Thursday, May 13

what matters

Happily, I woke feeling pretty dang good,
and the sun was even shining!

Moved by my amazing friend, and inspiring teacher artist Donna,
I decided to create a collage today - check out her post about

click on images for closer view

Part of my intent in making this collage was to find focus.
To help myself figure out where exactly I want to put my energies.

I wandered...

Obviously staying healthy and strong while undergoing chemo
is important, but I've felt an emptiness in this place of
waiting, resting, healing.

I feel unfocused...

I miss my daily practice.
I miss my ART.

While I know I can't work as intensely as I did when I began this blog,
with my daily pages, painted, drawn, collaged,
with so much detail and intensity -

I'm going to try for more frequent,
but less work intensive,
creative expressions.

This is my intent :)


  1. Great idea Karin! Less involved, but more often. And I love these collages. I think your eye for art is what we all love, not just the most intense piece you can create :)

  2. Any work you do Karin is very intense. I love your collages and the feeling of freedom From the bird flying to the footsteps making their way to the beat of a drum beat. Living in the moment. Thx Karin. Great collage.

  3. THIS!!!!

    you are so talented, karin! i am so glad renee nudged me to your blog. the balance and design in this collage is clearly done by a master (madame master?) :)


    oh, did i tell you emily rabbit has a little gift for you at my blog? you will have to scroll down a post, but you'll surely see it.

    i am glad you are feeling better. one day at a time.

  4. Really beautiful Karin,the canopy of colors that lead me into the details of the images is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Karin you are the most focused artist living in the intent of making beautiful works and making a good life in white light. I feel you understand the fragility of a human spirit. Sending you Love! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. Yum. What a gorgeous collage, and what a beautiful focus for yourself. I hope you place this creation somewhere prominent ... it pretty much sums up all that matters ...


    Be well ... I am constantly sending you love xoxo

  7. Love the collages...great to see yet another reflection of your creative spirit...

  8. Hi Karin, I really love your collage - particularly your use of the cloud footprints and the caption 'Stillness & Light'. Your intention sounds as tho' it comes from valuable recognition of your need to art no matter what else! Take care, Penny x

  9. Lovely collages...I find it super relaxing and calming to do that, so I hope you enjoy the process too. It must be difficult going through your chemo and I can understand the emptiness and feelings of being unfocused. I hope you can use art to help you...creativity can be therapy too. I totally believe in that - Art saves!

  10. Thank you for making me smile Karin. It ius so good to hear that you woke up energised and happy. These collages can be so useful can't they. Lovely work xJ

  11. This page brought tears to my eyes Karin. What a beautiful intent and so clear in your vision of what you need to do for yourself. I know what the chemo thing does to you because I experienced it with my mom and it is amazing that you can find this vision at all.
    Your heart is a strong one and your spirit soars.

  12. terrific! Wonderful! so positive! go,girl! love it all lyle

  13. That is a perfect intention, Beautiful Karin. The expression of that incredible artist soul in whatever form is a gift to this world.
    Big Love to you and happy Creating !

  14. I love your collage Karin, it expresses what you have written re: your feelings well. I understand this feeling of loss and longing to do more art, for me the simplification has become photography...we must evolve as artists in order to "just be"...and sometimes that means shifting to a different least for the time being. Take good care of your whole being dear one, body mind heart and soul! And remember, rest is also a time of growth followed by emergence and sweet blossoming:)

  15. creative expression- that is the key! Even if it lining carrots up and dancing peppers around them- creative expression is so important. Your collages are fabulous, of course. I love YOU, Ms. Karin- you are SOOOO awesome!

  16. healing is intensive. day by day. sometimes hour by hour. perhaps your body is saying to relax your commitment to this blog, and just create. i can wait.


  17. Thanks Svasti - it feels right to me, too. My hands have been needing simpler tasks, but my spirit has been needing more frequent ones!

    i kind of see what you mean Gloria - there is an intensity to my work. Work intensive is all in one's own view/approach. For me, the collage is less labor intensive, and looser painting, or pastels are, too, so I hope to work larger and looser - more spontaneously, I guess. Anyway, thank you!!

    HA!! Thank you kj!! So glad to have someone to swear and make me laugh out loud!! No bars hold :) xox

    Thank you Sevapuri, and you are welcome.

    Hi Mary Helen, thank you for reminding me that yes, I do have focus, even when I feel like I'm floundering!! Much love my friend, xox

    Thank you Jaliya, I'm keeping you close in my thoughts as well. xox

    Many thanks Dr Jay. be well...

    Yes, it's true - no matter what Penny!! xo

    Thank you Linda - I find pretty much all creating takes me to a healing place - body and soul!

    Hee, your welcome Jasmine - and I'm smiling, too :) It was a very good day!! xox

    oh, thank you Corrine. it does cause some real lows, and yesterday was a real blessing of a day - I gotta say. It's been a bit tougher today, to follow through on that intent, but I'm still riding on the intent and the energy of the day! xo

    thanks lyle!!

    a thankful hug to you ms queen!! ❤

    yes, you do understand Laura. my artful expression has reinvented itself at least half a dozen times, as a variety of physical challenges have risen over the years, but express we must! There is a difference between rest that restores, and simply being flattened, with nothing coming back from being flattened! in this place, it feels better to rise at times, against the flattening, and breathe art...

    HA!! dancing peppers and carrots at attention - color flashing across the cutting board is art indeed - painted across an eager tongue :) thanks for always making me laugh Linda Sue!! I love you, too!!!

    True, healing is intensive Peshe. moment by moment. Really, my commitment is to me art, my self, my spirit - the blog is secondary, though powerful, solely a witness to what will be, no matter what. I thank you as you wait to bear witness, namaste.

  18. Wonderful energy about this new work, Karin! Go with the flow!! xx

  19. I missed this one. Karin your collages are so telling! You have so many emotions and ideas. It's great that you can present them beautifully.


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