Wednesday, March 4

March 3

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I just want to assure you, nothing horrific is going on.  
Sometimes I just like to explore the hideous, and give things 
like free floating anxiety extreme faces.  
If I imagine the most horrible - 
take my fears to the extreme, they become absurd. 
Absurd I can easily shake off, laugh at, make fun of, and release.  
It's all good!


  1. LOVE this karin!! the colors, the images, the words -- everything! perfect! xo

  2. This is great! Exactly what journals should be about - exploring. thanks for sharing your bravery x

  3. Hey Beautiful Karin,
    Scary/Beautiful piece. But I so get this ! I think I need to do this more. Like imagining your audience in their underwear when you have a fear of public speaking, right ? Making your fears absurd...most of them really are, aren't they ? Especially the "free floating anxiety" kind. I love this strategy.
    Happy Hump Day !
    Love Kim

  4. Thank you ms lynne!

    I totally agree Lumilyon - journals are for exploring it all; the good, the bad, the ugly, and the absurd ;^) you are so welcome, and thank you, too.

    Hey there, Kim, yes! Strip those fears down to their skivvies! I find imagining my worst case scenario through to a final outcome is always better than wandering around worrying in that ambiguous place of anxiety. If I follow it through I take out the mystery of what if? and bring myself back to what IS! A much better place to be!!
    xox K

  5. You know, in Tibetan culture, where they use images like this... they might look scary but the aim isn't to conjure up demons.

    They are generally compassionate beings, who's role is to help strip away delusion from our consciousness. And so on.

    We can't be 'whole' as human beings without embracing both the light and dark elements of our nature.

    I really like this one!! :)

  6. Thanks Svasti - I like that! And I agree - embracing both the light and dark is where wholeness lies...

  7. You certainly embrace both the light and the dark, courageous one. Intriguing pages! I love the eyes at the top.

  8. Hi Karin,
    Haven't checked in to see what you're up to in awhile but glad I did. Love your expressive "demons" you depicted. Those are the wildest eyes at the top of the pages. It is so therapeutic to let out everything we keep so hidden inside. I find your images quite fascinating. Hope you continue to explore who are you. Your work is so intriguing to me and gives me the courage to share who I am in all ways.

  9. Yes darling, I do the same thing.

    I want you to know that when you envision these bad guys, remember that I am holding on to your hand.

    Love Renee


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