Friday, May 22

May 21

I've had a few days that feel like the unfolding of life times are happening all at once - the shedding of skins, peeling away layers, stripping away the unnecessary and getting down to the nitty gritty of the essential.  It hasn't been painless, but it has been rich.

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transmutation |ˌtransmyoōˈtā sh ən; ˌtranz-|nounthe action of changing or the state of being changed into another form :• the supposed alchemical process of changing base metals into gold.


  1. Snakes have such an interesting role in many mythologies around the world. And in yogic philosophy, Kundalini is a serpent, cooiled at the base of our spine, arising as we undergo awakenings.

    Powerful stuff, Karin.

  2. Very cool! I love the colors that you've chosen for this piece!

  3. This is an amazing image, Karin and so very, very beautifully portrayed. Keep reahing towards that light. Sometimes that is all we can do as the mutations take place, right ?
    Lots of love to you !

  4. Wow, I love this. If changing equals growing, I like to think I 'transmute' regularly; I see it as evolving, something I like to do constantly. The important thing for me is that the transmutation is to a higher self. And, you have really captured that feeling in your beautiful art.

  5. Wow this is an awesome image and so beautifully interpreted. Bravo.

  6. of your best, in my very humble the whole "shedding off skin" concept...need to do more of it, myself...

  7. oh lord have mercy... this is stunning, karin. i *feel* the shedding when i look at it... and of course the colors are gorgeous...

    transmutation might be my favorite word... okay, my favorite multi-syllabic word. peace, love, and joy are surely my favorites. : )


  8. Okay now I am a little freaked out and certainly not by the picture which I think is incredible.

    I am freaked out because in the post above I just refered to 'The Alchemist' and then what do I read hear; transforming base metal into gold.

    Okay, we are seriously on a different plane and connected absolutely.

    That unnervered me a bit.

    Again beautiful Karin.

    Love Renee xoxo

  9. Karin the colours in these two paintings are unreal.

    I know I don't even know why I'm surprised. It is like the universe is saying you know that you are deep together there are signs everywhere.

    I'm sorry about the head. I'm sorry about all the pain for you.

    Love Renee oxoxo

  10. Your posts so often offer hope, Karin. Out of pain, discomfort,darkness...hibernation, comes knowledge, wisdom and light.
    Amazing image! The hands are always so expressive.

  11. Such an interesting concept. I love how you have captured it on the page. The colors are stunnING!

  12. While recently hiking in the wilderness, I came across more snakes than anything else. The symbolism is profound. The way your color schemes mesh together reminds me of divine magic everywhere.

  13. this is awesome!

    for me, the colors created a surreal effect.


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