Thursday, December 31

happy blue moon new year

Wishing a bon voyage to 2009
and a welcoming aloha to 2010!

Sending out prayers, to one and all,
for a blessed and harmonious new year.
May it bring us the insight and vision

to see beauty in the every day,
sacred in the most difficult,

similarities within difference,

and grace in each other.

♥ with love, Karin


  1. thank you for everything this past year, karin...

    and yes, may we see the oneness and beauty in every moment of the coming year...



  2. Your words filled me with pure comfort...I am so glad we have connected with one another. There is such promise in a full Blue Moon opening 2010. Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. Karin, through your art and your thoughtful words and comments you epitimize this prayer. You bring us beauty and insight every day; you show us the sacred even in your most difficult days; through your blog, people's differences are overshadowed by their similarities; and grace abounds. I LOVE this prayer; you LIVE this prayer!

    My wish for you this year and always: Health and Happiness!

    Sonia xox

  4. Boy I love the picture of the trees below that you painted.

    I love you mostly though, that you know.

    Happy New Year.

    Love Renee xoxox

  5. All the best for a happy and healthy 2010, Karin!

  6. Happy New Year to you Karin : ) May you have many peaceful and wonderful moments. thank you for all your special prayers and especially your gifted, insightful energy - the Universe is enriched by it : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ : )

  7. Everything of the best for 2010 Karin. Happiness, Health, Love, Peace and Grace.

  8. beautifull post, happy new year

  9. Karin,
    I hope this year brings you more peace, less pain and healing.
    Thank you for bringing so much into my life with your art and words and your wonderful soul.

  10. Blessings and sweet peace to you, beautiful Karin, in this New Year and always.

  11. Bright wishes to you, Karin, for health, happiness, and healing. May 2010 be filled with magical moments. Love. xx

  12. to you, too Jude.

    you are welcome lynne. I am grateful for the evolution of our connection this year. love k

    I'm happy to be part of your 2010 imaginings Mary Helen - we'll make it so! best to you entering 2010. xo

    Dear Sonia, I feel humbled by your words, and grateful you feel them here! thank you. xox k

    Thanks Renee, likewise my friend, as you know!! love,love

    Many thanks Delphyne! Wishing you the same :)

    Thank you so much Sandra, and thank you for supporting me here with your presence. Blessings to you and yours in 2010!!

    My prayer for you as well, Robyn. xo

    Thank you lila (is it Valeriie?!) happy new year to you!

    ahh Katelen, thank you, for the words you leave each visit, that touch my heart. much love, k

    Many thanks Kim, for sharing your open heart here. May 2010 be a beauty for you!!

    Thank you Carol Anne, may light and wonder fill your year!! love, Karin

  13. Dear Karin, many wishes for a most fabulous 2010! I hope the next few months bring healing and good news for you and that the rest of the year supports your return to health.

    I was away from my computer almost completely throughout my trip to Sydney, so my apologies for this belated new year greeting! :)

  14. As human beings slowly sense more similarity or common threads that apparent difference, then those human beings begin to sense everything is a reflection of their inner self. Your responses to the external world mirror back to what degree you accept or reject aspects of the inner self. Everyone unconsciously moves closer toward the baseline state of unconditional love and acceptance of everyone everywhere. When you reach a mental place where you perceive everyone and everything as equal on every level, then you reach a place of unconditional love and acceptance.


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