Tuesday, July 28

July 28

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I seem to be going through a book binding phase! I bound a couple more books recently, which I photographed today. One uses another piece of the fabric from Lynne, that I stamped,

which I'll use for drawing.
I filled it with a nice arches paper and made it about 6 inches by 6 inches square.

The other is filled with writing paper, and I made the covers from Tibetan prayer flags.
It's actually a b-day gift for a friend :)

Lastly, I had to give you the update to my
crazy little pepper plant. For those of you unfamiliar with this
story, it all started here,
and now it's giving me pepper number four I think?
and it's ready for picking, with a bunch of new flowers forming,
readying for a new crop!


  1. I really like your page. The sunflower is so hopeful. As for the books, they are beautiful...That's a lucky BDay friend.

    Now about the pepper, I just can't believe it! I have 12 pepper plants growing in the garden and if I get one pepper from them I will count myself lucky! That being said, it must almost hurt to remove it to eat it because it is so beautiful to look at!

    Have a great day,Karin!

  2. The gorgeous backyard love you have for your oasis shines through this wonderful piece, Karin !
    lOVE IT ! And those books ! So perfect.
    Hope your Wed. is full of yellow love, just like your pepper !

  3. I love it! When i see this, so inspiring, made me wanna do some bookbinding myself although i never did that and don't know how. But such an inspiring post. The books looks like little treasures. :-)

  4. wonderful stuff and thanks for sharing it

  5. The page is awesome Karin!
    I really love the bookbinding.I don't think I'd have the patience for it so I'll admire yours!

  6. wow! so much here!

    man, these books are *nice*! i love the covers... they're perfect...

    and i love the pages in your book. which seems to be my main comment here every time!!


  7. Karin, it looks like you're on a roll! I love all your work, and I especially love prayer flags (so colourful) - what a unique way to use them.

    How tasty are your peppers? They look delicious!

  8. your page is fantastic Karin as always you touch my heart and soul!

  9. I love the prayer flags, awesome!

  10. Hi Sonia - I know, isn't it the most amazing plant? My wonder pepper - it must be the happiest spot on the planet for a pepper plant, that sunny south facing window! I need to transplant the babies in the pot - it has three baby pepper plants from seeds from the first pepper it grew and I ate! Thank you for the comments on the pages and books, too!

    Hi Kim, hee - I couldn't sit out there yesterday because it was too dang hot and mosquitoey, so I did the next best thing - looked out the window at the critters and then brought them in with me into my journal! I do love 'em!

    Hi Momo Luna, thank you - I'm sure you could make a book yourself, too. It's really not as hard as it might seem - the tutorial a few posts down explains the binding on these books shown, and totally demystifies the process!

    Thanks Kate, and you're welcome :)

    Hey Manon, it's funny what we have patience for and what we might not, that others can do peacefully! Mosaics seem like they'd take a lot of patience to me and way time consuming (I tried once!), where as book binding feels nearly like instant gratification to me! What I love about it is, a pile of paper = a book in a couple hours or less - but the best thing is we each get to do what makes us sing :)

    thank you Lynne, i'm loving the covers, too!! my brain seems to be in production mode - if my hands wouldn't mind, I have many other covers in my brain that want out!!

    Hi Savasti, thanks. Oh, the pepper have been delicious - crispy, sweet, juicy, sun warmed yumminess!! So far only a small part of one has actually made it all the way to a salad - the others got eaten and savored just as is. This one is the biggest so far, and will be incorporated into dinner tomorrow. I still didn't pick it :)

    thank you Cat, that's one of the best things you could let me know.

    Thank you Deb!

  11. Your books are so beautiful, so exceptional. I envy your ability.


  12. Karin your friend is going to go crazy. Fantastic.

    Love Renee xoox

  13. Lucky, lucky friend! Your books are so special. Karin you obviously have green fingers.....healthy looking pepper!

  14. Dearest Karin,

    Thank you so much for your sweet condolences and warm wishes. Your generosity of spirit and love meant so much to me, and I am grateful. Thank you for your friendship.

    Coming here, I am awed by your art. Incredible, expressive pieces! And your bookbinding is spectacular. They are works of art, themselves.



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