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May 22

One of the things I've been doing this week is playing with Qigong, which way over simply put, is exercising the accumulation of energy. I don't have any formal training in it as a practice. My first exposure was years ago when I was taking classes in feng shui for fun - my teacher started each session with qigung exercises. That ended up being my favorite part of the classes! I do not have formal training in it, only untraditional and informal classes here and there, which were fun - like chi dancing, which was about playing with energy to get in touch with our body's energy in a fun way.

The way I've been working with it this week has been as a warm up to my meditation, prior to sitting. I start in a standing position and rub my hands together lightly a little, just to get the blood flowing, and hold them about six inches apart, and begin to notice the blood coursing through my hands. I notice my pulse, and I become aware of a pressure growing between my hands. Just bringing my attention to my hands now has them tingling!

Slowly, I move my hands in a pulsing movement back and forth towards each other - it's a very small movement - maybe a centimeter, and I feel the pressure of energy that's building up between my hands - as if there is a ball between them.  I play with how far apart my hands can be moved before that sensation weakens, and I begin to pulse back together - back and forth building the energy.  Almost immediately I notice there is an equal amount of pressure on the outside of my hands pushing in on the back of them...
Kind of like looking at these sorts of opticial illusions - focusing on one face, then another - is there only one, or are there two faces?!  I  switch back and forth, feeling the pressure first on the inside, then the outside of my hands, noticing one as stronger one moment, then the other the next.
I'm really glad I remembered how much I enjoy this small exercise in presence, and have been giving myself the time and space to do it.  Are there similar things you know you enjoy, and benefit from greatly when you do them, but still they have some how slipped from your daily life?  Might they be worth bringing back and trying out again in a new way?


  1. Karin the picture is peaceful and beautiful.

    The picture reminds me of something from the book 'The Alchemist'.

    By the way couldn't you sleep last night. You were up so late.

    This is a beautiful post.

    Love Renee xoxoo

  2. Love the new pages - do they 'illustrate' Qigong? I've heard of it, but don't know much, will have to check it out. I can only see one face in the optical illusions... maybe I didn't get enough sleep?!

  3. This is a wonderful exercise, Karin. My mom does a lot of energy work on me - attunement is what her practice is called - she uses her hands hovering above my body, in my energy field and we pass energy back and forth to encourage healing. It has been a miracle for me many times in my life when I was in pain. So wonderful that you have found a technqiue that lets you do this for yourself.

    Th art work is so beautiful...It reminds me so of my mother's hands...
    Peace and loving energy to you...
    Love Kim

  4. The picture is really stunning and expressive. I am so interested in the energy play I would love to try that.
    Since I was very young I would float in a tube of warm water, close my eyes and visualise. It always made me feel at peace. In my adult life I discovered it was something that was taught and that places for flaotation started to appear :-)

  5. Gorgeous picture. And whether its Qigong or Feng Shui - its all energy.

    There are many different styles of Feng Shui creating some confusion as to what's real. Consequently, I wrote a book titled The Feng Shui Way. I draw this to your attention because it is unique in that it explains the basic premise (without the nonsense) behind each method and demystifies Feng Shui. More information is available at

    If you have any questions I am most willing to offer my views on this topic.

  6. These pages are filled with a peaceful energy. I feel soothed looking at them. So many practices/exercise have slipped from my life that I know were beneficial. Time to fit them back into my life again.

  7. Thanks Renee,
    Yeah, I was up past 4 - it was one of those nights...

    HI Patti, it was my attempt at illustrating my experiencing of an aspect of qigong, or chi gung, however one may spell it! It's hard to depict something that is more of a sensation than visible, for the most part. Eventually I engage my whole body into the movement - but I always start with my hands, where the energy is easiest to sense and I'm most sensitive to it. The beauty for me is being able to use it free form - allowing the energy to guide how I move - it carries me, my brain rests while movement happens without thought.

    HI Kim, yes, receiving energy attunements from someone is wonderful, and this is a way to keep those adjustments lasting - you might like to try it for yourself! it's fun, too!

    Hi Gypsy - that's fascinating, that you visualized yourself in that environment - yes there are "sensory deprivation"t anks that create that quiet peaceful state you describe knowing intuitively as healing for yourself. I can't remember where they are, but I've read of them as well, and have thought they sound seductively appealing. Heck, I even enjoy MRI's, so, enclose me in a tube and I feel right at home! But back to energy play - I'm sure you could find a qigung class or dvd to try, but even starting with playing as I describe above gives you a taste - I am sure you'd sense it as you bring your attention to your hands, if you haven't done so already.

    Hi Juliana, right you are - which is probably why he started our classes with the qigung exercises to make just that point! it's all about energy, and moving with it rather than trying to force or block it, Thanks for making that point :) My primary reason for taking the class was as a new resident in Tucson I wanted to meet people that had shared interests, so I was taking just about every class that mildly interested me! I didn't end up having to change anything in our home after the consultation, much to the surprise of my teacher - I've lost track of his books, lending them or I'd tell you his name, and my memory stinks... that was some 14 years ago now. Thanks for sharing your link and info!

    Thanks Robyn, that's how I was feeling, pretty peaceful :) Like you, I've let quite a few positive practices, that there is no reason not to do, slip away, but when on a whim I do them I realize how much they add to my day - energizing me and adding quality to the day...

  8. The way you value simplicity invites visitors to your site to do the same. Peaceful martial arts rejuvenate the body and renew soul energy. You are a gifted artist with a wealth of energy wisdom to offer. Thanks for sharing this perspective.

  9. Wonderful exercise. I too have practiced it several times. loved the feeling it brings. I am too in lot of energy play. Added your site on my blog hope you don't mind it.

  10. Wow .. simple and wonderful exercise.. I think there's something similar with this exercise near here (Bali - Indonesia).. btw the picture was so excellent.. nice !!

  11. Wow, this site is incredibly inspirational. Thankyou for sharing your thoughts so eloquently, and your artwork so openly.


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