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December 16

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  1. Your art is so beautiful.
    These pages feel happier, at peace.
    Has the pain subsided? or maybe some good news? x

  2. From the date at the bottom this is a page you just created and that is a good sign especially because it has a certain serenity...Whether you are feeling it or wishing is unknown; I hope it's the former!

    Take care. xox

  3. Hey Karin,
    Yes I agree that this is a very peaceful piece. I hope you are feeling some. This work is gorgeous... the eyes are incredible!!


  4. serenity .....this piece makes me feel like I am laying on a large rock with cool water rushing along side me and the shade shields my eyes as I mediate and remember that all is well always...

  5. Love the healing greens and purple here, soothing. I hope that is the energy that is filling you up, beautiful One.
    Much love and big blessings on you!

  6. The first word that came to mind .... serenity. It seems these pages have the same effect on your readers. Its blazing hot here today. Looking at your art makes me feel cool, calm and collected. I hope that you are feeling the serenity too, rather than wishful thinking.

  7. Hi All, it's funny - I prefer to make the art and step away, but I know the desire for words is there. The story behind the art, so here goes. First, nothing on the surface has changed, no new info. I go in to see my surgeon today, in a couple of hours, and get the full pathology report. (Meet with oncologist for first time next Monday.) Swelling is still high and pain along with it - better under my arm in the lymph node area though.

    The image came from a vision in those moments just before falling asleep. I tried to sketch it prior to drifting off, but by morning the details were no longer clear in my mind, so this is what was left. In the 'vision' there was something in the hands - something glowing in the heart chakra region - but held in the hands. I decided to integrate it with the body, and to close the hands, creating a radiating field in healing colors, transforming the bruising and discomfort on the surface; generating the deeper healing needed within.
    Thanks for all your hopes and thoughts of serenity,
    xoxox Karin

  8. Oh Karin, your art just blows me away! At first i was especially drawn to the belly of this person- I came in through the belly button - traveled to the hands to see what was inside- what she was holding.(not saying what is was because it is different for everyone) Then I jumped directly into her mouth, subtle satisfaction, of knowing and understanding and getting the "joke" inside I found a singing canary and a strawberry (also different for everyone)-on to the eyes, delighted with vision and a far sighted seeing of the loveliness ahead.
    I send wishes and love- thank you somuch for enriching the bloguniverse with your sensitivities- your art- you.

  9. Wow! the energy in this is beautiful.. very healing :)

  10. Absolutely gorgeous Karin.

    Now I swear to God, I know I don't have too, but I was just thinking, I have to go over to Karin's blog right now and see what is going on. I haven't heard from her.

    Sorry for being so selfish and only thinking of myself nonstop.

    Love Renee xoxox

  11. I love the way the bands of energy expand away from the figure's (your) body, flowing straight from the heart. In all honesty, I don't know that serenity is what I would call the expression on her face or even the gesture in her hands (I've been so contrary lately, sorry)...perhaps a combination of faith and hope (I know I wrote about how hard that word is for me earlier this week...but I also respect it's usefulness at times).

    the textures and shading add to the depth of the image, not just visually but on a spiritual plane expressive.

    I pray for your healing and that serenity will be yours to hold between those prayerful hands not too long from now.

  12. I should have known that you would make it alright.

    Love Renee xoxo

  13. Beautiful -- just like you, my friend! All the best for a great holiday (and news) and a happy, healthy new year!


    =) Liz

  14. Hey K
    Your color is amazing and enlarging the image to see the stitching brings me such an inspired and uplifted feeling. I really really thank you for continuing to post as you go through this current list of challenges.
    You are a treasure and a fabulous teacher of peace.

  15. I sense great hope in this piece, Karin. Sending you healing vibes & warm hugs!

  16. Karin,
    I could write words and repeat what everyone else has said.
    Yet, I do not see as everyone else.
    I do however see the beauty in your art as others do. I suppose I see the pain that you are holding inside. We all see things different.
    My prayers go out to you and the may the healing powers touch your body.
    Your friend,
    In Love and Art


  17. It's me greedyguts. Love it Karin.


  18. just beautifull, very nice post, colors are strong

  19. i like the color combination
    very strong and beautiful

  20. i love this, karin...

    and today is the solstice, so i am sending you huge VAST wishes for a light filled day...

    much love,



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