Friday, March 6


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  1. wow, such.... range this week!! and each so perfect in its own unique way.
    hope you are well today my friend.

  2. such deep moving colors and soulful images - I loved your video of how you work - seeing your studio and the fountain out back that sings to you all day! how very lovely.
    I will come back often to see your inspiring pages - thanks so much for sharing them.

  3. As Patti amazing range in one week. Layers over layers of thoughts and memories....intrigue me. So much food for thought....creating more layers over layers.

  4. I love the skin colors and the way the hair flows over to the left. She seems so lost in thought and now I am lost in thought tantalized by what your images provoke in me. Hauntingly beautiful as always!

  5. Hi Patti, Yeah - I've kind of been all over the place this past week! and it hasn't been until quite late each day that images are arriving. Not sure what's going on - seasonal changes?!

    Thank you Arty Em (I love that name!) I appreciate your taking time to watch my video and getting to know me and my work. Welcome! I'm going to explore your work more - especially your shamanism work!

    Hi Robyn, maybe that's what's going one - all the layers are speaking up with the same volume this week. Usually one area seems to have my focus over another - this week I don't have a real focus because I want to look express everything, and at moments nothing, because it gets a bit overwhelming (hands over ears!) I've been trying to find focus, but I'm realizing, I need to just let go and allow the many layers do their thing, and just follow.

    Thank you Bev, I think you're right - a bit lost in thought, imagery, memories, dreams...

  6. To me, your art is what they created the saying 'A picture paints a thousand words' is meant for.

    Beautiful and strong, a reminder of sorrow and now strength.

    Love it Karin.


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