Friday, May 28

chemo, a walk, and an ongoing miracle...

First thing's first - all systems were go today, for round #7. My liver rallied, my mammogram and ultrasound were clear, and best of all I only have one more session of chemo to go!! And I pleaded that it be neupogen free, so if my white blood cells are too low, we will wait for them to naturally rebound, rather than put me through another one of those bone crunching, fever making injections. whew!

The hospital I have my chemo in is Phelps, in Sleepy Hollow, NY. Just up the street is one of my favorite places to stroll, as I love cemeteries! This one, The Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, is a special one, as it is one of the oldest in our country, and is the resting place for Washington Irving, author of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow - the town's namesake.

(click on images for closer view)
I am tired and would rather not type/talk much, so I'll simply take you on a pictorial stroll through the grounds...

I love these angel faces

a peek
inside - revealed by a camera flash

some mausoleum doors are nicer than
our living, home front doors!

no redos here, when typos happen:
Susanna ...

Last, but not least, an update on my miracle pepper plant!!
For those of you that are newer to my blog,
I introduced my pepper plant back in the fall of 2008.

(mom plant right of watering can, babes to the left)
You can read about it's humble beginnings here and part two here, or do a search with "pepper plant" and follow it's complete journey! Started from an apparently sloppily eaten salad, this plant has nurtured me through back surgery, hand surgery, breast cancer, rainy days and sunny ones. It keeps on producing delicious sweet peppers. The mom plant is beginning to look a bit haggard, but she's got a virtual tree trunk to support her, and the 'babies' are making strides, bearing fruit of their own.
Nature sure is somethin' somethin'!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm not sure when I will next be able to post artwork next, due to troubles I'm having with my hands. So I'm going to take a few days, at least, to see if they improve. Wishing you all well!
with love,


  1. Amazing peppers in a pot! There's no denying it .... you have green fingers. One more session and all sounds good!!! Have the best weekend Karin.

  2. I'm so happy for you- all systems go for one more to go! The cemetery is amazing; I also love cemeteries. Those weird angel faces are too cool! You're over the hump now girl, and sailin' down the hill to the finish line! Hugs!

  3. I hope all is ok Karen, I am amazed at that pepper plant, so glad it is keeping you company.
    Cemeteries, I love them and this one is super special. Here we dont have carved angels like these, now I know where those angel faces originate from.
    Sleepy Hollow, I didnt know that there was an actual town named that. Thank you so so much for this post.
    Do hope this will be the last of the chemo.

  4. You little fighter! YAY! that's the spirit- take that you rallying liver! I do hope it all goes well- nearly done with it! GREAT! I send my usual admiration and truck full of LOVE!
    And a gentle squeeze! Your peppers are enviable- I grew one once- it looked like something that falls out of a nose...

  5. Thrilled for you that this will be your last round!

  6. SUCH great news about your tests, and that you're doing well enough to handle your final round of chemo. HOORAY!!

    And I love old cemetaries. I live very close to one, but I'm yet to take a stroll in it. You might have just inspired me to take my camera for a walk over there...

    So very very pleased for you that you're doing well. Just like your pepper plant!

  7. Have a great weekend Karin. What wonderful photos and very interesting. Thoughts and prayers are with you always. Take care, rest and be happy.

  8. Oh Karin, only one round to go? You are almost there and I´m so proud of you!!
    You are a lot in my thoughts these days and I keep on sending good vibes, strengths and energy to you. I don´t know if Reiki works or how it works, but every evening I take some extra time to close my eyes to beam all the good stuff your way - loads of!

    The photos of the cemetary are wonderful. Those carved angels almost look a bit like Inka-Art, don´t you think? There is a cemetery in austria vienna you would just love. It´s so huge and as weird it sounds when it comes to cemeteries - it looks so romantic, cause of all the beautiful crafting on the stones and tombs and very old trees.

    Your peppers are really amazing (just had to laugh about Linda Sues decription above "something that fell out of the nose, lol).
    Yours are so big! It´s so nice to harvest the own veggies, isn´t it?
    I have some very nice little Chili-trees who grow a huge ammount of fruits every year. The funny thing is I´m not allowed to eat them, cause of my condition, but I just love to see them growing and make little pressies for friends and family of it, like chili-oil and Chili-Pesto.

    But not only your plants are an ongoing miracle, you are one too, Karin. You rock being so brave and I KNOW you will earn your own very special fruits of that when the chemo and radiation will be over. I can´t wait for the day you will tell us your final round of your treatment is done and you can leave this painful chapter behind.


    Always ~ Bettina

  9. You were with me tonight and I asked everyone to sign your book as an affirmation for a safe journey back to health. I am sending you white light and much love. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  10. Your news is good - glad your body is fighting so hard to get you through this trial.

    The walk was amazing ! I would love to do rubbings of those angel faces - so different, primitive and sweet.

    Your peper is a fighter, just like you ! Just shows what a little love can do...
    Rest those beautiful hands and the rest of your body, Lovely Karin.
    Big Love to you !

  11. YOU are an ongoing miracle, Karin ... I am always reminded of the "little things" that can clear a cloudy soul ... like your yummy pepper plants, that exquisite little purple flower, and a serene walkabout ...

    Sending you love and presence for the next round of chemo ...


  12. Hi Karin! Have a great weekend and wishing you all the best. I agree that pepper plant is amazing :) Nature always surprised and amazes me...even though I realize how wonderful and strong nature really is...

  13. Oh Karin, I'm soooo pleased for you. You're a tough cookie, and have nothing but my admiration. You keep going. You can do it. You know you can.

    I too love cemeteries. I grew up next door to the town cemetery - at the end of my street. We all used to play in it as children and teenagers. It's a pretty big place, and there were many places to play in. There was the middle tree, which was a huge oak tree that we all used to climb and sit up. We used to hang around the outside of the toilets, which was pretty much at the entrance. Even adults used to hang out there. It was a meeting place. At the far end of the cemetery there was another tree which had a huge rope attached to it with a piece of wood on it. We used that as a swing, and we would swing out over the main road to Glasgow (a once very busy route). Next to that was the verge. It was a huge embankment of grass, which had a 30 degree angle or less. Very sharp. We used to roll ourselves down it. The very short wall of about 10inches was the only thing that prevented us from rolling off straight onto that main road. Not only was the road there but there was roughly a 12 foot drop onto the road! We had no fear whatsoever! One thing we all used to do was go round looking at the graves, many of which were 300-400 years old. We used to imagine the stories of the people who died. Brings back great memories. Thank you for sharing your photographs, and for sharing your great news. Stay well. x

  14. Hi Karin, thanks for visiting and your lovely, encouraging words on my blog. Your Dad sounds as tho' he's doing really well now. Oh to be as flexible as him!!! Your pepper plant is totally amazing with its propensity to produce such lush fruits. Nature is some kind of wonderful. I love cemeteries too and the one you show would keep me there for hours. I do hope you are treating yourself gently and that your treatment and its after effects are less harrowing this time around. Hope also that your hands don't keep you away from here for too long as you will be missed. Pen xxx

  15. Good to hear you are almost completed the chemo. Yay! And how auspicious that your pepper plant has gifted you with its fruits xxxJ

  16. Glad there is only one more round to go.

  17. Blimey girl, what are you made off? Tough as anything I'd say... wonderful news, I am delighted!

  18. Hi Karin,
    first of all i'm happy for you for almost completed the chemo.
    I love this post for i love old cemetaries as well.
    And great this pepper plant in a pt, giving you it's delicious fruit.

    Take care Karin, all the best for you.
    Sweet greetz!

  19. great news Karin!! all is well always! and knowing you will breeze thru the last of this and be feeling fantastic in no time! I love your pepper plant, it is just amazing and miraculous! xox

  20. It was so beautiful to read this post, that you can continue your treatments and hard too because those treatments come with a price for you...the angels on the stones are watching out for you as is your pepper plant and her babies, giving freely of their spirit to nourish you.
    White light, winged prayers and peaceful wishes to you. xox Corrine

  21. thank you for your lovely comment about Sox on my blog and I wish you a peaceful heart and heartful peace for your health.

    I like cemetaries, too, and when I was in Kolkata I in January I visited the South Park St. Cemetary (now closed) where all the old Brits are buried. what fabulous monuments, all helter- skelter, each one larger than the next with ginormous philodendren vines weaving everywhere....I must put some pics on my blog one day....the energy in the cemetary made me feel like dancing.

    I am blogrolling you on LYJ.

    take care.

  22. I've actually strolled through that same cemetery! In fact, I did some rubbings of some of the gravestones. How 'bout that!

    LOVED seeing the amazing pepper plant. I didn't even know she had a baby! Do they get to go out back on the patio in the summer?

    I've told you the story of my 87-year-old Mom and her pepper plants...well, she just planted some more on Thursday, so she'll be all set for her Hungarian stuffed peppers later this summer!

    You remain in my thoughts and prayers, Karin. Enveloping you in a Healing Golden-White Light...

  23. What a wonderful post! How you managed to post is so amazing.

    My second daughter and I love cemeteries. There is one in Saco, Maine, where she jogs. She loves to rest there and often talks to the departed. She says they are so friendly and agreeable! Hah! I love it.

    It is very encouraging to read all the heartfelt comments!

    Beautiful photography and subjects.

    Ah, the amazing pepper plants. Nature blows our minds again. Little blessing wonders, such as this, become big in our lives as they nurture us.

    Healing energy, thoughts and prayers are zipping through the wide universe to do there work in you.

    I don't have all the answers and most of the time I can't remember the questions, but I believe we can be healed and rejuvenated.

    In visiting your blog, to become better "acquainted" with you, I not only "saw" your work, and "read" your words, I "felt" the "spirit" of who you "are".

    You are gifted, you are compassionate, you are a giver. Our world and our people need you!

    I want you to be well for yourself too, to continue to savor your life, and to gather the good karma you have shared.

    We do what we can, to help all we can.

    Take care of you and post when you are able...we will be waiting, patiently.

    It is encouraging to read all the heartfelt comment.

  24. What a lovely old cemetary. I love the gravestones and the doorways. And that it is the real Sleepy Hollow
    I hope your weekend is lovely, and your next chemo treatment easier. And your heart is filled with color.... roxanne

  25. I love your photos. Thanks for keeping us posted on your progress. Hooray for you!

  26. yeah white cells!! go white cells!!

    sometimes i felt drunk on the good days.

    here's to many happy hangovers...


  27. I hope you are feeling well today, glad to hear the chemo went better than expected and testing too :-)
    My Beloved enjoys cemeterys in fact we just visited one here in Kerrville, just for fun. I much enjoyed the walk with you, there is comfort in remembering those that others forget.


    word verification - abler = you are more than able

  28. drop by when you catch your breath

  29. hello,

    thanks for the walk through the cemetary; a fav old thing to do up in New England for me. I was just looking at those old headstones too, from a site in Massachusetts.

    sending smiles!
    Those peppers have a sort of miracle grow inherent in their health, just as we do. Joy and health and light to your healing self.

  30. Hooray, hooray, hooray. What a milestone weekend. Your last one. Thank goodness! I hope you are doing okay. I hope the sun is greeting you with warm smiles each day this weekend.

    Thank you for the tour through the cemetery. I have been fascinated with old cemeteries since I was in college. I love them! Sadly, I never visited the one in Sleepy Hollow. Poor Susanna(h).

    And your pepper plant is an amazing buddy of yours! I had no idea they were perennial! I'm so happy to see that it is thriving and happily giving back to you.

    Take care, Karin. Rest and heal and dream of all the wonders you will create when your hands feel better.


  31. Such wonderful news, Karin, that all is clear. Continuing to send healing light and well wishes for your energy to return. Much love, bright one. xx

  32. Just stopping in to say you are in my thoughts & prayers today. Reinforcement for the good news! :)

  33. So happy the mammogram was clear. You seem to be on the home stretch now. And there is the miracle pepper tree brimming with joy!

    As for the walk, like many, I too love cemeteries and often stop to take photographs. The strange thing for me about this attraction is I never intend to be laid to rest in one or have a grave stone erected for me. I'd rather just be dust in the wind!

  34. thanks Robyn, yeah, I do have green fingers! I love plants and nurturing them. xox

    Aren't those angels cool Sharmon? I wonder if they are a Dutch thing - as they are in the old dutch area of the cemetery. I love some of their expressions - I didn't get a good variety here, but they range from smiling to grimacing!

    Hi Penny, I'm hanging in there. I'm enjoying reading just how many people enjoy cemeteries! Yeah, who knew how much comfort a pepper plant could provide ;-) One more chemo round, and I hope to never see an iv bag again!

    ha! Yes, my little rallying liver pulled through for me Linda Sue! I used to go to a yoga class where the teachers would lead is in warm ups that would have us tapping and saying out loud "I love my liver" or "I love my kidney". It seemed silly at first, but became something so fun and invigorating to focus on sending loving energy to those internal organs that usually get ignored - sight unseen! Yup - I love my liver :) I don't know what to say about a pepper that looks like something that drips out of ones nose!! you are hysterical :D

    Three more weeks Seth, and that will be it!!! thank you!

    Thank you Svasti. I would love living close to a cemetery! I hope to see some pics of yours soon ;-) xox

    Thank you Gloria, hope you've had a glorious holiday weekend and are well, too!

    Hi dear Bettina, yes, just one to go! Thank you so much for holding me in your thoughts - I sense you there my friend. Yes, the angels are very Inka like!
    This was a large pepper harvest! Most have been smaller, but this was a bumper crop! I used to have one of those little chili trees, too - that I didn't keep going so well :( Thank you for all your support, much love, Karin

  35. Thank you so much dear Mary Helen - I love knowing I'm with you on your special evening! and am so happy it was sauch a special one! ❤

    Hi Kim, yes, those angels are sweet and primitive - they just made me feel calmed. Thank you for being here dear one, big love to you, too! xo

    Thank you Jaliya - I yes, you are so right - it is the little things. That little purple flower was tiny - about the size of my pinky finger nail, and all by itself in a path of large purple and white clover, but it flashed itself at me, so delicately... it was a clearing moment... thanks for being here xox

    Many thanks Linda. Yeah, natures endurance is one of the most inspiring things!! best wishes to you, too :)

    Thanks Heather, and thank you for sharing your wonderful memories! I can picture the fullness of your child energy thrilling, rolling freely, juxtaposed against the starkness of the cemetery - something about that is very beautiful to me...

    Hi Pen, I am continuing to send good wishes for your dad's full recovery and a strong heart! Yes, I'm taking it very easy and being gentle - really I haven't got a lot of choice!! the days of post chemo doesn't allow for much else... but I must admit, I've pushed my hands for the rest of my sanity!! xox

    Thank you Jasmine xo

    Me too Cheryl!!! thanks :)

    Ha, thanks Whitney! xox

    Many thanks Momo luna :)

    Thank you Cat, from your lips...!!! xox

    Dear Corrine, thank you, yes, You are right, but all things worth fighting for come at a price, don't they? Here's to the rewards, like sweet tasting peppers and smiling angels, and supportive kind friends here, like you! Many thanks, xox

    You are welcome Linda, your post was touching and Sox was so well honored there. Isn't that wild - that a cemetery would bring on the desire to dance? I love that! I'll be looking forward to seeing your pics - and I'm adding you, too :)

    Hi EM, well that's cool! I wonder if they used to allow rubbings when you were there - they haven't allowed it since we've been coming :( Yes, I remember your grandmother keeping peppers, too! I should send you seeds from my momma plant for your grandmother!! thanks for your healing prayers, xox

    Hi Wild Magnolia! Yes, it is amazingly wonderful to read all these amazing and supportive comments. I am truly blessed. Thank you for adding your words and energy to the community, and for all the heart you are sharing. Many thanks

    Hi Roxanne, thank you, truly. yeah, isn't that fun? the real sleepy hollow :)

    You're welcome Rosa! and thank you!

    Ha! to be drunk on the good days, with happy white blood cell hang overs!! that's good Peshe, many thanks to you...

    thank you Paige, honestly? I've been better, but yes, I'm more than able, and must keep moving. Much peace to you, too.
    Thank you so much for the award - i'm smiling :)

    mansuetude, smiling here, and grateful for the reminder. Many thanks...

    dearest Bella, not quite my last one - just preceding it, with one to go, but still feels like a mile stone!! Ohhh Susanna(h)!! wasn't that funny?! Sometimes there are no do-overs. I think my pepper is foreverennial - or so I'm hoping!! xoxox

    Thank you Carol Anne, I'm taking it in xox

    xox WM :)

    Thank you Sonia - I am 100% with you. I have no intentions of being buried - would much rather be carried away by the wind...

  36. Karin, I have been here several times but I did not leave a message because I was thinking of you. I was thinking of you in relation to my present series and sometimes I just don't want to comment when I feel I should be happier but am not. Your comment is so heartbreaking. How I wish I can extend my arms and wrap you in a wam and loving embrace because right now, that is what I feel. Take care my dearest sisterfriend. Oh Karin. All I can do is love you, and I feel that is not enough sometimes.

  37. Karin,
    I am so excited about the go and the white blood cells. I still know you are hurting and I will continue to have you in my prayers and thoughts.I love your walk, that is a fav of mine to walk in a cementary. The stones and the words are so beautiful.
    So your yellow pepper is looking wonderful.
    Rest and meditate my friend.


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