Saturday, August 8

August 8

This past week has been a kinda rough one
as shown here,
I try to remain even tempered and centered as I
come up against myself,

which is what's happening,
as I experience all within this divine body
of mine.

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  1. Hmmm...that does look rough...but so wonderfully rendered...

  2. Karin, this one knocks me in the gut! ... Right now I'm seeing it as one of the central polarities in human behavior: calm <---> chaos ... and I can't help but think about the panic and hostility that are erupting in the US re: health care ...

    Calm says, "Steady ... Steady ... "

    Be well xoxo

  3. It must be difficult to create art when you are in the kind of pain that you experience and yet you do it so well.

  4. oooohhhh, my heart goes out to you dear Karin. I do not know how you create so much and so beautifully when you are feeling like this.... much xx & oo's

  5. i'm sorry you've had a hard week. this picture reminds me of when I stand back and see my troubled self from across the room, and I go deep to find the calm

  6. When I see the fire and pain you portray, I go immediately into deep breaths, and seek coolness and calm to put the flames are so powerful, Karin...that you create this beauty in the midst of the fire...
    Sending you cooling calm...and healing love.

  7. HUGS, Karin...I love your art and your strength to share your life. Thanks so much. Also, I wanted to let you know that I thinking of you and hoping that you feel better soon...

  8. That's it Karin just stand planted, no matter what the other side pushing cannot even make a dent.

    I received my books. Tahnk you so much.

    I just want a good half hour to look at them all by myself with no distractions.

    I love them, thank you.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  9. Thank you Jay...

    Hi Jaliya, yes, as I worked on this, I saw it could fit so many internal battles where there is a divide, but I hadn't thought of the health care split going on here. It fits though - thanks for that observation. Keeping the focus on the "steady steady"!

    Hi Robyn and Cat, for a few days last week I was unable to create, because my hands were involved in the pain - those days I try to take myself into the steady place of stillness, quiet, and calm. I'm semi successful - mentally, if not physically! As soon as it lifts enough to create at all, I am so much happier, even if there is discomfort in the process. I find another form of stillness, calm, and quiet in creating - one of joy that transcends the physical, for a little while at least.

    Hi Peggy, yes, that's it exactly - going into the nonreactive observer mode! ahhh :)

    Thank you Kim, for your ever present caring support and love. love to you, k

    Many thanks Liz, and you are so welcome.

    Yes Renee, resist not, simply be.
    You are welcome, may they provide a little respite...
    I love you, K

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Thank you everyone, for your caring words and thoughts. While I am experiencing a lot of physical pain currently, and am disappointed that (so far) the new treatment I'm on has not begun to help, it is through my art that I find the greatest sense of relief. There is greater struggle within when I am not making art at these times. I don't know if this makes sense, but it probably would take more strength and courage on my part, to simply be with my experience fully without responding to it artistically at all! Releasing, sharing, and hearing from you all is still way too satisfying though!!
    with much gratitude,

  10. My mom would relate to this series of images. She had another medical treatment on Friday and the discomfort she expressed could be vented through your creative voice. You may underestimate how your artistic perspectives are actually the collective voice of people you know and do not know. You empower people to release pain and feelings they outgrow.

  11. Karin, I'm so sorry you're having a rough time.

    Just so you know, I plan to take my lovely little book out and about in Melbourne and take pictures of it getting used to its new home. Once I've got a few assembled, I'll post them on my blog! ;)

  12. Karin,
    My thoughts are with you often. Yet Your art is so touching, you keep on and let the calm and peace over take.

  13. Karin,
    I look at your work and I feel your pain. It comes right off the pages. That is what great art is.
    My thoughts are with you!

  14. this is an ideal example of art connecting to emotion, whether it be pain, joy, frustration...

    I'm looking for butterflies...

  15. Karin, I'm musing on your creation a second time ... and I'm seeing the connection made by the two figures' hands ...

    I'm not too articulate today ... the heat here is brain-wilting ... but there's something in the image about being in contact with *all* of yourself ... to ackowledge all that is, is to moderate it (i.e., the pain) ... Bringing the whole self and experience into creation ensures the raw, tender beauty that comes through your art ...

    I'm going to go and sit in the refrigerator now, and if I become more "thinky" I'll write more ... Brain is mush ...

    Loving you xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  16. Hi Liara, I'm sorry to hear of your mother's suffering. I really do hope the treatment helps her beat the cancer.

    Thanks Svasti, Oh goody, I'll get a tour via the book :)

    Thank you so much Katelen, yes, I will.
    and thank you, too Manon.

    Hi Patti, thank you - I hope for that to be the case - while the image is reflecting a specific set of circumstances for me, I know I could have done it about a number of other things at different times!

    Thank you Lindsay.

    Hi Jaliya, thank you for your thoughtfulness about this piece. When the image came to me, I was working on being a touchstone for myself - finding that reserve within that could deal with the surface turmoil - a deeper place. So yes, what you are saying is exactly what it's about - the connecting with Self. Your brain made total sense to me :) Perhaps because it sounds like we are experiencing similar outer influences - a sweltering humid 90+ F today - drip drip!! love, Karin

  17. So much insight and thoughtfulness bubbles up out of the hearts of those who are touched by your brings to my mind the best and most honest teachers and healers who are willing to show all of what and who they are as part of their creative we know life in the third dimension is often challenging and messy but your work lifts us above the mess to show the luminesent.
    I am sorry to hear of your pain. I Thank you for the beauty that you share rising out of that place dear Karin.


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