Tuesday, August 11

two more...

These are a the last two postcard sized pieces
I'll be donating for

I enjoyed working on them all
and am happy with the results!


I'm not sure which way I want this one to be shown...
I liked the first layout, until I saw it up here on the screen,
because then it looked too much like a vase
with a big flower in it to me!


click on images for closer view


  1. wow karin! silvermine is very lucky to have you as a member... these are beautiful postcards!!! love to see the script in the background - looks like you are inspired and hard at work! i have been in my studio a bit since we have been back from our new jersey odyssey... completely inspired and excited to make work for upcoming studio sales in the fall...

  2. I like the horizontal layout. It's a beautiful card!

  3. Hi Karin,
    I just love these postcard pieces you're making! They are so beautiful!

  4. Horizontal looks great- the other way does look like a vase- I thought that was what was intended..both ways are TOO COOL!

  5. This art is fantastic! It looks more like a flaming sun to me. It’s beautiful my favorite is the last picture. It looks frightening but beautiful.

  6. Hope you are feeling better. great work! I vote for horizontal too! I didnt think it was a vase, I just though it was a vast sea of possibilities that the sun was rising from....
    I love both pieces and the third eye is fabulous too!

  7. Either way, it is the colors that get me - both in the moon sun and in the blue face with three eyes. And that calligraphy - it just adds a depth to the pieces that is so very cool - like messages from within or from the Universe.
    Love 'em, beautiful Karin !

  8. I think I prefer the horizontal ,and it's stunning. I spy some Arabic lettering in there :-)
    Hope you're keeping well.

  9. I agree with you all, horizontal works better :) thanks for your input!
    Yes my Gupgsy friend, you do see some arabic writing in the back ground, beneath the surface of my asemic writing! In both these postcards and a couple from the previous postcard post below. Pages of text were taken from a book I got at a library sale, and I did some gel medium transfers with them, so the text is reversed. Wish I could read it - I know one of the books is a prayer book, not sure about this one though...

  10. Karin oh my God. They are brilliant.

    I did think that the first one was a vase and flower and it was stunning, but when you turned it to the side it was the moon and the sun for me and I loved it maybe a little bit more.

    Either way they are incredible.

    And the third eye, the one that I see you with.

    I love you.

    Loe Renee xoxo


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