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August 26 & yesterday


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Change in plans.
Bone head here, didn't read the finer details of the 10,000 People Project, which were only to be found online, and were not included in the materials sent to me. I thank the powers that be that I did read them all before heading to the post office!

Apparently, the work that is being included for this show - the collection of Chair themed art -will not be returned to the artists. It is being held onto until all 10,000 pieces are collected. I'm thinking maybe a decade from now?! Needless to say, I am not willing to give away my Scribe's Chair for storage, and will not be sending it in for this show! So now I need to come up with another chair idea, before the postmark deadline of September 1. So much for being ahead of schedule!!

I do have another exhibition in mind for the Scribe's Chair, which I'll fill you in on the details of, if it gets in.

Back to the drawing board!


Since I posted the above I've added this little update...
With all the wood already prepped for the last piece, I had enough left over to begin the Scribe's Apprentice Chair. A mini version of the original. I used up every last twig!
I felt it necessary to make something along the same lines as the original, especially after I was informed by Seth that he noticed my Scribe's Chair was one of the featured pieces on the Art House Co-ops home page... I had no idea that had happened, as I removed my photos from my submission page yesterday! Yeesh. Well, now it's time to scribe, scribe and scroll, scroll!!


  1. Clever, clever journal spread. And I am so happy you read the fine print in time. Your chair is way to good to be in permanent storage!

  2. Exquisite Sea Inside ... xo

  3. So glad that you are not sending the scribe chair! It is too delicate and wonderful for just storage- or for an out of town show where you do not know who will be jostling it about..Whatever else you come up with is bound to be your usual amazing work! no worries!
    Glad about the scribe chair- it is fabulous!

  4. Don't send that masterpiece anywhere.

    I love you.

    Renee xoxo

  5. oh Karin! I agree with Seth, it would be awful to have that brilliant piece locked in storage!
    I love your journal pages, as always you are so good at using the bod as a metaphor!
    I am so glad to know you are italian!! what part? xo

  6. Thank you Seth, Yeah, no artwork should be locked away indefinitely!

    Thanks Jaliya :) xox

    You're right Linda Sue, I was a little concerned about how delicate it is - the new one I'm making seems sturdier in it's small compactness! I'm getting good practice at this chair making thing - maybe the next one will be functional!

    Hey Renee, well it needs to get out and about a little - sight unseen at home does it no justice!

    Hi Cat, thank you :) My italian half is from my dad - our name was Bartomioli before the Americanization occurred. Rolls off the tongue much more nicely that way, no?!

  7. Karin I was just at their homepage and saw your chair, I was so excited, I was like... wow I KNOW that really great art maker!! I feel sort of famous too!

  8. Things always work for the best..
    I love the journal page. Your chairs are so wonderful..Tiny details.

  9. lol, I have sign in to for the chair. Have fotgot that I should mail it in 1st of sept. Thanks.

    Love the See inside art. Water !!! Life !!!

  10. Comment ne pas penser à la chaise de Van Gogh !

  11. Hi Karin, thanks for the lovely comments about my sketch...I am still working on thunder!!! I think I have it conceptualized!! will post when I finish!
    so paesano! what generation?
    My family still uses the English pronunciation, ick so ugly! but I love knowing who I am where I came from and what my name means!! ciao bella!

  12. Drifting into the void of pure consciousness enables the self to find any answer it perceives you require at a given moment. Being deeply connected to the inner self enables you to open doorways to amazing, indescribable experiences. Thanks for sharing a path to inner truth.

  13. Oh no what a predicament! You've done the right thing though. Your chair is so very beautiful...I can't stop thinking about it. Interesting to see the apprentice chair complete.
    Your sea pages are so soothing, Karin.


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