Saturday, May 15

sleepless in

It's been a while since I have been able to sleep...

not since sometime Thursday night.

I tried last night
and hour after hour passed,

darkness turned to pale dawn

to no avail
(click on images for closer view)
sleep eluded me....

I stopped reading, checked the clock around 6:15 this morning,
and gave up.

I simply, strangely wasn't tired.

(all those many previous hours of sleep!
my poor internal clock is all out of whack.)

Saturday Night Live is on now,
and I can't say I'm especially tired,
so I think I'll watch it :)

Then I hope

to be tired enough to sleep

once again...


  1. Go to sleep little one go to sleep. When I was a baby I kept my parents up at all hours of the days and nights were confused :O). Now it is 12:02 am here in Newark, Ohio and I am still awake too...tomorrow we are driving North to Oberlin for the Fava Art Quilt opening ...I should be sleeping too! Imagine and sleep in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Blessings Karen. Hope you get the rest you need.

  3. Hate that feeling! Wishing you a good night's sleep tonight...... a long, soothing, replenishing, full nights sleep. You are falling fast asleep..... zzzzz

    Let me know if my skills as a fledgling hypnotist worked when you wake up.

  4. I have also been experiencing episodes of sleeplessness so I can empathize with how you're feeling. I hope balance restores and that you are able to capture some rejuvenating sleep soon, Karin. Love & Light. xx

  5. Elusive is our lady sleep sometimes. I think your Seen/Unseen really depicts the turmoil of insomnia. Great pages. Hope you get some rest x

  6. Lets hope sleep comes to you soon. Clenching and unclenching your muscles whilst lying in bed can sometimes help... Or a hot bath. xxJ

  7. You know, I've always had my clock turned around - I am naturally a night person too Mary Helen! This was just a weird period of wakefulness, considering how wiped I've been over all! Anyway, I did get back t sleep, and I'm sure now I'll be back to my endless need for naps :) Ohh, I love Oberlin! I have inlaws there, m husbands brother and his wife are there. I've shown at FAVA, years and years ago, too! Enjoy - I'm sure the show is amazing, yes?!

    thanks you Rosa :)

    Robyn, you are truly amazing!! As soon as SNL was over, I drifted off and only woke a few times during the night, to adjust the covers and drift back off. Thank you for weaving your hypnotic magic!!! xox

    Hi Carol Anne, maybe it's the seasonal changing - we've had some big winds here and I definitely feel them in unsettling ways! Here's to both of us finding peaceful rest. xox

    Thank you Pen, I am feeling that the overly wakeful energy has left the bod! is it nap time yet?! xox

  8. Oh my, I hope you do get sleep... sometimes you just have to lie there and count sheep :)

  9. Rest, and think of colors soothing colors everywhere, beautiful scents to comfort, relaxing muscles and happy to be

  10. My husband rarely sleeps ( yes, he is nuts) he reckons that there will be time to sleep when he is six feet under...I, on the other hand LOVE sleep and have no problem- can fall asleep anytime any where- but if I can not because i ate a ton of chocolate before bedtime- Advil pm comes in handy.I hope you can curl up in slumber soon! Meet you there!

  11. Well I gotta say...the art you make when you're sleep deprived is magical!!

    Glad to hear that Robyn's long distance hypnotic spell made it to you...I love to work at night but I can't bear it when all of me wants to be sleeping and the eyes will have none of it...

    Your clock print is stellar!!

    May you rest in natural great peace the next time your sweet head touches the pillow.

  12. Hi Karin. I hope you were able to get some much needed sleep. I bet it is so hard to be sleep deprived. I wish you nothing but the best. I hope you sleep well tonight with butterflies going round and round and little angels looking down upon you moving their hands gracefully to lull you to sleep. Sleep well tonight.

  13. Falling, falling, falling! There's such a wonderful Alice in Wonderland feel to this. Love the swirling blue background and the whorls of ink. The woman looks like a fetus through an ultrasound machine.

    I'm so happy to hear you were able to get to sleep. xoxo

  14. Oh, darling Karin. I'm with you in this!! Sleep is sanity; I've learned this the hard way ... After years and years of sleep disorders, I've come to be kinder to myself about those hellish nights when no matter what I do, I can't wind down. There are certain things I can do that make rest and sleep more likely ... such as getting off the computer at a certain hour (and staying off it!) ... bathing with essential oils that soothe (sandalwood is a favourite) ... reading anything (i.e., poetry) that inspires a slow, thoughtful passing of eyes over the page (rather than, say, a novel that's grabbed my imagination and revved it into high gear).

    What's the sleeplessness based in? -- pain? effects of chemo? residue from your mother's visit? ... Do you have a sense of this?

    Love you ... glad that SNL paved the way ... perhaps the giggles opened and relaxed you ... :-)

    Huge love xoxoxoxoxox

  15. You collage's have been so magical, I guess your body is just telling you what it doesn't need right now, although wind does strange things to the spirit.
    Hope you are able to rest soon.

  16. ha! Yes, those ever sleep inducing sheep - I tried to find some for the collage Linda! but like sleep, they eluded me as well :)

    ahhh, thank you Paige, calm is here zzzzzz

    Hi Linda Sue, I think pre chemo, I was like your husband. Then chemo knocked me zombie land, so when this period of complete wakefulness opened, it was bizarre - not in a totally unwelcome way, but it did eventually start my nerves frazzling in the 40th hour with out... Thankfully last night was a good one :)

    I wish I could have created ALL the imagery that was dancing through my brain Donna. I got up outta bed when I realized it was pointless, and put pencil to paper with some ideas, so it was fruitful time indeed. Thank you, re the clock stamp - that one flowed upon rising, and was much fin to make!

    Hi Gloria - I think I'm going to take a late afternoon nap, successfully, as soon as I sign off here. and I'll take those tender butterfly wings with me - a lovely image, thank you.

    Yes Bella - that
    s exactly whre my brain went! Sleep deprivation becomes quite dizzying for me and I felt myself in a swirl... She does look like she's in utero, doesn't she?! it's a good place for sleeping :) oxox

    No worries, Jalyia, no pain, and I've recovered from all visitors - which we had a consistent flow of for a while there! It really wasn't a stress or mind racing kind of fatigue, nor about pain (thankfully!) - I was simply wide awake. I think my internal clock, and poor chemical make up is so turned around and upside down, that I have no true 'normal' right now. But it was very odd to go that many hours with no sleep - and I do feel it now. I'll probably be catching up for a while! Thank you for your concern, my friend! love you, K

    Thank you Corrine - yeah, I'm just listening to it's syncopated rhythm right now - resting down and waking up up up, down up down up, just like the winds.....

  17. I know this feeling of sleeplessness - I am very familiar with it. It is my companion. I only sleep to dream, I know I do. If I sleep too much I get a headache. However, today I stayed in bed and played in bed, draw, blogged and napped intermittently - a lazy Sunday, then The Viking and I went out to dinner to celebrate my 24th wedding anniversary with the kids and friends.

  18. Aaaaw! Where are my manners? I wanted to wish you agood rest and a great week ahead! Tsup!

  19. Wishing you some peaceful sleep tonight!

  20. what cool images - I can't believe I've spent time with email and haven't caught up on your blog - it's gorgeous, as always!!!

  21. Sorry you couldn't sleep- but what a cool collage you got out of it!

  22. Hi Karin! I've not caught up with you in a while. I've had no internet access for almost a month! I love your images. It explains the feelings perfectly. Especially the spiralling of the clock and the floating of the bed.

    I do hope you get some sleep soon. I've not been the best sleeper since I had my daughter 18 years ago. Until recently, I would lie awake till the early hours of the morning then be up again at 8am. Strangely enough, I never felt tired even on 3 hours a night. In the past few months my sleeping has much improved and now I get to sleep much quicker and I only wake up a couple of times during the night and sleep till 6am. Success for me! What drives me nuts is that my hubby can sleep for 10 hours uninterrupted, and it takes an eternity to get him out of bed! So frustrating. Lol.


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