Saturday, December 12

Simple Goodness

No, this isn't a commercial for Shredded Wheat -

I don't even eat the stuff (my husband does), but keeping with the recycling theme (bottle cap ornaments) this cereal box journal is another goodie being included in the holiday give away package! Perhaps a place to do your morning pages?

It's hand bound with a decorative
longstitch binding,
just about 7" x 5" (or 18x12 cm)

So don't forget to sign up here,
for your chance to win the goods!


  1. Logstitch binding...hmmm...and I've just been thinking that my plan to make greeting cards out of original photos and some card stock is too complicated (I mean, there'd have to be some kind of adhesive involved, wouldn't there?)...

    Oh you crafty creative types!

  2. Like how ya journal is coming along.Wishing ya a wonderful night.Hugs~Poe

  3. Oh dear, I haven't even started my boxes I'm making for my friends. You are way ahead of the game. I think I shall hang my head in shame.

  4. You have made the lowly cereal box a thing of true beauty ! That is a gorgeous journal, just waiting for the filling !!!!
    I hope this Sunday finds you cozied up doing things that make you smile. Much love to you, Beautiful Karin.

  5. upcycling at it's best dear Karin! xo

  6. How wonderful! A cereal box elivated to art. Your giveaway is going to be fantastic!

  7. Oooh! This is so cool Karin!! I just adore it!!


  8. SO very clever- Some cereal boxes are worthy...That is an awesome stitch! I tried some kind of fancy stitching on the one and only journal I have ever made and it was so much work I nearly passed out!

  9. I love this..I wish I could learn to do binding.
    Have a good day.

  10. Honestly you are so clever.

    I hope that your husband is pushing those needles through. You shouldn't do that with your hands Karin.


  11. Another example of why breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

  12. Recycling of any kind is awesome; I love this idea!
    p.s. What's longstich binding?

  13. So good to see you PLAYING Karin!!!! This is clear evidence of healing in my book!

  14. Well Jay, you could use a simple pamphlet stitch to put together something pretty easy together, with your photos and card stock - see what I mean here.

    thanks Poe.

    Ha - believe me Heather, I have much I'm behind in - no cards, very little shopping or ideas... working on this was a great distraction though :)

    Thank you Kim. Usually I use and hide the cereal boxes in my paper mache constructions, like in my bug, but I wanted to leave it as is in something - to hopefully show it's usefulness. Of course it's a great surface to paint or collage over as well!

    Thanks Cat, great word - upcycling :)

    thanks Robyn and Manon!

    Yeah Linda Sue, I was trying to find more interesting boxes among my collection and they aren't all that exciting over all. But Simple Goodness did stand out!

    You can learn binding Katelen!! Some are very easy, and with a little practice they are like memorizing an equation - they flow with ease. A workshop was the way I first learned, but most was done through books like Cover to Cover - my bookbinding bible :)

    xox 2 u L

    Oh Renee, you're always looking out for me :)
    my hands are doing pretty good, since they haven't been very busy of late! and cereal boxes are soft - no worries!! xxxxoooo

    ha! that's great Seth :)

    Thanks Sharmon - you can click on the highlighted link in the post and t will take you to a nice posting with many links to learn. I was going to do a tutorial, but found this and thought why do what's already done well?! Then the 'decorative' part was something I added to jazz it up a bit.

    thanks Laura xo

  15. Karin, Thanks so much for your kind words of wisdom. I will try to find that place of stillness so the voice can be heard.
    : ) lulu

  16. me me me!! pick me!!!!

    I would love to have your beautiful journal, even if I don't eat Shredded Wheat either:) It's gorgeous!!
    I miss you, hope you're managing...
    xxxooo p

  17. "Simple goodness" ... that's you.


  18. I use to eat shredded wheat often when I was young but it was the really big rectangles that looked like pillows. I also use to make ornaments all the time...Clearly, I use to do a lot of things. I hope I still win give-aways!

  19. Teehee, I have done absolutely nothing. Well I gave some cards to my friends, but that's it. No shopping done, because, well I hate shopping! Need to get my finger out though now that I'm officially on holiday! Yay!


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