Thursday, July 30

July 30

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the writing in the background reads...
warm blanket of air
bright eyed curious visitors
hungering desire bumps up against raw fear
skittery energy pauses
visitors approach and flee
motor roars disrupt
focus my ear on the churn of water
tumble bubble babble flow
harmonize entrain with man's working music
now a roar as activity persists
nuts and seeds win
cheek pouches grow
in lumpy bumpy bulges
bellies and burrows fill
meditating to motors
vibrations tickle my head
the roof of my mouth
a change in key and a jet joins in
as the cacophony grows
I continue to
as the mower moves further
and further
suddenly it's off

quiet seems so much more so
instinctively I take a long
deep breath and
tuning in to the irregular echo
of a hammer in the distance
as a weed whacker whirs
I move inward
alive with sounds I can


  1. At my last meditation class we talked about silence and how little of it we have in our lives. Trying to remember moments of real silence was a challenge ! That is the beauty of the hummmmmmm, though right ? If you focus and give yourself the space, you can make silence out of the noise !
    love the poetry that goes with this piece!
    Much love !

  2. Love it Karin. Are you finishing your old journal or have you started a new one.

    Love Renee xoxo

  3. Karin there is no way I would ever leave a book like that half finished either.

    Your journal is so fantastic.

    I went to Lynne's blog today and she has her journal out too, have you seen it. You will be crazy for it.

    Karin, my mind is a sieve, did you tell me how you are feeling on the new meds. I think that a million times a day but then I can't remember if you told me or not.

    Love Renee xoxo

  4. Words of noise yet hummmmmmmm keeps one focused on peace...Nice!

    PS: I too am wondering if the new meds are helping...Sure hope so!

  5. These pages are so effective Karin. Oh for silence in nature....birds and bees and streams and rustling leaves.
    Hoping (like the others) that the meds are working.

  6. I have been working on the peace within meditation and I love this piece you have done and you words just hum! wonderful as always! xxcat

  7. Hey Kim, it is pretty amazing how little silence there actually is. I have a lot of ear ringing, so I never have true silence and actually like noise, because it distracts my focus from my own ears! I like your phrase "make silence out of the noise" - thanks for that! xo

    Yes Renee, I'm continuing to work in the original journal! Seems like I just keep finding blank pages - I swear this book creates them for me!!
    As far as the med goes, I'm not really feeling it's benefits yet - I am still having ups and downs, and am watching an allergic reaction I seem to be developing, after the third injection.
    Thanks for everyone's care in wondering.

    Thanks Sonia, it helped me a lot, as I settled outside all happy and peaceful only to have the roar of machinery kick in a minute later! I had a flash of grrrrr, and then started to play with the sounds, and found myself moving right into the zone...

    Hi Robyn, thank you! Yes, sometimes I *wish* I lived away from it all, so those other sounds weren't so present, and nature over rode it all, but then I remember that means giving up other benefits I do enjoy - like a great library and easy grocery shopping!! So the lawn mower becomes a beast of another sort :)

    Thanks cat, I'm glad it resonated with you. To actually hum takes me right into a meditative place - like chanting a mantra of om, the toning and vibrations move me inward. It works for me :) xox

  8. oh god, the colors here... the image... the lips, the eyes...

    love this, karin...


  9. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I had to come back and check out your amazing work again, and also become a follower! I love the tutorials below!


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