yes - I'm not so attached to my work that I don't sell it! I'm hoping to have both out and showing in the next few months, where they will be available for sale. I'll have to see if the original one gets into the juried show I intend to submit it to.

    Thanks Jay!

    Hi Svasti, Glad you enjoyed the pic, of art and Zana! I'll be sure to take time for belly rubs, and I'll give her one from you :)

    Yes, I agree Robyn!

  11. Wow Karin! The chairs are very cool! I also think that they look terrific together!

  12. Nice job on the chairs! I love them,
    and of course they shouldn't keep your piece. Anyway 10,000 pieces seems a bit overboard, that's a really, really big show. I wonder if the Met in NYC has that much on dispalay at any on time.

    BTW the eye balls r way cool!

  13. It is great that this all worked out. And seeing two of these side by side makes them look twice as incredible!!

  14. Karin
    I love the two together..They are so beautiful..The dog looks like he is a little bored..LOL..

  15. Mind over matter is an effective approach. The chairs are exquisite and the deliate scrolls are timeless. Thanks truly for sharing these beautiful creations and part of the emotional journey to fruition.

  16. Karin they are so amazing and delicate I think I would be afraid to send them. They actually look fantastic as a set.

    Like the older teaching the younger. I think you should keep them both.

    Love Renee xoxo

  17. Thank you Manon!

    Yes, I agree Anon, 10,000 is a crazy amount! I believe that the majority will be shown in an online exhibit, while a smaller selection will be present in a "real" gallery show. I'm still a bit confused on that though! thank you for your appreciation!

    thanks Seth, yeah, these things do tend to work themselves out, don't they?!

    Hi Katelen, yes, Zana is a bit bored - but at 16 she's seen it all before :) ho hum!!

    Thank you Liara, perhaps that journey is part of what is being described in those scrolls :)

    Hey Renee, thanks. I know, they do look good together, but like a parent scooting their child from the home, sometimes ya gotta let them out on their own, and trust they'll eventually return!! (still intact!)
    xox K


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