Saturday, January 2

January 1

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May the new year free us from desire;

we are All, already.


  1. I've been writing on a feature length script and haven't had much time for blogging. Your blog is such a beautiful miracle. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I see you balancing between heaven and earth, pain and well being. you are such an inspiration!
    all is well always....

  3. Just love your work, Karin. Inspirational! x

  4. This page is amazing Karin, and if this is the first offering of the year then I can't wait to see more.

    Today I read a post in the Festival of trees. It described trees as bridging the gap between heaven and earth. This picture shows that well s I always feel closer to the natural heavens when near trees and a wonderfully lit full moon x

  5. Karin, beautiful artwork that just send me to a whole nuther realm! LOVE love LOVe! I am collecting aceo's for the breast cancer awareness show in the fall at the Blue Horse Gallery ( you can see on my recent posts)- if you send a couple I will hang them- my intent is to hang them on a line across the gallery- by that time I may have enough. anyway, if you have the time please consider. Your art would be the BEST of the lot!!!

  6. Beautiful art and beautiful wish for 2010. Thanks so much for your friendship and I hope for many good things for you and your journey in 2010.

    Take care my friend!

  7. Can there be any better way ti start the new year than with your roots firmly planted in the ground and your branches reaching to the high heavens. xox

  8. yes we are...

    beautiful and powerful, as always...


  9. Rooted and growing...what more could we ask for? She's lovely Karin...I feel her strength...your strength flowing freely.

    Happy New Year!

  10. Awesome !!!!
    A image I'll keep in my mind !!

    thank you Karin.
    Happy New Year !!

  11. What a fabulous sentiment, but of course I have such great expectations whenever I visit you! Happy New Year, may it be healthy for you!

  12. A great message for the beginning of a new year, Karin. Have you thought of making prints of your inspirational art and quotes?

  13. Here push over, let me help you carry that.

    I love you so much Karin, and that I know you know.

    Love Renee xoxo

  14. Never had real roots, I'm not sure if I would be able to live rooted somewhere :-)
    I love the work, though, and I still think you should go BIG .. really BIG with your artwork.
    Hope you're feeling well

  15. I love you, how are you feeling today.

    Or is that just a stupid question.


  16. Hi karin, just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy new year. Just got your card- thank you so much. I still have yet to get your little package in the mail. Going to go tomorrow!

  17. Thank you Rybiooka, to you, too!

    Hi Robert, nice to hear from you. Thanks so much, and I hope your writing is going well, and that 2010 brings your vision to fruition!

    Thank you Cat, yes, all is well,
    always in all ways. xxoo

    Thank you Carol Anne!!xo

    Hi Jasmine - I love the reading you did, how perfect!! I do feel that way about trees, so to join with their strength seems what I need at this time. xox

    Hi Linda Sue, thank you!! I'd be happy to participate - thanks for inviting me! Just email me with the info.

    You are welcome Liz, and thank you - I've enjoyed *meeting* you and sharing through our art and shared experiences! Here's to more in 2010 :) xxoo

    That's pretty much what I'm thinking Sonia!! It helps me envision a gathering of much needed strength...

    thanks lynne, xo

    Thank you Laura, a happy new year to you, too!

    Thanks Maria, and you are welcome :) and the best to you this new year.

    thanks Deb!

    Hi Robyn, actually no, I haven't really thought about having prints made. I think partly because I see the split from 2 pages from being in a journal, and that seems odd to me for a reproduced format - does that make sense?! I want to make larger independent pieces using the imagery from my journal, but haven't been up to that task yet. It's something to work on though, thank you!

    Join me Renee, it's weightless and wonderful :) yes, I do know, and return the love, too. xxoo

    These roots are symbolic for gathering strong earth energy, Gypsy, able to work in stillness and motion, and they do not stay stuck in one place, so wander on and soak up the power :) thank you, I agree, big would be great! hopefully some day soon...

    I'll keep you posted Renee. Off to the oncology radiologist today, and more blood work, so I could be better :-P

    Hi Bridgette, dang, that took forever to get to you!! Happy new year to you, too :)

  18. Happy New Year Karin!
    Wow, I created a very similar "self portrait" of myself as a tree a couple years ago. It reminds me to "grow, stay rooted, branch out, reach for the light" I know this image will give you strength and balance as it has for me. Best wishes in your healing process.

  19. I love what Jasmine said about trees bridging heaven and earth... and you always portray them so beautifully. Let's look forward to a challenging but successful year...

  20. Karin you just put into words so much more eloquently than I could exactly what it is about. No time for non essentials, no time for unnecessary questions. We just need to deal with what we are dealing with.

    Love Renee xoxo

  21. Thinking about you today Karin...sending reiki!

  22. I am focused on you today. Can you feel it.


  23. Grounded and growing..You are in my thoughts today and may you know you are loved.

  24. Thanks Rosa, funny how some imagery truly is universal!

    Yes, lets Patti! I agree - the trees are the best at bridging the best of two worlds!! xo

    I think you said it well Renee - that's how I knew just what you meant :) love 2u xo

    thank you Laura!! xoxox

    I can Renee, I can!!

    Thank you Katelen, I certainly am feeling it here today - I am blessed!!

  25. Such a beautiful wish and a beautiful painting as well! I love the colours a lot, the tree, the sky and the moon.
    All the best for you in 2010!

  26. Choosing to detach from expectations is such an peaceful mental place to exist in. Thanks for inspiring your visitors to remember how it feels to be truly free.


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