Wednesday, July 1

July 1

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Contradictions, mixed messages, here one day gone the next...
and so it goes, when it comes to bureaucracies -
and insurance companies in today's world.  
      The call that I got two days ago, confirming the delivery of my new medication, was followed yesterday by an automated call from my insurance company, stating that I had been denied approval of the new treatment.  No explanation, no human - just a friendly recording. Today the pharmacy called to confirm that I definitely will not be starting the new treatment at this time.  I called my doctor's office and they had received the same confusing mixed messages - yes, she's approved, no, she's been denied.  
     So I'm back in limbo, waiting and wondering, at least until my doctor returns from vacation and I find out how we will appeal this decision. I was really looking forward to beginning this treatment sooner than later, with hopes for relief, as my hands especially have been causing me a tremendous amount of pain and the inability to dive into creating and doing my artwork is becoming hard to sit with.  Doing very little, day after day, is not easy!
      I miss going to the grocery store (yes, I enjoy grocery shopping!), my former weekly trips to the library, the simplest of tasks.  Grasping a steering wheel, taking a walk... I am looking forward to these things, and had really hoped they'd happen sooner than later - not that there was any guarantee the injection was going to work, but not getting surely isn't!  So if you would, send out some good thoughts for me, that Health Net will change their decision and allow me to start taking Enbrel - asap!


  1. These are wonderful.. I so enjoy your work. Sorry about the insurance problems, I hope all will come out for the good.
    I hope you will have good days.

  2. Oh no Karin, that is so disappointing. Sending out positive vibes immediately.

  3. Sounds like some rather messy crossed wires. I'm confident something will be sorted out in your favour very soon!! xx

  4. Your image surely captures the mood...How inhuman it all is. Your ultimate good health will be in my thoughts.

  5. contradictions, hoop jumping, inhuman messages...oh, we still have so very much to learn about how to treat one another...

    I have a strong feeling that this will all settle in a way that brings you relief, beautiful Karin. Adding you to my prayers immediately.
    Love Kim
    (This piece captures that whirling vortex so really are amazing.)

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about this set-back. It's frustrating when some unknown person at an insurance company can deny what a doctor has prescribed. This happens all too often, and it's a disgrace when it's all about profit from the insurance company's standpoint.

    I wish you well. And I wish you a speedy resolution to this situation, and an end to your pain.

  7. So sorry to hear about the pain/insurance issues--yet another reason that, when I hear politicians say "a public plan will drive the insurance industry out of business," I say "yeah, and what's wrong with that?"

    Beautiful images, as always.

  8. This will be my every wish for every day until I hear that you are on it and starting to feel better.

    So ridiculous, what do they expect us to do.

    Limbo sucks. Pain sucks too.

    Love Renee xoxo

  9. my friend, i think everyone's said everything already... : ) add me to the list of those KNOWING that this will resolve itself in a positive manner soon.


  10. I'm also sending you positive energy! I'm sure you'll find a resolution.

  11. Thank you Katelen, I'm glad you like the images and I appreciate the encouraging thoughts.

    Hey Robyn, thanks for the good vibes!!

    Hi Svasti, yeah, when it comes to insurance companies, crossing wires to delay payouts for pricey meds is a specialty :) thanks for your confidence!

    Thank you for your good thoughts, Sonia - I know they are helping.

    Hi Kim, thank you for your thoughtful and supportive words. I'm sure you're right - all will settle well in time. Thank you for the prayers.

    Many thanks Angela. Yes, there is frustration with these medical profit systems we operate under. I am fortunate to have any health coverage, unlike many, so I won't complain too much, but will keep signing petitions and writing letters in hopes there will be greater change for all!

    Thanks Jay - I completely agree with you - change is needed... I so hope we are finally closer.

    Hi Renee - thank you, my friend. I'm hoping the power of all these wishes will be answered!!

    Hey Lynne, yeah - that's why I posted this, just to get all my good vibin' friends positive reinforcement :) I know it will work out as it's meant to, one way or another - perhaps not even this med, but with all you guys behind me somethings bound to shift!

    Thank you Manon, I'm now radiating with positivity!!

    gratefully glowing with thanks from you all,

  12. Sending you warm and positive thoughts with a generous sprinkle of prayers.

    The spread is great, by the way.

  13. Wow! Love this one..... Great blog you have.

  14. Insurance companies are always so finicky when it comes to Enbrel!! A couple of years ago my doc wanted me to go on enbrel and my insurance actually said ok, but would hardly cover any of it. So I couldn't go on it. I hope you have better luck. It sounds like your joints are really taking a beating lately. :(
    I had a not fun conversation with my insurance company today. When I hung up I wondered what it must be like to be one of the customer service people having to hear people practically crying because they won't cover medication cost.
    Hopefully the system will change sometime in our lifetime.
    Sending you some healing thoughts.


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