Thursday, December 31

December 30

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  1. Oooo beautiful painting Karin. Looks like there's still a bit of fire amongst the calm. This is rich with colour and symbolism. Beautiful. Hope you are well dear. Have a very happy New Year xxx

  2. These are lovely Karin,
    I can feel the vitality of these graceful trees buried beneath the earth, healing in preparation for springs verdant arrival!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Lovely Karin! I so enjoy your journal pages. I thank you for sharing them with us.
    Happy New Year my friend!!

  4. oh those sharp thorns... ouch....
    I am sending you your mantra and a prayer for wellness returning and spreading through your whole being. may 2010 see you healthy, happy and creative.
    much love and blessings to you Bella! xoxox cat

  5. Tonight, the New |Year will be magically guided in by a blue moon. That feels so special, lets hope 2010 is lucky, healthy and happy for us all.

    I received your parcel this morning. Thank you so much. It really is a special and thoughtful gift, I love it all! I'm almost done making your thank you. I'm on slow mode right now:) Will get that out to you in the first post of the year.

    Love to you, Jasmine x

  6. wow - we were both painting trees yesterday! lots of love,

  7. i love it when there is only the image... and i love every image... xo

  8. Karin ... I received your Christmas card ... how beautiful! Thank you so much ...

    ... and may 2010 be a year of radiance for you ... a radiance of well-being, flow, pleasure, free movement xoxoxoxoxoxox

  9. Thank you Heather, yes, a bit of fierceness with the calm! wishing you a happiest of new year's, too!

    Hi Laura, thank you. Interesting take on these prickery friends of mine :) Happy new year!

    You are welcome Manon! and thank you for your presence here. Happy new year!

    Yes indeed Cat, they are sharp buggers! maybe they do their job too well!! Many happy returns for a love filled and inspired new year. xo

    I am thinking about the same influences here on this New Year's eve Jasmine! That big glorious moon... So glad the box arrived and you are enjoying it's contents! blessings, and love!

    :) j, xox k

    yeah, me too Lynne, wordless works well... xox

    You are welcome Jayliya :) Radiance is a beautiful intent to carry into the new year. May it shine on you, xox

  10. AMAZING!! I absolutely love your blog!!!

  11. The texture and depth of the thorns suggests something is prickling your soul. As you draw it out of you, then you purge the fear and any other discomfort associated with the unseen. Love & blessings to you now and always, kindred spirit.


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