Tuesday, February 17

February 16

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Remember my pepper plant?  If not, click here to get the scoop on it from my previous post.  
Anyway, for those that know the story, here are some updated photos of it's progress!
There were several new flower buds a couple weeks ago, but they dropped - 
guess it needed the energy for this little guy, turning it's golden yellow, readying for munching.  
Note the baby plants from my last harvested pepper, and it's seeds.  
The mamma plant is now a year and a half old :)


  1. Congrats on the pepper baby ! Yum !

    Like your figure, I am not sure if that Dark is always a bad thing either. A way to be still when the rest is just too much maybe...like that place above pain but not really in the light either...

    You sure bring us places, Miss Karin.

    May the light be gentle today.

  2. hey karin,
    it was lovely to see you yesterday. so glad i got to show you my art. and can't believe i got to touch the miracle pepper plant! you should sell tickets and tell people it brings miracles:) and if you think that is somewhat funny, watch the movie "henry poole is here". it is slow going, but awesome...
    hope you had a good night and day today... i spent it doing errands. blech. love you,

  3. Isn't that wonderful. In the dead of winter, life springs forth in all her glory (and she's a beauty!).

    I had to laugh when I saw this post, because my 85-year-old Mom (and fellow pepper grower) was just telling me yesterday, "I want an even BIGGER garden this year!" You two gals and your peppers must be on the same wavelength. :D

  4. Gorgeous art, as always. This one feels like... this is how it must be for a lot of people. Certainly is for me. There's the external world, which can burn us if we don't take care.
    Then there's the solace of our inner world or night self (don't ask me how I'm drawing these parallels) where its soothing, relaxing and we can just be ourselves.

    Congrats on the pepper, too. I love growing things. I'm not terribly good at it but I do okay with herbs. So much fun! :)

  5. I relate to your pages. Darkness can be a balm. A time when you can let the mask slip for a while.

    It must be quite a thrill watching that pepper grow.

  6. Nothing quite like the natural sustenance of Mother Earth. Keep sharing the joy!

  7. Love the sun side. No, no the moon side. No, no the colors.No,no...

    Quess I love it all, lol


  8. these seem to be your 'signature colors....' I just hope the pages, though telling and aren't indicative of your need to escape! if you do, though, let me know and I'll come too!

  9. Love the moon/dark...The moon always speaks to me! More than that, I love the brush strokes as well as the colours.

    Still another week of work to go...can't wait to get back to my blog. Miss the interacting with the big wide world!

    Stay well, Karin!

  10. vibrant! great works! i admire your works

  11. I just came here to update my thank yous to you all and see that my original comment never posted :( but I had written back, up to the point when Robyn had replied... oh well. I think I'm going to keep it simple and just say thank you to every one. i didn't realize just how many people enjoy cozying into the dark side as much as I do! Svasti, you've said it perfectly for me, describing why slipping inward can be comforting, if not down right seductive!
    thanks again everyone,

  12. Karin,

    I am working on my winter newsletter and was wondering if you would consider submitting your art piece here (Feb. 16) with a little statement about what it means for you (the process of creating or the product or both). My winter newsletter is all about reflection and going deep (listening to your body) and this piece would fit so well. Of course, I would include a link to your blog and whatever else you'd like me to do so people will find you and your wonderful work! Let me know, and thanks for considering this!

    All the best,


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