Saturday, February 20

days in a daze

It's been several days since I've turned the computer on. I haven't had the energy or where with all to do much of anything. All strength seemed to be drained completely from my body, so I've been sleeping - a lot - but not much else.

But before the veil descended, I began constructing my mandala journal, and I have been recording the progress step by step with photos and video. I thought I'd share a teaser with a few shots, but in time I will have the process readied to share with you in full. I have used spackle compound to create the texture and the pages are all paper mach├ęd cardboard. I'm pretty pleased with how it's coming along and look forward to regaining the strength I need to put it all together!

Thank you for bearing with me while I ride the tides of chemo and all that comes with healing. While I am visiting you and posting less consistently, as I listen to the messages my body sends, I want you to know my thoughts and thanks are with you daily.


  1. Karin, this is so exciting. It is absolutely wonderful. The colours, the texture - but what I express is inadequate.
    I am very excited. :)

  2. Ms. Karin-cakes- this is really cool! the texture- the delicious colours! You are an amazing soul- know that you are appreciated and marveled at.

  3. Isn't that funny- two comments coming in at the same time using the same words! Funny! Simpatico!

  4. ooh, love that "karin bartimole" texture... can't wait to see your mandala journal expand... oh, i wanted to let you know that i plan to take the journal you made for me to india again this march! i am going to cut a bunch of watercolor paper so that i have many more white pages to fill while i am there.
    the gift that keeps on giving:)
    love you,

  5. Hi Karin,

    The colors and all that texture... amazing.
    Sending you my healing prayers and hoping you feel better soon!


  6. Those colours ... those colours!!

    The life in you surges, deep and sure ...

    Sending huge love, all the time. Be well xoxoxoxoxo

  7. Wow this is so powerful, I hope the energy that is coming from this can be turned inwards to heal. I can see the pain you are experiencing and I hope it lessen it's anger through some kind and caring syber thoughts!!!
    Big hug

  8. I am drooling over these colors. I want my house decorated in these now!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you daily. Sleep is good. It's how the body heals.


  9. beautifull mandalas' construction! your work is so nice

  10. looks good so far.

    rest, is not always just idle as it may appear. the Melatonin level increase makes for better healing.

  11. Karin,
    It is good to see you and your wonderful colors and texture. You were in my thoughts yesterday and I hope my good energy of peace reached you my friend.
    Take care,

  12. What glorious texture on your mandala book.
    Glad you got a smile from my silliness. ;)

    Rest, get stronger, soak up the healing...
    Love to you, Beautiful Karin.

  13. These are stunning. The colors and textures just sing. Wishing you the best with your treatments.

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  15. Stunning work, Karin. The colours are so vivid. It's always inspiring to see your work.

    Take your time, dear one, and go with the flow. Focus on the healing and everything that you need right now.

    Thinking of you and sending love & bright wishes. xx

  16. cara mia, your tease is wonderful. rest, rest, rest...
    am sending love, love, love...

  17. This is really beautiful. looking forward to see it progress

  18. sending you peaceful, healing thoughts and prayers.
    I'm looking forward to seeing how this new project unfolds.

  19. I am excited to see the end result, your teaser looks so pleasing.

    You rest well. Sleep can be energising. Sending lots of love xJ

  20. This looks beautiful, I was thinking of your mandala journal this week when watching teh documentary proteus, if you haven't seen it it would make a great distraction on a less energetic day!! Blessings

  21. Absolute perfection already achieved and yet I know when once again you touch these perfect images you have created they will come into their full potential.

    Sometimes, Karin, I admit, I almost feel guilty wanting so much from you when all I should want is for you to be well...but your work and words are like a drug and I am addicted. I thrive on your inspiration!

  22. Karin, this looks fantastic; I can't wait to see it finished! My thoughts and prayers are with you daily, and I know you will soon be healed. xxoo

  23. Hi Zom, thanks! it's definitely one of my favorite surfaces to work on!

    Linda Sue, you are too kind :) glad you like xox

    Hey jennifer, so glad the journal will be joining you on your journey again! I wondered if it might :) I thought I had cut water color pages as well as sketch ones... glad you can keep adding to it! love you, too, K

    thanks Manon, I am steadily feeling more myself. xoxo

    Thank you Jaliya, big hugs and love to you my friend!

    I think every time I get to work with colors and textures healing happens Manon! thank you for the cyber thoughts and hug :) xox K

    :) d & xox 2u

    Ha! yes, these are yummy colors to be surrounded with aren't they EM?! Have you ever wanted to live in the southwest? Between these colors and your attraction to those mexican cabinets in my dining room, you seem to be at home with the southwest style!
    yes sleep is good - I must be getting a whole lot of healing done :) xox

    Many thanks to you Valerie!!

    Thanks Paige, yes it can be good medicine for both brain and body, can't it?

    thank you Katelen I so appreciate your good thoughts. xo

    Yes, you did make me smile Kim!! I love seeing you really getting into your art :) hugs and love

    Thank you for your good wishes Seth. Glad you like the covers, too :)

    Thank you very much LC!

    Hi Carol Anne, many thanks. Yes, going with the flow is key, even if I wish I had more energy I need to pay attention to what is best and take it easy. thank you for the good wishes, love to you!

    ahhh Cat, thank you!!❤❤❤

    thanks Alexi, me too :)

    Hi Susan, thank you for the healing you are sending, it's greatly appreciated.

    Hi Deb, thanks for the recommendation - I haven't seen Proteus, or even heard of it. I'll check it out!

    Sonia, you words have really made me feel good - I have laughed and am also moved - thank you. I now feel inspired.

    Thank you Sharmon! I am so grateful for your prayers.

    I can't express deeply enough how much every single one of your prayers, positive thoughts, and caring comments help to reenergize and inspire me on. When the weight of fatigue, pain or nausea feel like too much I sense all of your support and am carried over the humps of the challenges I face. I thank you each with all my heart.
    love and deep gratitude, Karin

  24. sending much love and prayers for healing Karin. Rest well dear one. The art materials will be waiting for you when you are ready...and we will be too.

  25. Karin,

    I can't wait to see more! Also, just wanted you to know that Jackie and I were thinking of you this weekend (and sending energy and healing thoughts). We visited an art gallery and saw a piece (mosaic) that reminded us of your beautiful work.

    Here's to sleep and getting well -- with loads of love, too!

    =) Liz

  26. Beautiful! I love your work. Sending you healing wishes x

  27. healing is such hard work... and so darned frustrating! I'm glad you're listening and taking care of yourself. This is going to be an extremely cool journal! Most great things take time...
    love, p

  28. Beautiful colors here, and such a global, earthy feeling to these pieces. Sending healing prayers and blessings. roxanne

  29. So lovely. Goood good feelings.
    <3 I love to see your creations!

  30. I notice it's been a week now since you've posted here and I just want to let you know that I'm sending some thoughts over the Atlantic to you...I wish you well.

  31. I'm thinking of you and sending energy and love your way. can't even begin to imagine the journey but just keep walking!!

  32. Aaah ..... the colour combination is so striking. I can't wait to hear more about it, when you are feeling better. It looks padded and stitched? Sending love.

  33. You have been in my prayers...sleep can be healing and even though I may not want to admit it...I need extra sleep after my injections. The mandalas are so unbroken circle of persistence and determination. Is there anything you might need? Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  34. hello karin, thanks for visiting my blog. i have seen your comments to renee and i recognized your avatar immediately.

    you are very talented. do you know marianne who does mandalas also, in every which way.

    i've had a chance to browse some of your previous posts, back to mid january. i will be back because i really enjoy what you do. i saw renee's comment and i almost started crying. how we miss her, huh?

    karin, i hope you feel better every day. i imagine this is not the best time to be dealing with renee's illness. i'm glad we are able to support one another.


  35. Hi Karin,

    I just popped over from KJ's blog. Your avatar peeked my interest.

    Your work is beautiful and I love the pictures of snow from your windows.

    Please stop by the respite sometime. You might find more kindred spirits.

    much love


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