Sunday, January 4

January 4

     Since my back surgery, I haven't been comfortable sitting in chairs or working in my studio. Some of you may remember my work space from my sharing in this earlier post. It's a wonderful room that I look forward to getting back into eventually, but in the mean time I've created a very comfortable space for myself in my bedroom.

     This pleases my cat, Zack, to no end. He's the 17 year old guy I wrote about on Dec 27th who I'm happy to report, has had no further scary episodes. I thought I'd give you all a glimpse into my comfy bed studio, and Zack's participation in my daily practice, with the help of my husband's handy photographing of us together today...

Somewhere Over the Rainbow from  Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's Facing Future


  1. Nice one Karin! I loved the peek into your world here, and where you're working so that your comfortable.

    Cats are predictable in that you know where they'll want to be... just where you're trying to sit any time! My fur ball likes to try and sit between me and my laptop and when she can't, she's content to sit right next to me, with her head as close to mine as she can get it.

    And if she really wants some attention she'll get on the ground and put her paws on my leg as if to say - hey, its time you pay attention to me now!! ;)

    May you heal well and swiftly.

  2. Thanks for the video. It is great to see where you work.

    I always had black cats. Just looking at Zack brings up such a longing in me. but we now live in a wildlife sanctuary and no cats or dogs are allowed. Give Zack a stroke for me please.

  3. I am sorry to hear about your back surgery. Are you feeling better now? I am glad your kitty is ok!

  4. hi karin,
    looks like a comfy work space.:) and zack looks alot like my lily.:)

    love the art.:)

  5. wow this one screams "hope!" for me...
    am looking forward to seeing your bedroom studio,
    and am reminded of frida just by the thought of it:)

  6. oh my god he is funny!!! angelo is a carbon copy of him, but he will actually tap you on the arm with his paw if you don't give him attention. just sit and stare at you and continue to tap you on the arm:) your studio bed looks so comfy and inspiring, like a creative nest. since i didn't get to come for a visit, this was the next best gift i could have! love,

  7. This is such a great post! I love your kitty and your workspace...then, there are those amazing pieces you make. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing gifts with us!

  8. svasti, yeah - gotta love that need for your head to head contact. much of feline behavior has a universal theme to it - me me me!!! though our other kitty, Pheona, is a shy beauty who waits to be sought ought and then allows us the honor of petting her ;)

    I'm passing on some strokes and chin rubs for you zom, and zack is very grateful! a wildlife sanctuary must be such an amazing environment to live in, but no pets would be a hard trade off for me. I'll happily share zack with you in the cyber world!

    thanks X, long story with the back stuff. one issue resolved, others have worsened... good to connect here after being a fan of your work via your web site!

    thanks mary, lily must be a knock out ;)

    hey jen, yeah the frida/bed studio scenario is fitting, since it was my cascading down the stairs over my dog frida, 4+ years ago, that got me to this point to begin with! how do we define irony?!
    The tapping is so funny - they really do seem to want to communicate with us. sometimes just a touch, sometimes all out take over!

    thanks liz, zack and I are pretty lucky here in this creative zone. I've been enjoying your videos and creative sharings, too!

  9. Karin-Sorry I haven't visited in awhile-busy with the holiday season-whew-sorta glad things are back to normal :). I enjoyed looking at all your work since I last saw the kitty journal you did. I'm so glad your kitty is ok now. The hands are beautiful.
    Your bed studio looks very comfy and well supplied with all that you need-the art/journaling that comes from it is so special and beautiful so I have to think that even though you are confined to it-the work you have created while there is more than wonderful.
    I hope your computer woes are over now and I look forward to seeing more of your work in 2009.
    Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!

  10. Karin, this is a cute post. And I really enjoyed the link to your other post. Loved seeing your studio. It is light and airy; a place where I would love to work. Loved seeing how you produce these pages. I wondered how all that was done. Now I know. I hope you can get back to work there soon. Be well.

  11. This is an incredible spread. It feels electric!

  12. oh god, karin, i love these pages... what a voice they have. and i'm really happy to see you! truly! you look nothing like i thought -- you remind me so much of me!!

    thank you for sharing this!

    xxoo lynne (lifetime cat lover)

    p.s. have you ever written (in earlier posts) about the writing you do on some of your pages? it's so very beautiful...

  13. Hi Leslie, yes, it is kinda nice having 'the season' behind us, and a kind of normalcy return! Pretty soon there will be more of my studio in my bedroom than the other way around if I get too comfortable in here - yes, I am well stocked ;)

    Thanks Katie Jane, glad you enjoyed the studio tour and step by step through a set of pages. It was fun to create. We got a video camera for Christmas, so I hope to do more hands on stuff in the future!

    Electric! I like that descriptive Seth - thank you.

    Hey Lynne, now you have to send me a picture :) and I'm curious - what DID you think I looked like?!
    Funny you should ask about the script - I just deleted the post I had about that writing today. I was cleaning up here, and it was one of my very first posts, just prior to starting the journal. I will post something about it in the near future.
    xox K

  14. Karin ... I've been trying to post to your site for days ... No success ... Frustrating when there's so much beauty to write about! What a joy to see you and your dear kitty ... to hear your voice ... to see where you nest and create.

    If this post is successful, I will go on a happy rampage ... xo

  15. Hi Karin,
    How nice to visit your blog, see your cozy workspace, AND get to meet your charming feline buddy!

    Thinking of you.


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