Friday, May 7



beauty's sake.

I've been have a rough few days, with high levels of pain, and quite low levels of energy, so putting my focus on creating something that is simply pleasing to my eye has been a nice diversion - especially after my last post!
One of the side effects of receiving chemo is the lowering of white blood cells. If they get too low, the patient can't receive the chemo, so to raise the white blood cell count I am given an injection of something called neupogen. This injection has a lovely side effect of something described as 'possible bone pain'. To give you an idea of what "possible bone pain' feels like to me - I describe it as a full body ice cream head ache running through out my skeletal frame, which has now lasted for two days.
Later today, after I go to sleep and wake up, I'll have my 6th round of chemo. Then I will only have two more to go!! The count down is really on :)


  1. Your 'ice cream headache' all over your skeleton description made me shudder. Your piece is beautiful. Thinking of you as your chemo progresses. Penny x

  2. perfect description of neupogen's side effect. heating pad was my friend.

    first 3 month yesterday. i opened a savings account, the news was so good.

    hang in there and let others hold you up


  3. Beauty can be a great healer, and creating beauty, even more so. The mandala form has a great history in this regard. You have definitely created beauty, my friend. Thoughts, prayers, and love to you. xoxo

  4. wonderful painting ....
    My best wishes.

  5. i liked the way you revealed this mandala in stages (and it is beautiful!)...the viewer receiving the "bigger picture" a little at a time. sending gentle thoughts your way this morning and in the days ahead.

  6. Your beautiful creative process through this pain is so uplifting. Thoughts and prayers to you in this difficult process. I cannot imagine, I can only send you my wishes for this to go swiftly and wishes for white light to keep you sustained.

  7. Your work is beautiful Karin. Sorry you are feeling so ill. Sending you a big hug and hope this all gets better for you very soon xxJ

  8. this is beautiful and i know that concentrating on beauty is healing... so I know that every day, in every way you are getting better and better... sending you lots of hugs..
    ps yes... you need to think about doing classes!! your videos are awesome! gonna start filming this weekend... we will see how that goes! LOL! and loved your comment at Patti's blog! xoxo

  9. Hi Karin. I was wondering why you hadn't posted and I thought it might be what you talked about. I'm sorry for all your pain, I will pray for you. Your painting is so awesome which shows your soul revealed. I like that when we paint we can send all our energy down into our arms and to our hand onto canvas. The soul travels and it's amazing. Again I send you healing prayers. Take care and I lovey dovey your work.

  10. Beautiful indeed. You never cease to amaze me with the way you find and hold onto beauty amongst the pain. Keep fighting Karin and never forget how much your beauty inspires those around you.

  11. Karin,
    My thoughts and prayers are sent your way my beautiful friend. The pain you must be feeling, yet you have so much strength in your art.

  12. wow, k., i'm so glad the count is really on... yes, beauty for beauty's sake... it's important. xoxo

  13. Dearest K

    You share so well:

    Beauty above
    Beauty below
    Beauty behind
    Beauty before
    Beauty surrounds as you walk the beautiful trail.

    I'm sending visions of sunny afternoon at the beach warmth permeating the 'ice cream effects'.

    And the hugest gentlest hugs filled with 'I love you'.

  14. very vibrant, love the colors and a happy surge

    bone pain, you describe it well

    hang in there

  15. Beautiful, what you create and share with us, and how beauty surrounds you with your paintings.
    I am so sorry about your pain. It sounds horrible.
    I just got to watch one of your videos, it is one of the best I have seen! I'll watch the rest tomorrow. I have been wondering about techniques like yours of book binding. Your voice is lovely and songlike... roxanne

  16. Continued well wishes from me to you. And as always, your artwork is so inspiring!

  17. Thinking about you Karin. Sorry you are in so much pain, but glad to see your creativity seems to be helping you through.

  18. Karin you are BEAUTY... the pain is a terrible nuisance because you have so much to express from your spirit. "Were your ears burning on Friday?" I volunteered in a fifth grade class where we created flowers for peace and Mother's Day. I told them about your prayerful mandalas and how you made me my handmade book I will be using for the opening in a few weeks. You r spirit enriches my journey and I know you will be there in spirit. Be careful with your energy and know you are so loved! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  19. you are so courageous, every single live a life of awareness, breathing in the beauty around you...keep breathing it in through the pain my dear Karin.

  20. Love and Light be with you Karin. Thank you for sharing yourself, you are by far the most beautiful spirit, your art brightens our world - thank you. Your video was amazing, I love it, I will watch it over and over, thank you.
    You are in my prayers - gentle hugs to you Karin.
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ

  21. what a "chilling" way to describe your pain. i hope it is much more tolerable by now. pain is such a lonely place - no one can really go there with you but you can know we are at the finish line and all along your route- rooting you on to make it through this marathon of chemo. keep focused on beauty.

  22. Thank you everyone, for all your encouragement, caring messages, compassion, and love!! I'm coming up from under the last wave and hoping to get my creative juices flowing again, very soon! I feel blessed and so grateful for each of you, and truly do sense your support. It is very real to me, and sincerely felt as and integral part of my healing process. Though I don't always have the energy to visit you each as regularly as I'd like, I do hold you each close to my heart.
    With love, Karin

  23. Oh, dear Karin, that sounds just awful, and I'm sure 'awful' is putting it mildly. You are in the homestretch. Thank goodness. Your strength is inspiring.

    This is a gorgeous mandala. All the bright colors remind me of a beautiful handpainted Italian platter. How beautiful that would be, a table filled with your art!

  24. Just thinking of an icecream brain freeze causes me untold pain, even if they do only last seconds at worst.

    You're such a brave and amazing lady! If a was a book publisher, I'd like to make a book of your art journal through your journey with cancer because it really is inspiring. xo


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