Wednesday, May 12

more mark making

Like the rhythm of the rain
(which it's been doing a lot!)

click on images for closer view

my pen repeats patterns and rhythms,
moving lightly around the mandala,
helping me to leave behind
the noise of pain and restlessness,
and move into a space that brings me
a sense of serenity.


  1. Hi Karin, I hope you are well. I love these beautiful meditative pieces you create. I hope the pain is starting to subside and as you get ever closer to the end of your treatment, you are growing stronger!!

  2. Hi Karin, they are intricately beautiful, i love how through your blog you bring insights into the act of creating and then to when i view the final work it brings so much more personal and emotional content. Take care

  3. Hi Karin. Hope you are doing well. I am sending you good vibes that will help ease your pain. I wish you the best. Your beautiful work just moves me. I wonder, what is that pen you are using called? It looks like you can do much intricate work with it. Have a mellow and cool day tomorrow and be well. Take care.

  4. I have been thinking of you all day wiith the patter of rain on our rooftops...this new mandala is absolutely mesmerizing and your photos are so well executed. I love this complex message you have created...stay strong and rest when you are able. Imagine and live in peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

    hugs and kisses for renewal of body and soul...

  5. Constant motion, round and round. Stunning in its intricacy and repetitiveness. Hypnotizing. I love this. It is like a mind in a trance. I think of Ces and all the thousands upon thousands of leaves and squiggles she puts in her drawings and how the intricacy is a sort of therapy for her, a calming.

    I hope you are doing well. Stay strong, dear.

  6. Hi Karin. I love the ebb and flow of your mandala. It speaks very gently. Thank you for visiting me and for your lovely, encouraging comments. Hope you are well. Penny x

  7. This feels like very peaceful work. I zoomed in on the red bit, the patterning is very intracate. I hope you are well and think of you often xJ

  8. A miraculous moving meditation you and your pen create, Beautiful Karin. The artist you are never fails to blow me away.
    Deep breaths and big love to you, my Friend.

  9. This is so calm and peaceful feeling - I imagine that the repetitive motion was calming to do as well.

  10. Hi Karin,

    I love your new work. I hope it is healing.

    I love when you stop by the store but we don't get to talk. Maybe one day we could have tea together?

    Sometimes just a new face is enough to help with pain I think.

    :D rose at if you're interested.


  11. Lovely and meditative. And it looks lovely.

  12. The piece you worked is intricate and serene looking. I can see why you find peace in your mandalas. Peace and patience.

  13. simply stunning circle of life! xoxox

  14. oooooo and la la...

    breathe deep and repeat...

    ooooo and la la...

  15. So beautiful Karin! please stop by my blog...I have something for you:)

  16. LOVE your art! Each dot is important and the sum of the dots is greater than the whole -- which is (the whole) VERY great, indeed!

  17. The movement of the pen a mediation, healing as it goes I hope!

  18. Again I say HOW DO YOU DO THAT, every time I am gobsmacked by how awesome that is, yep!

  19. So beautiful!! Everything you do is amazing!
    I hope that you're doing well! I'm sending you all my healing vibes!!

  20. Thank you Svasti, for the first day in a long time, I woke without pain! It's been a really good day :)

    Sevapuri, that means a lot to me, knowing that my means of communication, my artwork and my story combined also comes through for others. Thank you.

    Thanks for the good vibes Gloria - I use Sakura Pigma Micron pens, the finest point - 005. I love them :)

    Thank you mary Helen, I've been thinking about you, too. I hope the winds pass you by and the sun shines agin soon! xox

    Yes Bella! Ces's tiny leaves take me away as I imagine the repetitive drawing of them, tiny leaf after leaf... I love them :) thank you, I am well. xo

    Hi Penny, you are welcome - and thank you for your visits, too!! xox

    Yes, it is peaceful work jasmine, thank you - I am doing well. xox K

    Yes, deep, long, slow calming breaths - thank you Kim. Love and hugs, to you.

    Yes, it is Whitney - I'm glad it comes through to you, as well. :)

    That would be great Rose - I'll be in touch!!

    thank you Gypsy!

    Thank you Cheryl, much peace to you, too.

    thanks cat!! xoxox

    ahhh... mmmm :) xox

    Thank you Laura! I'll head over as soon as I finish here :) xox

    Thanks Liz, you are so right. I actually feel love for ever mark I make - it's hard to describe, but each and every line, squiggle, circle - I feel myself connect with each one... they are my friends!

    I think it is healing as it moves along Corrine! thank you :)

    I keep saying I should video while I'm doing it, but then I think - how boring would that be?! but next time I will Deb!! thank you.

    Aw, thanks Manon! xox

  21. Karin, I'm so in love with this piece. It makes me think of trance paintings .... something a shaman would paint on a cave wall or on the ground with a stick. Though it is subtle it really is powerful.

  22. OMG this is amazing! It's a meditation, a ritual, a visual expression of whirling-dervish-ness!
    Have I been reading too much Kerouac lately?

  23. OMG! OMG! OMG! I feel a kinship with you! This is great! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

    Take care dearest Karin. Tsup!


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