Wednesday, July 29

July 29

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Dramatic weather has been frequent this summer -
flash flood warnings, high winds, hail,
thunder and lightening very very frightening
not really, frightening that is. I actually find myself very energized and jazzed
as the storm's elements grow...
those Queen lyrics were playing through my mind
off and on all day today though!

which followed with the thoughts of how the weather could be
perceived as threatening and drama filled,
which followed with thoughts of how it's all perception
so the drama is self made, as are most of the 'storms'
we have in our lives which is why the tornados are coming from a mouth and not the skies.

How do you draw thunder - anyone ever try?!


  1. Again a great post and your drawing is very good! I love it a lot! I think i've (tried)to draw storm and thunder, but i'm not quiet sure, it must have been a long time ago. I search my drawings. I guess i would (have) draw it quiet the same you did.

    Again: great drawing!

    Sweet greetz.....

  2. I love the corelation between the storms we create and the storms nature creates...both can be so devastating and yet, both pass.

    Sometimes, Karin, I think the inside of your head is just like the inside of my head!

  3. oh Karin, you just blow me away in a GOOD way of course! I love the imagery and the idea, I agree with you about drama. I have little time for it, I choose joy instead!
    Like you we have had the most violent storms this year, way worse than anything I remember even as a child, it is very strange...
    ok.. I will try to draw thunder!

  4. There have been many times in my life where I have loved storms and marveled at their incredible beauty. There have also been a few extremely poignant times where they have terrified me with their awesome powers of destruction...and yes, the same can be said for the storms I have created myself...thank God for the moments after they have passed, when we can celebrate or clean up after them...
    This piece captures it all, Karin, you did "thunder" perfectly !

  5. Karin - I love your drawings. They are really stunning. I've not tried to draw thunder. . . but it's an intriguing prospect to give it a try.

  6. Oh my God, I love this. It is amazing.

    Thanks about Domenic, I can't believe I have forgotten, my head is getting away from me in my old age.

    Love you.

    Renee xoxox

    p.s. this is fucking fantastic.

  7. i've never tried to draw thunder but no doubt my 'storminess' sometimes comes out in my art! Nice images.

  8. WOW, Karin ... I looked at this image after being awake for only a few minutes and not through my first cup of tea ... So my wee brain is still fuzzy from sleep ... I used to have recurring dreams of tornadoes so this piece really resonates -- funnels coming out of mouths! Definitely something to contemplate ... and amusing to my eye today -- In my neck o' the woods we've had mostly cloudy, rainy days all summer ... Today's actually sunny! No storms in the forecast for the first time in weeks!

    Love to you xoxo

  9. Fantastic pages. I think I drew a rock fall to illustrate a storm (school days!).... Huge boulders crashing and bouncing off a hillside.

  10. i really like the quiet power these images provoke. well done!

  11. thanks momo luna - and thanks for looking, I never really thought consciously about trying to depict sound with imagery, but realized that's what I wanted to do this day. I don't know that I actually did - I feel the wind, the wet, the stormy quality, but I'm not sure I actually *hear* the thunder!

    hee hee - that's what keeps me busy all night, dontcha know - I go head hopping Sonia!! picking brains and seeing how connected we all are :)

    So wise Cat! Joy over drama hands down - but it's amazing how often we humans can forget that there actually is a choice! pulled in by tornadic (is that a word? i think it should be!) winds before we even think. deep breathing helps! the storms do seem to be growing in intensity, as predicted by many a global warming expert...

    I agree Kim, they can be totally awesome in their destructive power. I don't take these storms lightly knowing that their power is ferocious, but it's a power I have no control over, so I find myself going into observer mode, rather than panic or stress. (I have a friend who calls me here when a storm is rolling in because it totally freaks her out in a panic way. Oddly, her panic turns on my inner calm) That might be very different if I had to go through the experience of losing my home or a loved one's life, and I am ever so grateful that I have not had that experience. I think it's the ozone and electric energy of the stormy weather that just permeates my system in a natural high kinda way!

    thank you so much Koe - I'd love to see what you come up with, if you do take on thunder as an inspiration!

    Thank you Renee :) well sheesh, with all you have had on your plate, I'm amazed at all you are keeping up with! I know you're doing well when the profanity starts to fly again!! i love you, K

    good point Kate - I definitely have stormy artwork happen, too!

    Good morning (well, not any more!) Jaliya. Wow recurring tornado dreams sounds intense. You work hard in dream time, don't you?! We're having a summery sunny day here that I've really been enjoying, with all my neighbor critter friends! Enjoy your sunshiney day, love, k

    Thank you Robyn - ahh, that is a good way to depict thunderous rumbles!!

    thank you Kelly :)

  12. I love the wind, and a good storm, and I am trying to move away from the drama and the negativity it fills my life with... easier said than done, but I think I like teh image of your tornadic wind blowing it all away from me!

  13. I love your drawing. They always are so wonderful..

  14. Vraiment original!
    Je comprends mal les textes anglais
    mais que j'aime vos dessins !
    Ils sont trs expressifs !


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