Wednesday, March 4

March 4

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  1. may i be the first to say, 'yes you do', and yes this page does. : ) xo

  2. I've just found yr blog. I love yr work, vibrant, a bit scary ( this is good) and very honest.

  3. You do and I love basking in your glow. Love the background red here rich.

    Happy Thursday !

  4. Thank you Lynne :)

    Welcome Whitney-Anne! I'm glad to meet you, and appreciate your words.

    Hey Kim, thanks! Happy thurs ❤

  5. I enjoyed -- and learned from -- watching your process. (The click in the right-hand column.) Thanks.

    Today's entry will stay with me. I love its message, and also your creativity.

  6. love your creativity! I love all kinds of creative artist. check out this new one I found

  7. Wow. Wild art journal/altered book.

    Nice stuff.

    I don't really have much to say because it's so rich it would need to be unpacked a lot more than I have time for.

  8. stunning. loving your honest and powerful journal work. thanks for sharing.

  9. That's for sure! Karin this is beautiful. The red is so oriental and of course the writing is mysterious and amazing. Love it!!

  10. A potent and beautiful image. Your journal pages are like travelling through a dream that will not be forgotten. Nor should it be, because it a journey to be treasured, shared and revisited.

  11. I glow as I look at your journal page here. The eye is exquisite and I love the background hieroglyphics. Is that some kind of intuitive writing? Anyway, your colors are passionate and I always come away from here feeling changed. Hope you come visit my blog, I've posted some new things.

  12. Welcome, and thank you for taking time to watch my process video Barb! I hope you'll be back :)

    Thanks Rowena -I'm glad you took time to let me know you were here!

    I appreciate your visit Vivan, you are welcome.

    Hi Robyn, thank you!

    Thank you so much Tessa.

    Hi Bev, yes, the writing is a kind of intuitive automatic writing process. I did a post about it here, if you'd like to read more about it. I'll be stopping by!

  13. Yes you do glow.

    You glow out through all of your paintings. You glow out to all of us to remind us that life is here.

    Love Renee


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