Saturday, February 5

fizzle... fizzle...

I started off 2011 feeling pretty peppy, and my enthusiasm led me to an online class called Blast Off! a class for artists from Art Biz Coach Alyson B StanfieldThe class is a lesson packed, inspiring guide for setting forth a concrete plan for your professional artist self.  Through gratitude, commitment, vision, organization, planning and a number of very concrete valuable assignments artists are guided to create better relationships with money, and learn to create a Plan for strengthening themselves as the professionals they truly are, freeing themselves for more time in the studio to create.  After all, that's what we all want, isn't it?

The class began January 5th, and our first assignment was to begin a gratitude journal.  Great start - check.  Assignment two, create a vision board - figure out what your dream life is - picture it.  Can you?!  Write it down and then collage it.

Okay, now my juices are flowing, bubbling, giggling and glad, and I write and write and begin to cut and collect.  The next day my hands are barely able to open and shut, so I know I need to take a break, but we get a new assignment that looks like a lot of fun - creating affirmation cards for ourselves.  I can at least write some affirmations down... but not really - just holding the pen is difficult, and I find myself feeling defeated when I try to do my gratitude journal daily.  I find myself feeling ungrateful and whiny, to be honest.

Pain colors everything.

I know many of you out there dealing with chronic pain and conditions, and I bow to your strength and endurance, grace and positive attitudes, because you inspire me and help to keep me moving along!  But here I hit a patch that threw me off course for a bit.  The domino effect was set off - pain, the weather, stressors from the construction zone and a few other factors, and I felt my body slipping away.  I needed rest, and all I could do was sleep...

and the class moved on without me.  I downloaded each day's assignment, and read them or listened in iTunes, I wrote my daily gratitude, but mostly I ended up in bed!  It's often hard to remember there is still a whole lot of recovery going on inside of me, as different toxins and drugs work their way out, and hormones do their whacky dance through my system, and I try to cleanse and wait it all out!!
But little by little, every day, I'd drag out my vision board, and spread it out on my bed (my make shift studio for the time being!) and I'd dream...

and it nearly took a month, but I finished it yesterday, so I may just Blast Off yet!!

the healing body
of my flesh, energy, and spirit

studio bound!!!

Healed hands...

taking chances!!
my wish list!!

 So 2011, off we go!!
now on to those affirmation cards...


  1. OMG! Karin! You are my heroine. I should learn from your determination and perseverance, your faith. I am in awe. This is the most beautiful and meaningful collage I have yet seen and to tell you something, I was just perusing through Marcel Duchamp's collages. They can't muster up to yours. I mean it. This is really breathtaking. Take care my dearest Karin. I am watching and praying. Love to you dearest! Tsup!

  2. Holy Cow! thats great! You are just like a little kid, tho - do it full blast! No wonder your hands hurt, but isnt it nice to know you can use them and that they,too, will improve with time!congratulations on taking another large step forward! hugs, lyle

  3. This is just plain jaw-dropping incredible!!!
    Don't be hard on yourself; pain is a part of who we are and from it we learn many lessons. Your poor body is going through the equivalent of Nuclear Winter right now, as opposed to just trying to heal and detox. You've got it all at once.
    And you still made art.
    So tell cool is that??? ;-)
    You totally give yourself a little break, and enjoy that exquisite piece of work!


  4. you are one amazing, inspiring, courageous, seriously talented woman! this has got to be, without a doubt, the mother of all vision boards! BRAVO!!!

  5. i am blown away.

    blown away.

    the final 'reveal' took my breath away.

    so much more to say.

    good going girl ♥

  6. Everything you touch is amazing -- and I wish you good heath, too! LOVE your piece that you're working on, it's so cool!


  7. I am missing you my friend. This is amazing..You are so full of energy in your soul..It has to heal your body..Healing thoughts.
    I wonder what stage your studio is in?:)

  8. So glad you managed to finish it even in such pain and now its done another part to be finished and then another until I hope the pain has gone and you are back to yourself. Just remember you have to take things slowly, slower than you would like but hang in there.
    Thinking of you.
    Forgot the most important thing, it looks fantastic!

  9. slow and steady wins the race.

    Your work is beautiful.

  10. Oh Karin, this is phenomenal achievement...I am so proud of you, and also relieved that you did indeed trust your intuition and listen to your body and rest...healing is a process, just like art making...small steps, small gentle steps and compassion, for yourself, lioness friend you are filled with courage...lions are also patient, but is difficult to cultivate, but you is all in the sacred listening that you are engaged in...patience is really truly about listening...just like making art, go figure!

  11. Dear Ces, thank you so much - those are mighty high compliments! I'll accept them, as that is part of me new me, recognizing my talents more fully :) love, Karin

    Hi Lyle, you are so right - as a kid I went gang busters! You should see how much I couldn't fit onto this - well there are the affirmation cards :) But I gathered over a month, and some are from old collecting - I was gentle and kind to my most precious hands! xox K

    Hey Anne, I've gotten over getting down on myself - that was after week one of the class, but I've come to a place of peace with how I'll be managing it all now! Now I am with you - I totally rock!!! XOXOX :) K

    Thank you so much Stacy. I got thinking that I may want to make another one in 6 months, since Focus is one of the words on this one - perhaps I'll want to refine it, and create one that shows more "focus"!! But this is fun, isn't it?! XoXoXoX K

    Hi kj, I thank you my dear!! ♥O♥O K

    Thanks Liz!! xoxox K

    Likewise Katelen, I am longing for my full return to artful blogging and connecting on a regular basis. Soon... The studio is still several weeks away from completion. I'll do an update in the next few days! xoxox Karin

    Hi Penny, yes, I'm grateful to have it finished as well - and I am grateful for the slow and steady process that felt painful and emotional along the way, but taught me plenty - as it was meant to. I got to really sit with and in my dream - no glossing over it, I spent a full month being with my wish list for life - how luck is that?!?
    xoxox Karin

    Yes indeed, thank you Zom ♥ K

  12. You speak of the people that inspire you. YOU INSPIRE ME!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  13. it's beautiful:) LOVE the chakras from r. shrestha's book! will have to come visit many times to take it all in...xoj

  14. My hat is off to you! Amazing! Your collage offerings are creative and inspiring and compelling for us all!

    "Well Being Head to Toe"; defining what we want and what motivates us; chances for change; chances to create the life we want;...and "be" our "true" self.

    I'll be reading this again.

    Good job! Take care of you! Your body is speaking out now...loudly!...and you are listening.

    I do not know the future, but I believe healing is possible. This is where I focus my belief on your behalf!



  15. Wow! Karin that is beautiful. I love the chakras.
    and the hands Wonderful :-)

    time is nothing to the universe, it gives you all

  16. Incredible! Oh goodness, Karin. What an energizing, personally significant, and empowering collage. It is overwhelming with strength and determination and wonderful, healing vibes. Hooray to you for completing it! Wowwwww!!!

  17. Hey K
    You go darlin' girl...absolutely fabulous. I know Alyson will so love to see the inspiration that you are we all.

    WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. OH!




    i'm back again. BLOWN blown away!!!

    what is the size of this kickass masterpiece, karin?

    it belongs in a gallery or a storefront window or the entrance to a church or maybe even to a whole city.

    together strong for sure.


  19. Karin I have been sending you warm hugs and focus on chronicling your journey...this is an outstanding work of ART. Peace be with you, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  20. Your work is inspiring and all of the comments echo what tremendous work you've done and shared with us. You are wonderful!

  21. Go Karin!! The over all look here is so busy, so packed, so FULL! Swings and roundabouts darling, just swings and roundabouts but things are going to even out I know it.

  22. Not one bit of Fizzling on that collage! I do wonder- did you sleep among all the cut up pieces of paper? If so this is one big bed! AND I would have loved a photo of you amidst all those colorful bits. xo

  23. Wow, what fantastically wonderful work- you should be so proud of yourself! So what if you didn't finish everything? Think of what an enormous leap this is- you're back in the creative swing! Geez, girl, what did you expect for the first time? Take it a bit slower; you'll get there in no time! xoxo

  24. Your words have touched me Erik, thank you.

    heh heh - I knew you'd recognize him Jennifer - I have to say, there was a large sense of satisfaction cutting the precious book apart!! xox K

    You got it Sandi - yes, yes and more yes to all you've highlighted, and I too believe healing is possible, and happening in this moment! xoxo Karin

    Hi Paige, indeed - what the heck is time to the universe?! nadda!! thank you :) xox

    Thank you Bella!! Completing was a happy WOW!!

    Thanks D, I passed the link on to her, and she in turn tweeted it - tweet tweet :) xox

    Ha! You crack me up KJ!! It is poster sized - I used a full sheet of foam core board, so whatever that typical poster board size is... plus, of course, I had to break through the barrier and add the hands outside the edge :) xoxoxo k

    Thank you Mary Helen ❤ and thank you, too Judy - likewise to your wonderfulness!

    Ha! I know Whitney Anne, it does kind of go all over, but it was an assignment to dream BIG, without limits! I tried to keep a little order by making some lists, and I did add focus as one of my goals, so maybe in my next vision board you'll see a quieter more peaceful theme, with a checked of check list :)

    True Teri, the collage itself has no fizzle! and by the end, neither did my energy! The fuse to my Blasting Off just took a bit of time to catch for take off :) xox

    Thanks Sharmon - yes, I came to the same conclusion. Slow and steady - it'll all get done in good time, what ever that may be!! xox

    Love you TOO, Laura ❤ K

  25. nice blog ,,this is my first time i visit your site...hope i'll learn much about information on your site..regards

  26. welcome, and thank you for coming by Redy! I hope you'll come back and enjoy your visits here :) be well

  27. hello - came across your blog via seth apter's - totally enjoyed my visit here.
    will be back soon.

  28. Absolutely magnificent Karin!!! I take my hat off to you my friend. You just keep on creating beauty no matter what.

  29. yes karin, absolutely magnificent, not just your vision board, but You! If it takes longer, then it takes longer. You are on your own timeline, no one else's!
    I've been meaning to comment here since your post...but sometimes it takes a while for me to find the time to be able to do so. But I know you won't hold it against me, so don't hold it against yourself when you aren't able to Do. Sometimes I think that things are still precolating in our heads and hearts even when our hands and bodies can't physically be doing the creating.
    thinking of you!

  30. Your creative prowess is sharpening and the energy you feel pulsating through you is clearly accelerating. The vibration I sense through your designs is much stronger. Love and hugs to you throughout this exhilarating journey!

  31. Quite an awesome accomplishment! -J

  32. Hi Karin, I'm just taking my first meander back through blogland after a long absence and its wonderful to see your wonderful creations and wishes for this year. May your hopes and dreams all come true for you. Pen x

  33. karin, i just found your blog & have quickly clicked the follower button! i love all the words you've cut out & created into SOMETHING here... something that creates something new & powerful & life-giving/it's own heartbeat.

  34. karin, i just found your blog & have quickly clicked the follower button! i love all the words you've cut out & created into SOMETHING here... something that creates something new & powerful & life-giving/it's own heartbeat.

  35. Karin, you are an amazing and inspiring soul. How blessed we all are to be able to see your creations and read your words.
    I am so happy for you that you could complete what you set out to do!
    Take care and as always sending healing prayers and love your way.

  36. these are amazing! I love the line, and hormones do their whacky dance through my system--makes me think of the happy dance, but with lots of hormones, running inside!

    and GO BEYOND i love that.
    thank you.

  37. Wow wow wow! This is so beautiful Karin, the collage is awesome. And very inspiring, you are very, very inspiring. Thank you for that dear one. And to read this, to see this collage was the right time, i need this inspiration at this time....

    Hugs and kisses!


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