Friday, June 26

farewell my friend

Zack  1991 - 2009
One of the reasons I have been absent from blog land these days, has been because I have been caring for my sweet companion Zack.  He took a sudden turn a week ago, and his 17½ years began to take their toll.  

This morning we said good bye, and sent him on his way.  I thank you Zack, for the wonderful full life you lived and shared with us.  It was an honor knowing you, loving you, and living with you.

Hard to believe he was ever so tiny - 

or that my glasses were ever so huge!

I leave you with the little video I made of Zack as he watched my every move
while I worked on my journal back on January 4th.
I'm going to miss you my sweet boy...

Somewhere Over the Rainbow from Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's Facing Future


  1. beaming, beaming love here, karin...

    good-bye zack. and thank you for your beautiful cat self...


  2. Hey K
    I send love and hugs to you, Dr. John and the Spirit of Zacky Boy...always a beauty. Such a privledge, is it not, to have the presence of such a natural being in our midst...a cat.
    You made one another's lives so rich and full.

  3. I'm so sorry about Zack Karin. He is so beautiful, with beautiful eyes.

    I love the video, not only because I get to see you and how gorgeous you are but because the painting you did that day.

    I felt that you were bowing to Zack. You were bowing to the pleasure he has given you by being your friend, companion, and family.

    At the end when you bow and then we see Zack again.

    Beautiful Karin.

    Love Renee xoxo

  4. Hi Karin, I'm sorry for your loss, but my what a long life Zack had!! I have this theory that cats only live that long if they're well looked after and adored.

    He really was a beautiful baby, you were lucky to have an art partner like him. :)

    Hope the healing of your heart is a swift, but not too swift process...

  5. hi karin,
    i almost called you today, but i was driving and out and about, and didn't get home until now.... i am sending you the biggest hug in the universe right now (...................) did you feel it??? i hope so. zack was a sweet kitty - my heart goes out to you. today i had to clean cat puke, poop (in my studio) and pee (you don't want to know where) from angelo. moments like that i could do without, but i'd be sad without him too.

    lots of love to you and j.

  6. I am sorry about zack..I know it is truly a sadness to lose your companion..

  7. Karin, I'm sitting here with our beloved cat, who is not getting any younger, on my lap. I feel so sad for you to have lost your dear friend x

  8. oh karin, i am so sorry for your loss. It is heartbreaking to lose our furry children. She looks like a sweet kitty.

  9. What you had there was a Helpful Cat and Constant Companion - I'm so sorry, it's heartrending to lose them.Sending good thoughts and love your way.
    You look just like i thought you would!

  10. Karin I'm so sad for you. These lovable creatures make such an impression on us and we feel so much richer for having them in our lives but oh it is so sore when they leave us. Take care my friend.

  11. Karin:
    I am so so sorry for your loss. He was beautiful, and certainly a member of your family.

  12. So sorry for the loss of your companion Zack. I am a cat person myself also. I always like to think that cats are little angels, here to enlighten our life.
    I know how sad you are when loosing a beloved cat. so i wish you lots of strength.

  13. I'm so sorry for your loss of your beloved Zack. Your video is lovely. He looked a lot like our cat, Skitzi. A beautiful cat with beautiful eyes.

  14. Karin, thanks for the touching tribute. The soul is immortal. Love lives forever in the core of the heart. Zach is never truly far. He is only a thought away.

  15. Hi everyone,
    Thank you so much for your comforting words - they really do help bring a smile to my saddened heart. As you all know, the sorrow and sweetness mingle in my heart and mind and as we prepare for his burial. As you say Svasti - it's not to be rushed, just felt and freed. Yes Moma Luna, I agree with you that these furry friends of our are like angels in our midst, and Zack was truly like a nudgey guardian angel for me these past months of being so cooped up and home bound. By my side and happy to have me by his side, he kept me engaged even when I wasn't feeling all that engaging! I already miss his nearly compulsive need to have his head under my hand whether I was working, typing, reading, eating... no matter, his head, my hand - now!

    I am SO grateful for the concentrated time we had together at the end of his dear life, and he will forever have a special spot in my heart.
    thanks to all, xox Karin

  16. So sorry about Zack! But it looks like you have a lot of great memories that will always be there.

  17. Oh, Karin.
    I'm sorry for Zack. Its incredible how we can connect with animals. The kind of love that flows so easily And stays in our hearts forever.


  18. Big Kissess XXX and Hugs OOO

    Love Renee xoxo

  19. Oh Karin, I am so sorry- Zack leaves a pretty big empty space for such a small being, I'm sure. My Plum kitty died just last month, I see glimpses of her out of the corner of my eye, but when i try to look directly she is not there. I am thinking that Zack will stick around for a bit...You gave him a beautiful time here in this life- He loves you as much as you love him. Gawd! I hate goodbyes!Always liked addition better than subtraction.

  20. Oh, to have been your cat, Karin. What a lucky boy. I hope each day you're a little less sad. Love, Betsy

  21. I'm so sorry for your loss of Zack. Animals are such a great part of our lives and become family members in their own right complete with personalities, quirks, and amazingly unconditional love.

    Prayers and thoughts to you,


  22. Oh, HUGS. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's so hard to lose a loved one that means so much to us. Your little guy looks like he he gave you many good memories, too. What a cutie.

  23. Oh Karin, I am so sorry to know you lost your beautiful black friend, Zack. Those kitties are such wonders - especially for healing and loving. I lost my 20 pound all black panther boy, George, two years ago and I still feel him, as you say, just in the shadows, walking by, checking if I need that head butt or tail swipe...Here's to the love, pure and sweet, that they share with us...
    Much love,


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