Saturday, September 12

September 12

"Every conflict begins with thoughts of fear, animosity and aggression,
which pass through some people's minds and spread like wildfire.
The only antidote to these aberrations
is to take on fully the suffering of others."
~ Matthieu Ricard

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  1. One has to zoom in to see the facial expression, the texture, the words and the script showing through the paint. Amazing work Karin.

    Word verification ...multic, which in my mind stands for multitalented karin.

  2. Beautiful work and you are so right. All conflict is born of fear.

  3. Karin when I increased it (as of course I always do) I noticed the person in the corner, I had only seen the one lying down.

    Beautiful Karin.

    Love Renee xoxo

  4. Hey Karin!

    I'm always so impressed by your work and this one is no different! Powerful painting and quote to go with it!


  5. Your work always makes my heart quicken! DEEP! and awesome, YOU!

  6. Karin -- I just woke from a nap and came to this creation -- it's blow-my-mind beautiful ... Where did this image come from? How did you begin it ... ?


    P.S. Have you visited my I Ching blog lately? There's something in the latest entry in honour of you :-)

  7. Hi Robyn, thanks for zooming in :) you know, it occurs to me that it would be a very fun project to create a word verification dictionary!

    thank you Lumilyon.

    hey Renee, thanks. yeah, got the little one there in the distance - near and far.

    thank you so much Manon, and Linda Sue.

    Hi Jaliya, well, the image came almost instantly upon reading the quote. I imagined taking hold of a conflict, rather than letting it spread like a wildfire, and bringing it in - taking it into my heart, transforming and releasing it into a new form - the cool bloom in the figure's other hand.
    I just went to your blog and I can't tell you how honored I am by your post Jaliya. thank you so very much. ❤ Karin

  8. Karin,
    Your work and the way you put your thoughts into your work. Fear it can be so consuming.
    You are truly blessed with talent.

  9. Karin -- I'm looking at this image again and recalling a dream I had several years ago -- I wish I'd drawn it (ha! --> me and my stick figures ... My gifts are definitely *not* in the visual arts area, hee hee) -- the dream was of a painting or sculpture -- a woman / goddess who was half red and half blue ...

  10. Your works are symbolic by nature and have a soft, profound quality to them. This one perfectly exemplifies the kind of thought embodied in the quotation. It's beautiful.

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