Tuesday, January 4

takin' shape

I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything or shared an update on my studio, so below are some pictures of the progress!!  I think it'll probably be another 8 weeks.  We still have heat, flooring, built ins, bath fixtures, and a few other finishing details to go, but walls are up and lights are in - just look at all the lights!! They are LED and when our electrician had them all on he took out his meter and found we were using the equivalent of two 100 watt bulbs!  (Not all bulbs are in yet, but wow!)

eco-friendly soy based
insulation spray foam

light fixtures still in boxes,
waiting for installation!

I am feeling better and better with each passing day.  Still have to watch my energy, as I forget I'm still recovering from this past year's adventure - and my hands are still not up to art making condition, but give them the time it takes to finish a studio?!? then we'll be talking!  Until then...

Wallboard delivery!!  The only way to get it up to the 3rd story was to feed it through one of the studio windows, because our stairwells are too narrow, and corners too sharp a turn.  All furniture will have to be built up there, and left!!

Our electrician Eustice and his assistant are putting in the last light!!

Before wallboard or lights
Curt & Robert (he's peeking through the A/C closet wall, to the left)
are installing the wallboard.  Only half of the lights are exposed here -
they'll be cutting out holes to expose the rest!

I think it's too confusing at this point to explain what each space is, but I'll try a little.  Eventually I'll take you on a video tour, and it will all make sense.
This is the main center space, facing the doorway to the "messy" room where sanding, dusty, paper making, felting, wax, etc can happen - there's ventilation and a big slop sink.  Standing here, your back is to the view in the photos above, of Robert and Curt, and the windows.

The 'messy' room

back there opens up to the library/sitting area and off to the right is the bathroom.

I am very happy moving into this new year, which is filled with potential.  I am grateful to have you all here with me on this amazing journey and I look forward to sharing a great deal more of it with you! I have big dreams for this space and you are part of them.  Blessings of great joy, wonder, creative explorations and well being to you all!
Happy New Year!


  1. This all looks wonderful Karin, and very exciting. So glad to hear you are feeling better with each passing day. Long may it continue. happy New year xxJ

  2. How exciting! Glad you are beginning to feel better Karin . . . 2011 is going to be a great one, you wait and see!

  3. Glad to see your post Karin~~and that you are beginning to feel better.
    The studio is going to TOTALLY ROCK! What a wonderful space to create in! Make sure you have some room for a comfy chair---that is the one thing I do NOT have in mine and I now have too much junk for one.
    Hope you continue to feel better and better!


  4. Wow, how exciting for you! A beautiful new studio work space for a great new year! So glad we were able to share more this past year- and hopefully, we will be able to meet later this year! Here's to a wonderful, HEALTHY, energetic and creative 2011 with positive and optimistic thoughts! hugs xo

  5. Very exciting Karin. Happy New Year! I hope this year brings you health. I bet you are so looking forward to the completion and getting in there and getting your hands full of paint. Tee Hee. Thx for sharing the progress of your studio and also for letting us know you are feeling better. Take care.

  6. Wow, it's REALLY starting to take shape now! Can't wait to see the finished project. And happy new year, Karin! xx

  7. I'm very happy that you are feeling better.

    Love how the studio is coming. I can smell the sheetrock dust and new paint from here.

    Yea! for messy rooms

  8. You must be so exited!

  9. Happy and healthy new year to you too!
    The work on the studio looks impressive! In 2 months time I will also get my own studio (Smile)

  10. oh this is just wonderful! your studio coming into fruition and your health moving into wellbeing all at the same time!!
    a wonderful read... choosing easy world by hamrick... check it out love... muah!

  11. Thank you Jasmine! yes, it is getting exciting :) happy New Year to you, too!

    Hey Whitney-Anne, I agree 2011 is going to be a grand year!! xoxo

    Hi Anne, thanks for the tip - I think I'm going to have to make it nice big comfy piles of pillows!! The stairwells and doorways are so narrow in our house we can't get things like arm chairs up there. We'll figure it out though - comfort is important!! xox

    Hi Jill, thank you - and yes, we will definitely get some face to face time this year! I hope you can come visit and play in the studio some time!! Wishing you continued wellness and a wonderful joy filled new year, too!! xox

    Greetings Gloria!! Happy new year :) Yes, I really am! I long to inaugurate the space by doing something LARGE with lots of color!!

    Hey svasti - yes!!! it has been 6 months, so I guess it ought to be taking shape by now! best to you in the new year my friend, xox

    Thank you Paige, feel the sheet rock dust tickling your nose?! I'm actually looking forward to the smell of paint - as that will be the very last step in the process :) though we'll be using no voc, so shouldn't smell it too much! YEAH for messy rooms indeed!! happy new year! xox

    I am teri, I really am :)

    OH YEAH Mattie!! that's exciting! cheers to you :)

  12. Thank you Cat! I'll look up choosing easy world - thanks for the recommendation! much love and a big muah to you, too!! xox

  13. Progress.... and countdown! The studio lighting is rather amazing. So exciting Karin!

  14. Great progress. This place is going to be incredible!

  15. OH, everything is looking really great! I am so glad you are feeling better and better. Your piece below is breathtaking... happy new year to you... roxanne

  16. Looks amazing. 8 weeks. Sort of rolled over me as a push to the inevitable spring.

    Mostly. Happy newyear. So glad to hear u r feelung better.

  17. How great to be getting this new space to make art in- looks like it's going to wonderful!

  18. This is a very exciting time and the new lighting will be well worth the wait. I am so glad to see you post...as you need ...but I have truly missed you sweet friend. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  19. I'm so happy for you. !!!! you sound happy and full. Take care of your self.

    I love your place. Expecting invitation for the Grand opening :)

    Hugs Karin

  20. It is a fabulous space for beginning anew... sending you love and well wishes, hoping you can use the studio soon!
    Here's to forging ahead:)

  21. so happy to read you! happy new year! your new space is going to be great! thanks for your lovelly comments on my journey of non smoking!!!! i really appreciate your support

  22. Hey Karin,

    Just saw your book collection on Seth's Altered Page; I am envious (in a good way of course!) because I love finding foreign text books/papers.
    I am wishing I could find something in Cyrillic......but then I live in the middle of NOWHERE...hahaha!
    Nice collection!


    P.S. Glad you mentioned floor pillows---I had never thought of that for my own studio--I think I could DO that! :-)

  23. Karin, looks so exciting, but being in much teh same place, insulation and lights but still no walls as yet, so actually I guess falling a little behind, I know it is also a little chaotic too. Glad to see your sweet self recovering your energy. What an incredible space!! I am adding a vent-free fireplace to my sitting area/study, I am excited! And I am eagerly watching to see how your space turns out!

  24. where have i been karin?! i must have dreamed i left a comment about how much i love seeing renovations in progress. oh your lights! make sure they put dimmers on every one. that is is the tiniest cost for the biggest result. you can create mood totally.

    i so like the feeling of imagining you in this space. you deserve it. it deserves you. go forth, soon, and create, my friend. can't wait


  25. wow...beauty and great work....


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