Wednesday, January 19

Behind the walls...

Today a new shift in construction is underway up in my studio.
The laying of the radiant flooring has begun at long last.
I have to admit, part of my absence here is due to simply feeling
worn out by having disorder surrounding me, in every room of my home,
for over six months now - not to mention the months preceding
that were all focused on chemo and radiation.
There hasn't been a window of opportunity for me to simply be
in my home feeling the triumph of having overcome a huge challenge,
and to then restore.  Instead I've been in a holding pattern that 
I am doing my best with.

Doing my best often means closing my eyes to the chaos surrounding me - literally.  I nap, even through hammering and drilling and sawing and stomping!
I know there will come a time that I will be ecstatic with my new studio,
I'm just feeling really tired now.
Naps are a good thing!

Studio Intention Charm
in a tin
My hands have not been at their best either,
so I haven't been able to paint or draw,
but I created this little Intention Charm,
to store behind the walls of my studio. 

It's filled with words and images that inspire me,
and will set the tone I hope for in my studio,
and to share with others there.

open tin,
bottom and top


  1. Absolutely wonderful!
    I know when we were restoring a Victorian, the mess about drove me off the deep end and I was physically okay (mentally was always questionable) so I can only image what it's like for you...
    But the cool thing of doing something like the tin is that you have left a mark; the same as the men who had plastered my old house had signed and dated the walls, and the paperers too.
    A bit of your spirit will always be there!


  2. Love your idea of gathering inspirations items you love, tucking them away in a little tin blessings box, to live behind a wall!

    Daily you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Blessing. May all things be set right in your life, soon. May peace and clarity fill your spirit and body and every room in your home, and of course, the studio.

  3. its just grand to hear your voice! and what a good omen for your new studio to put the" intentions box "in the wall! we found a spoon buried in our farmhouse foundations! which led to my 10 yr old son to think he was an archeologist. we had to make foundations out of bounds! keep on ! you are getting there!

  4. Enjoy the napping, it's highly under rated and much needed!! Love the inspiration box, and the fact that you find new ways to create always. So glad you're better and good luck with the studio!

  5. ah to know that 21 tarot the world is going in your case, karin. i know that card well and whenever it appears i know everything is going to be soulfully alright.

    jeez louise about the construction! i'm surprised you haven't said 'pause! we're going to pause now!' certainly the reward for your patience and exhaustion will be wonderful. but like anne i know what that banging sounds like nonstop, and you are a saint. )

    i loved hearing from you karin. i've been up to and under too many things, but you are not far from my mind or my weather. love always,

  6. Love your intention box. You've had such a long road but things are coming together. : ))
    Take a long nap! Your new studio will be perfect and those radiant floors....ya.....lucky girl!! xoxo

  7. What a great box Karin, full of happy and inspiring things. Everything will be coming up roses Karin. I think of you. Take care.

  8. I hope your artist soul finds its cozy home soon - what a beautiful surround your are building.
    Loving hugs, Beautiful Karin !

  9. Jewels from a jewel of a human being who makes strong tiny art pieces. Naps are my friend dear one. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary helen Fernandez Stewart

  10. love your idear, hope you will be abble to draw soon

  11. wonderful tin and warm floors and healing

  12. Karin, I love this!!! Someday, when we really do make that downstairs bedroom (ahemm) this is what I will do too...What a wonderful idea!

  13. These amazing affirmations will no doubt fill your space and emanate the uplifing, loving, healing and hope-filled vibes you've tucked into the box. You've inspired me--I love this idea for patients here in the hospital as well!!

    Love and blessings to you...

  14. I really love your charm idea :)

    I took a mojo bag with me at the hospital. just 3 thing from people I love. One on them , a piece of paper read " as long as a man's inner nature remains stronger and richer than anything offered by external fortune, as long as he remains inwardly superior to fate, fortune won't desert him" Its for Yijing.

    Reading what you have put in that little box. Just smiling and wishing you to have a great time in you creativity's castle :)

  15. I read a monk who loved naps. He thought they were a form of focused prayer and meditation. Immediately i loved him.

    Naps dreams happy dances all the chaos will pass

  16. It's all going to be so very worth it when the work is complete. Hey, that last sentence could be about your health recovery or your rennovations!

    And I think burying intention boxes in the walls is a wonderful idea.

    Hope you are feeling stronger every day xxx

  17. All your patience will be rewarded when your studio is complete!

  18. Your Charm is magic! I love this idea! It will be the heart and soul of your new studio, and your spirit will be infused within the walls. The very thought fills my heart. Close your eyes and dream through all the ruckus, and when you wake up, you will find yourself living in your dream.


  19. how exciting to be giving birth to a new studio space, naps are necessary! be well dear one... xo

  20. This is a great idea, Karin- intention is a very powerful thing. I also think naps are a great idea- whoever invented them is my hero!- so nap way and store up all that art-making energy!

  21. love, love, love the tin - it's fabulous and yes, a great resource to soak in when you're feeling that the tunnel is far too long!
    the creativity you manage with such limited use of your hands is more than many could accomplish in a lifetime, my sweet friend. oh, my sewing machine has a split personality:)

  22. Your inner studio is aligned with the unconditional love energy you are. The external world is simply lining up with what you know. You are in the process of expressing and sharing this love energy in new and uplifting ways for yourself and others.


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