Friday, May 14

hands create

and so I began today,

with the tracing of my swollen hands

wondering, damn,
will I be able to do more than this?

Happily - I was!!

Lighting wasn't great for the photo taking,
so I may redo them in the sunshine tomorrow,
but until then, click for a closer view.

sweet dreams,


  1. Beautiful pages Karin. I love the 'wild affection for life' statement. Really enjoyed reading your interview at Whohub. Hope you are having a good day. Pen x

  2. Karin, several years ago I was invited to contribute to a book called 1000 Artist Journal Pages. Today I leafed through that book and I looked for your name. I somehow thought you would be there. Looking at your collages makes me think it is egregious that you are not one of the contributors but there will be more books to come.

    Ah look at these, so telling. I would think these creations are therapeutic and cathartic. When I saw the hands I immediately remembered what you told me about your suffering beautiful tender creative hands.

    Take care dearest Karin. May the Lord and the angels keep you safe from harm and pain.


  3. Your collage is beautiful and your artwork amazing. Sending well wishes your way. Prayers and blessings, Tammy

  4. ah karin, this is so hopeful, so skilled. i appreciate it so much more after doing my very first collage just a couple of weeks ago. this one, i could walk into and linger in your words and images. i love when words are imbedded in art.

    about your comments : love you too, karin. it might be renee at work. it's quite possible we will look at those red and pink wings together sometime, and i will bring fresh strawberries and hot biscuits. :)

    take care and enjoy this sunny weekend. you are past the half way mark now.


  5. Darling these collages are great. I always love what you do but these I like even more than usual . . .they are so full of life and energy!! Woohoo!!

  6. These are dream-like pages and so expressive. do you have any idea how much the beauty you create restores the dryness in our everyday lives?

  7. I always learn from you Karin. All your work is so expressive and gives me incentive to continue to learn more about art. Thanks for sharing. Your hands are beautiful. Wishing you the best. Have a great weekend.

  8. Hey Pen, isn't that a great line?! thanks for reading the WhoHub interview. I enjoyed answering the questions there - I think they do a nice job. It's a beautiful day here - the sun is shining, the air is dry... it's a good day, thank you. I hope you are having a wonderful one, too! xox K

    Dearest Ces, thank you so much for this. Your words have moved me, and I am touched.
    Yes, I'd love to have been in 1000...pages! Maybe if there are 'Pages Continued'! Either way, I do hope to publish my journals, somewhere, somehow, even if it means doing it myself. I believe that would be the finest way to share them with others! much love, Karin

    many thanks, Tammy! xo

    Hi there kj, you know, I saw that very first collage of yours and had a hard time believing it was your very first!! It is fab :) Thank you for lingering in mine, and I'm going to keep that image of fresh strawberries and hot biscuits clear in my mind's eye!! love you, K

    thank you Whitney!! They are really resonating and invigorating me, too! xox

    Oh Peggy, do you know how touched I am by the messages you leave me? My heart opens further with each one - thank you so much. love, Karin

    That is a most wonderful compliment Gloria -I thank you. I hope your weekend is great as well - may it be filled with joy and creativity!! xox K

  9. Gentle healing words become gentle healing energies!!! These are wonderful ...shaped by illness but not defined by it. I am sending you smiles, and hugs to maintain this healing mood and mode of creation you are experiencing! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  10. "not defined by illness"... indeed...not.

    These rich and wonderful images ... reminding me of when you began... 'waaay back when' Beyond Words...tremendous messages...thank you.

  11. Oh my! These are so increadibly COOL! LOVE THEM!

  12. Those hands, Karin! I love that you included them. The red is pulsing through them. I love this page!


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