Tuesday, May 18

time turns

up down
I'm all around...

as waking and sleep intertwine

my mind seems unaware

of which state it is in at any given time.


as it seems,

there is no difference...

(click on images for closer view)


  1. Hey Karin! I absolutely LOVE this piece of art!! It's really, really gorgeous and evocative.

    And yeah, that's what some of those very enlightened yogis say in the end - there is no difference between the sleeping and waking states, it's just our perception that makes it seem different. We think of one as an external world and the other as internal. But really, who's to say, right?

    Lots of love to you!

  2. this is just stunning Karin. I love the way you placed the third eye and the spiral radiating upward are wonderful. xx's

  3. This is such a beautiful piece, Karin. I have been in a meditative/sleep/wakeful pattern that is kind of new to ne all this week as I rest from allergies/a cold and a big drain on my energy. This gorgeousness really speaks to me...
    Sending you big love and peaceful dreams and thoughts.

  4. Dearest Wonderful ONE! another beauty to gaze at in awe! I hear you about the restless nights- Everyone up here is actually sleeping but the dreams are heavy and weird- could it be the oil spill and the volcano disruption?

  5. Gorgeous image! The hands .... always the hands .... and the glowing spirals.

  6. Hi Karin i love the colours and the words you put to the piece and even the way the piece unfolds on the blog with the detail face and then as i scrolldown the whole piece is revealed. A lovely interlude to my afternoon.

  7. Beautiful piece, love the texture and the colors... wow!

  8. Beautiful Karin. I love the peaceful harmony it suggests. Penny x

  9. I'd like to know a little more about the 'bed' she is lying on....
    beautiful art, as always:)

  10. Third eye spreading spiral dreams of night and day, just beautiful Karin.

  11. Karin,
    This is wonderful. Perhaps this is true there is no difference. My friend you are wonderful and so full of kindness and peace. Is this in your journal also?

  12. Hi Svasti, lately I've really been feeling this in a different more concrete way. Yes, who is to say? the more we visit the internal during waking states, via meditation, creating, dance, etc, the closer we are to walking that fine line of the two realms. It may be exhaustion and partially chemically induced, but it's also been a powerful feeling - and imagery flows, which is always a good thing :) love you! K

    Thank you Cat!! xox

    I hope you are feeling better Kim - I know exactly that place you describe. The 'gift' of being drawn into the illness fog is that weird other worldly state where magic can happen. wishing you wellness my friend, xo K

    Interesting Linda Sue - it wouldn't surprise me if all the catastrophic wildness happening out there isn't permeating our greater group consciousness. Perhaps one of these dreams will bring forward a powerful solution...

    Thank you Robyn - yes, hands, I've been thinking I need to do some hand specific work...

    So glad I could join you during your afternoon for a visit of swirling and unfolding color...

    thank you valerie :)

    thanks Linda!

    I was imagining a balancing of states within, which hopes for a peaceful harmony - I'm glad you find it suggests that Penny. Thank you xo

    Hey Patti, Well, it started in my mind that she should be lying on a pillow, and fabric, but then I wanted it to be set in nature, so it evolved into a mossy mound, which then became a flowering field - but I didn't want that to be a focus of vibrancy, so I muted them by taking color away (rubbing alcohol) and washing over, etc. So it's just an imaginary nature influenced bed she dozed off on - perhaps perfumed with some of that sleep inducing perfume found in Dorothy's poppy field :)

    Thank you Corrine. xox

    Hi Katelen, yes it's on one of my handmade journal books that I've been using periodically for images that come that I feel need a larger format. This post from February shows the book size better. Thank you for your loving words, love to you, Karin

  13. Beautiful work Karin. Simply gorgeous.

  14. I love this... I find I paint better when I close my eyes and lay down and paint it in my head first... a visual meditation. And it also helps me come to a place of peace where I enjoy the painting process so much more. Blessings!

  15. A magnificent 'view beyond words'...it reminds me of a wonderful Tibetan poem which begins with this:

    Rest in natural great peace...

    yes...to rest.

  16. Oooh! I love this drawing! The state you describe is very common among the patients I cared for in ICU. They sometimes did not know whether they were awake or asleep. I also feel that way when I am sleep deprived. I am know to have drawn and squiggled in my sleep, in fact one of the drawings of me, Renee and Bella was partly drawn while I was asleep. Do you know what I squiggled? Instead of a cloud, I squiggled a pillow! See how the brain screams for sleep!

    Your drawing is fantastic. You know how much I love swirls. They are all over my black and white pen and ink drawings BUT these colorful swirls are THE BEST! I hope you are doing well. I have to lay off drawing for a while because my wrists are hurting again.

    Take care Karin. TSUP!

    P.S. The ground, look at the ground! I really love this! May I please ask how I can have a print of this? You do not have an ETSY?

  17. Known! Please excuse my typos.

  18. Wow Karin, this work is speaking to me in so many ways, it hits the nail on the head how I am feeling right now. I wanna say - I LOVE all of your pieces, but this is one of the best you lately created!

    Plus I´m so doggin´the colors and the nature bed she´s laying on.


    Much love ~ Always!

    xoxo Bettina

  19. the first image, of hands and head, i saw hands 'holding' your head. as in allowing all our hands bless you with a healing embrace during blissful rest.


  20. This is wonderful, Karin. When the third eye opens, we sees things our conscious mind can't understand, entering into a different kind of consciousness. This piece evokes, for me, the feeling of entering into that sacred space. thank you.

  21. I really like this piece. It's like your inner eye sees with your dreams or something, really cool. I like the whirls and choice of colors.

  22. Oh ... this image lulls and soothes me ... moves me to feel somehow safe ... to breathe with more ease ...

    Sleep ... that imperative enigma that claims one third of our lives. Asleep and awake and all in between ... all we are conscious of, all we are not ...

    Perhaps this is an in-between time ... a convalescing time ... timeless time -- kairos -- when healing takes hold ... Healing is not a gentle process; it demands everything we can give ...

    ... and when we sleep, we're healing too ... I learned something once from a teacher -- it's been so helpful -- the suggestion was, "When you can't sleep, then *rest*." At first I thought "Ha! That's a good one!" --> you know how jacked-up insomnia can make us ... ;-D

    ... but it began to make sense when I started to apply simple and practical actions that were guaranteed to calm me down -- yoga, baths, body scans and mindful stretching, murmuring mantras, smushing up to one of my cats ... ;-)

    ... and no, I don't think there's much difference between "sleep" and "awake" ... it's been said that our entire life is a bardo between pure existence and nonexistence ...

    Ack! -- who knows. Love you xoxo Rest deeply, dear friend ...

  23. That piece is so beautiful. The combination of colors is fantastic. Good job!

  24. Th;e 3rd eye was interesting . Does that represent the mind or thoughts as you sleep? I know there are different interprtetations but I was curious
    as to what it represents. It seems restful ,kinda peaceful to me

  25. Thanks Jasmine, xo

    Yes, most of my imagery comes from the place that you describe Cori Lynn. thanks for coming by!

    thanks D, natural great peace - that sounds like the most restful place to be... xo

    Oh yes - I remember being in a swirl of sleep wake nearly hallucination zone post op! I bet you witness some very interesting states of consciousness... well, I can certainly imagine, with the amazing and details series you've been doing that your wrists must be screaming for rest Ces! may they be soothed and well very soon.
    I don't have an etsy account - yet anyway. I would like to create one, and start to have reproductions of my work made. You are helping to spur me on!
    a tip of the hat and TSUP to you, too!

    Many thanks to you Bettina!! xoxo

    mmmm, I like that Peshe. Thank you...

    Yes Sharmon, that's it, and the blinking of the 3rd eye, opens the waking eyes, and vice versa, until they blend into another place, of new discovery for me...

    thank you Michelle - yes, that's what I am feeling - the two states are intertwining into a swirling new place. a colorful one :)

    Hey Jaliya, happy to lull you - perhaps into that restful place. I agree - it is good to rest, if not sleep. I think that maybe why I'm still functioning! I've been getting sweet rest, though only sleeping a couple hours in a night, or even none. sweet sleep, love you, K

    Thank you short courses :)

    Hi Cheryl, I guess I'd say that the third eye, in this particular care, represent this sense that I am awake, whether I'm technically asleep, or not - and lately I rarely am able to actually fully sleep. It seems as if a part of me is always in a wakeful state, looking around, taking things in, exploring and creating, while my body rests. Art appears in front of my mind's eye and I have to reach out and sketch in the sketchbook sitting next to me all night long - i I don't write it down it's as though the image gets louder and louder, bringing me closer to fully being awake, so I reach out and draw, so that I can rest... hope that makes sense! There is a sense of peace that carries through it all.

  26. beautiful colors and I love the carpet of flowers

  27. What you describe here in words seems disorienting but the image is serene and peaceful.

  28. Seth said it best about the words...chemo is a very disorienting journey but the image offer serenity and a place to rest your heart for healing. God bless you sweet sister of mine. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  29. I sense that within this space is great healing and serenity. Love to you, dear one. xx

  30. the beautiy in this painting is mesmerizing. So graceful, warm and cool. So filled with the energy of our soul. roxanne

  31. Oh, Karin, such splendor! What a beautiful juxtaposition between slumber and energy. The swirls and the colors and the textures! Sometimes I much prefer the dream state and am disappointed to be awake.


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