Friday, February 12

Snow inspires!

snow mandala

Along with a good part of the country, we had some dramatic wintery weather hit us hard yesterday, and there's only one thing I love more than a thunderstorm (when it comes to weather) and that is a big snow storm! I got what I love and became inspired...

Here are views from a front window,
and out back through my studio window,
about midway through the storm.

The falling flakes brought the mandala imagery to my mind...

First I drew a circle, and poked holes in the pattern above.
Using hemp string, I made a knot in each hole -
I guess it's something like a french knot in embroidery.

Here is the back side of the stitching, and the gessoed front

Next I drew out my design and began painting...

click images for closer view

As the sun was setting, I had the need to get myself out into the snow,
and with the help of my husband, we made a snow man.

and today I took a few more shots in the daylight


  1. An amazing mandala. I began a mandala last night in Lynne H's nearly there book. Very simple design ut so energising, especially with all of the pre colour and stamps on each page. I'm not entirely sure how to finish the piece off ut love your french knot idea. I think I will have to try that on my next mandala. It gives an amazing quality to your piece.

    I love your snow people. Sending healing thoughts xx

  2. I've said it before, but you are one of my favourite artists! Such an incredible snow flake mandala and only you could create a snow man with such a lively looking face :)

  3. your mandala is great! and i also like the snow picture

  4. Best looking snowman I've ever seen and I'm smiling at the beautiful images you've posted today. I'm so glad you had fun. Only you would come up with such a unique way of creating the snow effect on your mandala. French knots and gesso! I love it!

  5. I love the idea of you and your husband playing in the snow ! Talk about some healing time !
    And of course, that is no ordinary snowman. What a remarkable face - I expect him to start speaking...did he ?

    The mandala is beautiful. Such patience to tie all those knots. And the end result is so lovely and delicate.
    Some fine living your are doing, beautiful Karin.
    Love and blessing to you !

  6. completely glorious snowflake Mandala, darlin' K, and the scenes out of your window are pure winter wonderland magical child let's get on our snow suits and get outside and play!! made all the more perfect...with a snow man on top...that's the way to 'do Ol Man Winter!

  7. I like the mandala especially the pink! thanks for showing your process

  8. Beautiful, the snow inspired you and then your photos inspired the next verse of poem I've been working on...

    bit by bit all things fall into proper place and we land there too just in time

    BTW I tried your sewing trick for a tree I did---LOVE it!

  9. you look so cute with the snowflakes reflected in your glasses! your snow mandala is awesome! love the knots and how fun to make a snowman! what a lovely post! xoxox

  10. Such enchanting snow scenes and wonderful creations, Karin. I love the mandala. Such brilliant energy! Bright wishes, dear one. xx

  11. Oh my dear Karin, I see a giant white sugar frosted doughnut on the table, yum yum! I thought about you being up there with all that snow. The weather is isn't any better - grey, cold and rainy.

    I see your hand all bandaged up. Yet you must continue creating, I totally understand. Be safe and may your heart be warm and your head cool.

  12. thanks for the how-to on the mandala - I've never done one but now I may just try it out!
    the last snowman looks like Mr. Bill! In an arty way, of course:)
    hugs and snow angels

  13. Lovely mandala. It feels cold, but in a good way ;)

    Wow, look at all that snow.

  14. oh, this mandala is so beautiful karin... and the stitching - you know i'm crazy about that...

    but, i think the most beautiful image in this post is you standing beside the snow man. can you see me smiling? : )


  15. What a lovely post, snow shots and a beautiful mandala.

  16. amazing mandala and thanx for showing us. is that bandage on your arm from carpal tunnel syndrome?? i have had that, do take care. love the snow man too, but i think we'v ehad enough snow.

  17. The mandala is wonderful, Karin; thanks for sharing your process with us! The snow man rocks- looks like a nice guy, is he attached? (not very hot, but are looks really that important?)

  18. I too love the snow and we have also been blessed with so much of it in the past several weeks. Love the your snow inspired work and always love to come to your space. Healing thoughts always to to you Karin.


  19. I love your mandala...the stitching is a great idea! But that snowman-WoW what an awesome face...and even more awesome is that you went outside to play!

    So happy to know that you had fun in the beautiful snow Karin.

  20. Your snowman has such great character and soul! I can see why your art was so inspired!

  21. Mandalas communicate on so many differant levels and this one is beautiful.It made me feel the wonderment of a snowflake. Thank you

  22. Many thanks for all your snowman and mandala admiring comments everyone!! I've been feeling under the weather, or I would answer you each - I hope to be back on top again soon...
    x❤x Karin

  23. You still have the coolest blog there is!!!! super codos from us here at the "My note's from the emotional minefield crowd... Jess

  24. a beautiful snowflake mandala, i love the colours and texture.. mr snowman is pretty cool too :) sending healing wishes.. hope you are feeling better x

  25. Hope you're feeling better. Sending healing thoughts your way.

  26. The mandala is absolutely beautiful. How generous you are to share the whole process.

    As for the outdoor views, it is in keeping with the art of Feng Shui that every window in your home present a beautiful vista. It certainly looks like you've achieved this.

    Hope the days are filled with healing energy. xox

  27. Wow Karen, this is really beautiful! I love mixing all the media, skills and textures. I miss the snow, when I was in Canada I used to spend so much time catching snowflakes on my black wollen gloves and staring at them in wonder.
    Hope you're feeling ok.

  28. Thank you so much for showing these pictures of the steps to making this piece. I found it fascinating to see the progress and it gives me such a better idea of the work that you put into each page you make!!

  29. Well, what everyone else said is what I want to say also. The snowman is fun and we all need that. This mandala is so beautiful, I love the idea of the knots and the paint.
    happy days,

  30. Amazing mandala! I enjoyed seeing the process also! Thanks for sharing it


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