Sunday, May 16

a splendid sunday

(tulip tree)
I must tell you all, that I did sleep well last night,
after my wonky windy period of wakefulness.
Perhaps all of the over sleeping for weeks now finally caught up with me :)
(tulip tree flower)
But today I have taken a break from art making - at least so far, to share some recent sunshine wanderings, and visitors, to our spring time digs.
Oh, but first, the human kind - Jennifer, friend and fellow blogger of reminders2bepresent, came by for a spontaneously planned (slight oxymoron?!) visit on her way into Brooklyn yesterday. It was fun to connect in person, since her most recent visit to India. She shared pictures and her Journal, which looked a bit worse for wear, so I rebound it so that it might be able to make another trek with her next year, too!!
Thanks for taking time out to visit Jen, it was great to see you!!

Now, on to the tour...

As you will see, we have a wren making a nest in one of our bird houses, a baby rat taking his fill of cracked corn and seeds at the feeder, and a robin taking a nice little bath in our 'stream'.

I know we shouldn't encourage the rodent population, but dang they are cute! If I deprive the hairless tailed ones, I may not see the chipmunks or squirrels, either! Not to mention the birds... And wouldn't it be hypocritical of me to turn my back on hairless wonders?! I'm just going to have to put my faith in nature - cats, hawks, coyotes...
& soon, we'll have construction work happening, and the feeders won't be getting filled, the patio will be construction ground zero, and we'll disrupt the status quo!

And since I'm doing a post without art -
something I rarely have done,
why not add something else I don't often do?

I think I'll share some awards,(which will here to forward be referred to as gifts!) that I've recently received! Normally, I simply post them in my side bar, and do not mention them here in my posts - I'm sorry to those that have shared them with me before, and have gone unmentioned. I've explained this choice as my norm, but once in a while it fits to play along, so....

Emily's BAR NONE! gift

To get a full understanding of this unique badge of honor,
and it's utterly inspired giver (a rambunctious rabbit)
you must visit HERE to read allll about it!
I will do as Ms Emily has, and ask that one and all of my bold readers that gets, and feels this represents them - or immediately loves it - grab, nab and pass along the fun!
I would like to pick a few personally, who represent the chutzpah it takes when it comes to
No Holds Barred blogging to me...
Renee (eternally so)

Recipients, don't worry - I know some of your don't do 'awards', but I'm still gonna highlight you as no holds barred bloggers :)

Visitors to named recipients,
do me a favor and mention why you are visiting them,
if this list should lead you their way!

And from Laura, over at Shine the Divine
I received the above.
It's been a week of abundance, has it not?!

Again, I would pretty much title all my visitors
and linked creatives, 'beautiful bloggers' -
So PLEASE I invite you to share
in the beauty and abundance,
this Beauty is YOURS!

still, there may be a few folks
you haven't checked out lately, or ever,

and the list goes on...
but I've been at this for more time than I intended, so I'm off.
May you enjoy the spring colors,

warm sunshine,

and restful nights...

dream well...


  1. Aaah! When I read your comment and scrolled through the images I thought you took the pictures of the trees for me. Hahahah! Oh how so self-absorbed I am. I always think that my blog friends take photos of trees for me. AHHAHAHA! Anyway. I love the bark or the tulip tree and what about that clearing surrounded by beautiful greenery? Life couldn't be better. Your friend is fabulous to visit you.

    Thank you for the beautiful blogger award! Tsup!

  2. oh my two of my favorite people in a photo together! blogging bliss for sure! I bet you had lots to talk about and would have loved to hear all about India! wonderful, just wonderful! and I will check out all the links for sure!!xox cat

  3. i am so happy you were able to get some sleep! i had been up in the middle of the night when i read your post, so i was with you in the wakefulness. blessings! (and thank you for the beautiful pics of nature and friends meeting)

  4. Hey K
    How terrific to get a spontaneous visit from your dear pal...and won't it be special for her to have your handwork, in the rebinding, as she continues on her travels.'s so great to stroll your yard with you and all the critters...

    and the links all lead to wonders galore...and, as our pal Elvis would say, "thankyaverymuch" for the add...
    nite nite

  5. Beautiful photos and loved your video...your place is so relaxing and wonderful...inspiration from nature for sure. Thanks for sharing :) and glad you slept well :)

  6. Love taking a stroll at your place - glad to hear that you had a restful night!

  7. Your video was wonderful. We too have a little rat that eats our duck and rabbit food when he can sneak in!
    Thanks for sharing and am glad you had some rest and a lovely visit from a friend.

  8. found your blog from's svasti's...


    hello from a fellow new yorker :)

  9. Wonderful! Construction? Why? It is all so perfect!Thanks karin, for this little walk around- most refreshing! Love the rodent, too!
    love you-xxxooo

  10. outdoors, a loverly place to be
    critters and nature music

    my place almost sounded like a zoo this morning

    happy arting and constructing

  11. wow! have you been busy, I like the collages, it's a look at a different side of you... and I love the views of your garden spaces, I retreated to the woods this weekend for a short backpacking trip, the flowers were amazing... hope you are well

  12. Love the pics, and thanks for the award and shout-out ( Isn't that like when somebody kills his parents and then asks for the court for mercy because he's an orphan?) (Okay, yeah, I'd probably do that...) (...not the actual killing parents part,just the ironic defense...).

  13. Y'know, I did read this post before but somehow missed the bit at the end where you so generously give out awards!

    How nice to have visitors! And a tree called a tulip tree. Never heard of such a thing before, but it's lovely :)

    AND I'd feed the little rodents, too.

    Thanks so much for your no holds barred award. Sometimes I feel very brave and then other times not at all! And you're definitely someone I think counts in this category.

    Much love to you as always xo

  14. Thank you for the tour. I feel more relaxed already!

  15. dear karin, i will need to more properly come back to comment, but for now thank you for this lovely stroll and for delighting in emily's award. of course emily is bragging about the attention.

    my dog had surgery today so i am in the middle of concerned loving care and comfort, but be sure i'll be back.

    btw, i am SO glad you had an awesome sunday@!!!!


  16. The place is wonderful! I bet you had a great time. Have a fabulous weekend!

  17. wow, this post is bursting at the seams like the life in your gardens/yard. It's all beautiful, wish I could see in person!

  18. I am catching up on visiting. I enjoyed the slow pace of walking. It all is so beautiful and quiet except for the birds singing. I so enjoyed it.

  19. Thanks for the tour of your lovely garden; you have a very special place there. Say hi to the birds and the rat for me, and also your cute dog!

  20. I so enjoyed this post, Karin, so beautifully filled with the love of nature and kindred spirits. Thank you for the garden tour and for your magical presence. Love & bright wishes. xx


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