Monday, June 29

June 29

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Thank you everyone, for your caring and shared heart felt thoughts.  Losing our companions is never easy, but oh how much richer they make the time we do get to spend together.
I returned to the space Zack and I shared together for so many hours, while I was recuperating over the past year. I sat and painted a box for his burial, feeling his absence deeply - no little head trying to push it's way under my hand as I worked...

What greater gift than the love of a cat? 
~ Charles Dickens
The sun finally graced us with it's presence, and we were able to create a resting place for Zack in our back yard,
above the fountain stream,      
           below the shade of trees...
Endings and beginnings.  Just hours after we finished burying Zack, I got the approval I've been waiting for from my insurance company to begin a new course of treatment, which should help alleviate a great deal of the joint pain I have been dealing with.  I had been thinking - gee, once I start doing better Zack sure isn't going to be happy, if I start getting out and about more.  As saddened as I am with the huge loss his passage has left, I can't help feel a sense of peace with the timing of his passing being a part of the natural transition needed for both of us moving forward.  
My memories have me laughing and crying; my ears and eyes still sense him on the sidelines, just out of reach; and my heart holds him closely...


  1. Karin everything in this post is beautiful.

    From your painting on top with cat words in the moon.

    The box you have made for Zack. Now you have me thinking of a burial box for my ashes. But of course it would have to be wood.

    To Zack's final resting spot.

    Your words and your new treatment.

    The universal message of endings and beginnings. The universal message that life must go on.

    Your post is beautiful Karin and I so hope that this new drug will do the trick.

    I love you so much.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. oh, how i love seeing your new pages at the top of my blog sidebar. : )

    as renee said, this is a beautiful post, from start to finish... everything. i love zack's box and your pages (they feel so GOOD), but maybe most of all the news about the insurance okay.

    changes, changes...



  3. What a lovely box and resting place you've made for your little pal. I'm sure he'd approve - only the best for our feline friends, of course!

    Excellent news about your treatments. I like to think it was Zack's parting gift to you - pushing along the red tape so you can have a little freedom and peace, as he no doubt now has...

  4. What a beautiful post Karin. The box you made for Zack is stunning. It's so hard when we lose our furry companions. My heart goes out to you.

  5. Simply beautiful words. I am so sorry for the pain of your loss and hope that your wonderful memories of Zack will bring you comfort.

    Take care and best of luck with your new treatment.

  6. Beautiful post Karin. Zack's resting place above the stream is perfect. I'm so pleased to hear about the new treatment. Holding thumbs that it will make an amazing difference to your life.

  7. Having a 14 year old cat myself and having lost loved pets in the past, I was left wordless when I read about Zack. Today's post is the perfect, peaceful and hopeful...and what a beautiful site!

    The greatest news is about a new treatment, a promise of better times ahead.

    Only best wishes for you, Karin!

  8. What a wonderful sanctuary you have created for Zack! beautiful all around.

  9. ... wordless ... sending huge love ... tears ... (((purr)))


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