Saturday, August 15

June Bug in August

I missed the deadline for the Artist Challenge in June, even with the theme chosen being one I came up with. The deadline for submission was the same day that my dear kitty companion Zack passed, and I had been spending all my time with him that week, so I let all art fall to the way side. Since then I have completed my bug though, and this month we were given a free theme, so I thought I'd submit my June Bug in August!
Here he is, from a few different angles.

I made him out of cereal boxes and newspaper -
paper maché, with wire legs, he's ready to skitter across the patio...

Here I am with my June Bug, for scale purposes, and with Zana dog -
I tried to give the bug a ride on her back, but she wasn't too interested!


  1. What a beautiful critter ! And the bug ain't bad either ! ;)
    Happy Weekend !

  2. hi karin,
    good to "see" you... and even better to talk to you on the phone the other day... you made my ride even better:) loving the bright colors you are using lately - i am too... hoping you are well - i had an amazing time with beatrice... she is becoming quite the artist! love to you,

  3. woo! i love the colors! and the shape! i believe june august bugs look just like this. ; ) xo

  4. KARIN! OMG! that is the most fabulous bug in the universe. How clever you are and so very complimentary to bugdom! I would love to be that bug- so gorgeous!

  5. What a great bug, love the bright colors!

  6. if bugs really looked like this we would keep them in little er big cages, just to admire them! xo cat

  7. Karin you are so clever! Your bug is spectacular in all it's bright glory. I love this post for seeing you and yet another of your amazing creations.

  8. Hi Karin,
    Wow girl! Your bug is amazing! I'm blown away! Bravo!

  9. Just love the June bug, Your pretty creative with those cereal boxes!

  10. Ha ha Kim! now, which is the critter, my dog, or me?!

    Hey Jennifer, it was good catching up with you - glad you had a good visit playing and creating with Beatrice :) xox

    thanks Lynne - I believe you are right, this is just what they look like :)

    Hee hee, my beautiful bug and I thank you Linda Sue!!

    Thank you Rein :)

    Oh no Cat, I couldn't cage these bugs, they would have fancy silk pillows to sit upon, and perhaps crystal studded collars and leashes for walking!!

    Thanks Robyn! I tried to pose it crawling up me, but couldn't quite get it to cling on well enough!

    Thank you Manon!

    Hi Eric, thanks - it's amazing what garbage can become :)

  11. Wow! That is cool. From the first picture I thought this was a journal page. And then it quickly became a journal page come to life!

  12. Wow! Bugs creep me out, so I was surprised to stumble across this elegant creaturem and even more amazed that you created it using cereal boxes. The color is absolutely gorgeous too!

  13. such a glorious bug!!!!!!!!!!1
    And sooooo good to see your mug!!!

  14. Karin you have to be kidding, he is so fantastic.

    You by the way are an absolute doll. You have the most gorgeous legs and the prettiest face.

    I love you.

    Renee xoxo

  15. My condolences on Zack.
    That bug is delovey! Those colors!

  16. Wow, That is so cool. You are so talented and beautiful..


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