Sunday, September 6

September 5

I try to keep it honest here, in my journal and on my blog. Some days my artwork expresses imagery from meditations, sometimes where I want to go with my mind so my body can follow, and sometimes simply where I'm at, because that's the only way to get what's inside out.
Today is one of those days.

Occasionally I find myself hesitating, when it comes to this part - the posting - if I have a set of pages like this one, but I've promised myself to remain uncensored, and let the chips fall where they may.

Making art is the only thing that takes me out of the experience of pain, while I'm in the process of creating. This week I'm not recovering after my art making sessions however, and my nights are sleepless. I share all this as explanation for the less than upbeat imagery - unless you happen to be into bondage! I'm okay, I just hurt and feel beat, which is part of the roller coaster of auto immune diseases. It simply is, and I simply am.
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  1. This is so amazing, so powerful ..... and the effect of the stitching blows me away. I'm sorry and sad that you have to endure this pain. Gentle cyber hugs .... like butterfly wings.

  2. Sharing not just the happy and upbeat parts is what makes you human, and its also what makes your art so remarkable.

    So please, do keep being brave and sharing whatever it is you have to share. Trust me, I know how that feels, even if my sharing is in word form only. The number of times I've felt like I was tearing out my own heart and serving it up in my writing...

    But as you say, ultimately this is the only way out.

    These images are so powerful. Whenever someone displays their pain like this, in such a heart-rending way, I always see their strength too. Because it takes strength and vision to take what no doubt tears at you quite viciously - and turn that into an expression of art.

    Wishing you much healing and peace, and sleep!

  3. I have found your work inspiring. And I don't think anyone can honestly say they have never felt tied up in knots or bound by some unseen thing.
    Sometimes the tortures from lack of sleep, rest and peace can bring forth very moving, real and deep images both visual and in the form of words
    Thanks for your show of courage.

  4. Your art work is powerful and important and beautiful in spite of the horrible pain that is portrayed in some pieces.It is hard to look at it sometimes and know that you are feeling this kind of pain in some part of your being, but because you also share the light and joy and peace you experience as well, it is like getting to know your "whole" self as an artist, and as the beautiful, open, generous being that you are.
    I wish you rest...and blue peace-filled moments, and much love !

  5. This is powerful work Karin, It blows me away....FANTASTIC!
    I want to see it big and on a wall in a gallery!

    Have you ever transfered your work this way? (big canvas or paper)

    Love your chairs too!

  6. Oh Karin, I think you are so brave to post these pages and any page, for that matter where you are describing what you are feeling. Art is so subjective ... for me these are the chains I feel around me now, and the uncertainty in my future so everyone will view it differently.
    I pray you feel better and I am so glad you can communicate thru art. xoxox amico italiano

  7. Karin thank you for sharing with us dear friend.

    I am not into bondage or pain of any kind, but I must tell you the picture is absolutely fantastic. I mean it is incredible.

    I dig the picture, but I don't dig your pain. I wish more than anything that you didn't have it, but we both know that makes no difference.

    I love you dear heart.

    Love Renee xoxo

  8. Honest is beautiful. And, if not for pain, we'd never know the glory of painless and we'd stop reaching for it. That would be tragic (and, perhaps, the end of humanity). So, your post is important -- you are important.

    Even so, I feel for you and all that you endure. I so wish that your pain would subside.

    You are on my mind and in my heart, my friend.

  9. And above me here is why of course I must share my art, the pain and pleasure, with you all! Thank you so much for all your supportive, encouraging, and loving words.
    Happily, perhaps because of the release in this process, last night I got 2 more hours of sleep than I have been getting, and that makes such a difference!

    Robyn, I had to smile big with your words, because after I posted this image, I imagined that those ropes would loosen, and the following pages would show the ends being carried by butterflies - making them light and thread like, tickling whispers of the the day before.

    You are so right Svasti - I always feel stronger myself after reading your courageous and revealing words, so my brain knows that by sharing we actually help to empower each other. Still, the hesitation shivers through me, when I see the images fully displayed upon the screen! many thanks for your words and friendship.

    Thank you so much Paige. You make a good point - being tied in knots is a universal that I hadn't thought of as I did this! And I agree, sometimes creative breakthroughs, and other kinds of revelations, can occur during experiences of deprivation.

    Hi Kim, thank you for your wishes, and affirming message. You have described the intent I have for myself; to be all of me through my art, and share the process along the way, not just where I can be beyond the struggle.

    Thank you Alicia! I have not done this kind of work large, or for gallery showing. I have primarily been a sculptor in my gallery career, and it's really been through this journal over the past year that I have developed and honed my painting 2d skills. I would like to start to working towards creating a body of work that isn't all tucked inside of a book though!

    You make a very good point Cat, thank you! Chain that bind can take hold in so many different ways. thank you for your prayers. xox

    Hi Renee, you're welcome and thank you. Yeah, life sure would look different if our wishes for each other came true!! love you too, xox k

    Hi Liz, I do agree, to fully appreciate the light, the contrast of darkness must be seen and felt. Thank you so much for your caring thoughts.

  10. Karin, thank you so much for your comment on my puppy. it's funny i was looking at your blog the other day and i loved the paper scrolls. this journal post is wonderful. you inspire me to let people in more and post more personal things on my blog. keep it up, i'll be back!

  11. this stitching, karin... and these colors...

    these pages are very powerful, and

    very beautiful...

    god, i just love this stitching...


    and your art...


  12. My first thought when I checked out your blog was "Yikes, this is all about pain" Then I couldn't help but think that this incredibly beautiful piece of art was born through pain. And, Karin, sharing it in such an open way allows you to receive all the loving and healing thoughts your friends want to send your way! Namaste, Karin.

  13. I love that you're showing us your raw emotion. This is an extremely powerful piece.
    Like you, I worry about posting such personal pieces at times but when you show people your journal they're going to see the real you. Your work is emotional ... true art!

  14. karin,
    The art you share is so touching and you have to share the good and the pain..It is who you are in this time of your life..My prayers are with you.

  15. I like the way Curio says sharing your journal "allows you to receive all the loving and healing thoughts your friends want to send your way" It adds another aspect to healing through art. Hope you are feeling better today Karin.

    Actually I've just received your answer with the word verification ....verve.

  16. Honest art is truly the most magnificent and this is stunning, moving, and so very heartfelt.

    I am sorry that you are having to create in pain and that you are feeling bound in life.

    I pray as time goes on these binds will loosen and let you be free.

    Take care my friend.

  17. This is incredibly powerful emotional energy. What a touching level of intimate sharing! Human beings often teach themselves not to share anything unless it feels good. Yet, when a person represses or denies energy, this does not permit a process of understanding to flow and true release does not happen. As you share, you open up to what is, choose to learn from it and break out of a coccoon of pain to emerge as a healing butterfly. You are truly a resilient inspiration. Luv2U

  18. I am so glad you decided to post this - uncensored. This is a powerful and strong piece of work that conveys such a deep feeling. Tremendous. I do hope that these feelings pass for you...but until then, how amazing is it that we have art to help us express what is inside!

  19. You are a brave soul, your amazing light shines through. Your art is amazing and I agreed wtih Alicia - this would be amazing huge and on a gallery wall!

    I sent Renee some (cyber) jasmins today, and I send you some, too. May their scent relieve you of some of the pain you suffer.

  20. Karin ... Sending love xoxoxoxoxox and gratitude for your creations that never fail to rouse the Real in us ... xoxo


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