Monday, May 31


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  1. Hey K
    The ability to stand in the center looking to the sorrow and then to the joy, the capacity to hold to the middle way without distraction...this is a moment to moment accomplishment.

    Time and again your imagery offers the way through.
    Thank you for this...

    gentle cyber hugs all about you

  2. It takes, as you say, Faith at the height of battling the demons to bring us to Awakening.

    Be blessed this day.

  3. Such powerful images Karin. Your strength is carrying you through in amazing opening ways. Corrine

  4. Your collages are fabulous- you must have a knack for finding the best stuff to cut up! Putting it together as you do is where the real artistry shows up! You are genius! I HEART you, big time!

  5. I believe I came here from "Ces"...

    And I'll be Bach--from steveroni, because I blogrolled you. That sounds bad--blogrolled. Oh well. I am running in a minute and MUST come back here. So tonight when I SHOULD be sleeping, I'll return and see what wonderful blog you have.

    And I shall pray for you, and your doctors. I can do THAT while riding, and I will!

  6. I love these collages and also your courage.

  7. thankful for it every day, in joy and in sorrow, peace and pain.
    Thank you for this incredible reminder.
    Big Love, Beautiful One !

  8. looks like someone got a head start on me with her journaling. Good for you!! If I could lift my head off the stupid couch I'd be right there with you, marshaling my resources for teaching this week... talk to you soonest, best & blessings

  9. Karin, your courage and strength inspire me. Your art encourages me because it shows a way through. Sending love.

  10. Am thinking of your smiling health. And the height of sorrow as a phrase, too. I like it. To visual sorrow up high like a soaring eagle. Part of the dance. Not just a heaviness. It quite transforms thought of that word.

    Blessings ang joy to u

  11. Fabulous images, Karin, and, oh yes, faith and awakening. Such a powerful message and such an enlightening journey. Bright wishes, dear one, and much love as you go about your day. xx

  12. Hey D, These collages are my current way for dealing with the ever present distraction that comes, for me in the form of physical pain. While trying to simply be still I found myself driven to the brink of madness this weekend. Though I knew working would make the physical pain worse, I also knew it was the only way I would be able to move past the 'distraction', and it worked. As soon as I started working, I felt the pain move to the back ground, the dark thoughts fade, the faith return. One day I hope to be able to 'hold the middle way' on my own... xox

    Yes, I believe it does wild magnolia - from beginning to end! blessings to you, too.

    Thank you Corrine, I think there are many elements helping with this carry - including everyone here. namaste

    Thanks Linda Sue - I probably ought to do a post on just my collage resources! but my favorites are old calendars (I chose calendars with the following year's collages in mind!!) and recently my favorite magazines have been Parabola, The Sun, Arts of Asia, the newspaper, and old back issues of The Utne Reader. I am a huge lover of jigsaw puzzles, I think that helps with my collage technique ;-) I ❤ you big time, too, my friend!! xo

    Hi Steveroni, welcome and thank you! So glad you've come by for your short visit, and hope you'll find time to linger soon :) thanks so much for your prayers - they are much welcomed and appreciated.

    many thanks HW. xox

    You are welcome Kim. I realize that there are certain people that are faith triggers, and you are one of those, as a Faith-Full friend here in blog land. love, K

    dang that stupid couch :) rest well deb, you deserve some down time - talk soon. xox

    Oh, thank you Robyn. I am touched by your words. much love to you.

    Yes, I do believe there can be lightness in sorrow mansuetude - your taking it to the eagles flight and part of the dance works for me :) we move, we transform... and smile on!

    Thank you Carol Anne xo

  13. I must come here more often. You have a wonderful blog.

  14. Your pages are so expressive and emotive. I love the way that looking at them makes me feel - from the joyous to the painful. Coming to visit you here always helps my view of the world. Thank you for your lovely recent visits to my blog and your kind words. Penny x

  15. You have so much courage to have such faith - you are an inspiration to me and so many others. I just wish it didn't have to hurt so bad. Thanks for posting the lovely photos below as well - I'd love to visit that cemetery (a walking tour of course:) Hope your hands start to improve!!

  16. When I'm tired from trying and I want to give up, you, your images, your words make me change my mind.

    I can't describe how much inspiration you spread.

    hugs, hugs and hugs.

  17. My dearest Karin,

    I shall return and linger. I have to rush today though, gotta go to work but I wanted to greet you a pleasant morning. I think of you and pray for the best for you.


  18. What a mixture of images. Feels like an emotional roller coaster, much like a nightmare. It started off with scary, angry demons, but I'm glad it ended with peace and faith.

    Kisses to you. Hope you're hanging in there okay.

  19. I just wanted to tell you I really like your blog. You are a very kind, brave, caring, sincere and special person and I am putting you in my prayers, I hope you don't mind. Thank you for letting us share with you!
    Many blessing to you.


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