Monday, March 1

I still haven't bound this mandala journal, but I began working on one of the pages yesterday anyway, feeling the need to push myself into doing some creating. I think I must have been glimpsing ahead into spring and even further into the heat of future summer days!
The pages is made from papier mâchéd cardboard, using arabic news papers as the background, with a gessoed circle centered in the page for my mandala making.
I find myself still in slug mode, struggling to put much energy into anything beyond reading and snoozing. I don't want to get too comfortable in this space, but I won't push myself unnecessarily either. Ideas continue to percolate, which feels good - I just have a problem engaging my physical being when it comes to carrying out those ideas!
So for now the pages lie stacked beside the waiting covers, and soon I hope to follow through on binding and sharing the full process.

As many of you know, and experienced, we had a winter storm of historical proportions last friday! Here are a few shots I took to document it's beauty.
Looking out the upstair window into our dogwood tree's branches
you can see a small window where the branches opened.
The view was like a rabbit hole into an icy world of
pure white light, dangerously hypnotic.

I took two photos out of my studio window - one as the storm began,
with inches of slush falling on Thursday,
and the next is what we woke to the following morning on Friday.
Many more inches fell to a final total of about 20.

We were among the very lucky, never losing our power,
being only mildly inconvenienced with cancellations,
which was worth the quiet beauty we were able to experience
in the safe comforts of home.
click any picture for a closer view


  1. wow, really liking your mandala journal. the colors are making me smile - yes - you must be channeling spring/summer (or india!!!)
    hugs to you,

  2. Your mandal breathes Spring. So beautiful!

    Its good to hear you are taking things slow and keepiong bright.

    I'm sure all these ideas will germinate and come to fruition soon.

    Stay well. Sending love and healing thoughts xJ

  3. The snow photos are really gorgeous- inspiring! Full blown spring here! My studio came perilously close to fire this morning! scary! Snow would have prevented this disater I think...maybe not- transients trying to keep warm.
    Love what you are doing as usual- I see no origami in the mix and that is a very good thing!

  4. The mandala is just gorgeous!! Don't push yourself too hard.... be gentle with yourself.
    We've also had record snow in Ohio!! I'm ready for the melt!

  5. Karin,
    I can completely relate to both feeling like a slug and ideas percolating...REST is so important for healing. It is highly underrated in our society...when you are ready to do more you will...for now rest, heal...allow those brilliant creative ideas to continue to percolate...and before you know it your strength and creative energy will all bloom abundantly.

    Oh and of course your mandala is gorgeous!
    be gentle to yourself dear one,

  6. the storm looked very scary from here. glad you are indoors ;-)
    you have been mentioned at my place

    I so look forward to seeing the binding process

  7. gorgeous Mandala! maybe you should work all the pages and THEN bind the journal!!!
    your snow shots are exquisite!

  8. your mandala is so nice, they are big! i do very little mandalas some times; i should do like you, put them on a journal.
    i also love the winter pictures
    your mandals are great

  9. A beautiful mandala, Karin, and such enchanting snow scenes. Good to hear that you're going with the flow and that ideas are also surfacing. It is a time for healing and rebirth. Love & bright wishes. xx

  10. Be gentle with yourself and your soul...finish your pages at your leisure...time is a gift you give yourself to heal. I think of you each morning...sending you calm white healing light. Send me you address if you feel like it. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  11. Beautiful. I just love looking at your art! Could stare at it all day...


  12. I love the mandala, and I'm glad you're feeling well enough to do some creating! Keep healing!
    love and hugs to you always.

  13. I am so glad you are able to create. I hope good energy blows your way and surrounds you.
    I love your work of the mandala. I wish I could just come and sit and watch you create and learn from you my friend.
    Take care.

  14. hmmm, maybe that's it! thinking about your trip to India niggled into my brain! I thought maybe an infusion of color might perk me up, then once done and looking at it I saw the seasons unfolding. I'm reading a memoir that takes place in Bhutan - maybe her colorful descriptions helped, too... xo

    Hi Jasmine, that's what I need to believe. I like the idea of 'going slow and keeping bright'! I will keep that, thank you. wellness and love to you, too!

    Yikes! A studio fire is not good thing! Glad you avoided disaster Linda Sue :) heh - no, there is no origami on board currently!!

    Oh, I know - Ohio has been buried! My sister is in your neck of the woods, and my dad and brother up in the Cleve area - it's been non stop for you guys. i hope the signs of spring are greeting you soon Manon!!

    Thank you freakin' much Isha!!

    Hi sister slug!! Yes, this can be the germination stage, and hopefully with springs warming the growth and fruition of ideas will begin to crack open the encasing fatigue that's been wrapped around me. Thanks for your support Laura, and I send healing wishes for you, too.

    Hi Paige - Yeah, it was a pretty powerful storm, which we were near the eye of, so had much calmer winds than many. We lucked out and just got to enjoy it's beauty. thank you so much for the link share!!

    Hi Cat, I did think of that, but decided I prefer working in the bound form - the knocks and wearing of a journal is part of the beauty for me, where as working on each page individually keeps things a bit too pristine!

    I usually work with a smaller format, too Valerie. These pages are 9x9 inches, or about 23 cm squared, and I'm enjoying the feel of this much room!

    Thank you Carol Anne, I'm trying to become more comfortable with this slow pace! I need to focus on that fact - that I am healing and need the extra rest. xox

    "Time is a gift you give yourself to heal" thank you for the reminder Mary Helen! and thank you for your daily healing thoughts - I'll be in touch!

    aw thanks Liz! xox

    Thanks Sharmon, me too - it felt good to put paint to paper! love, to you

    Thank you Katelen - that would be fun, to be able to gather and create together!! xox K

    grateful hugs to all!!

  15. I hopped over from Paige's page. I live next door to your east, over on Cape Cod.

    Beautiful, unique projects you have in progress with the mandellas Think I may have visited here a long time ago n saw other completed ones- rings a bell.

    Beautiful snow pics also! I't's snowing here today, but we haven't had close to 2 feet since Xmas week. Still, 4 storms so far, had to work, drive, n shovel my way in n out all 4!

    Happy melting!
    Should get warmer by the end of the week in the NorthEast I hear-


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